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February 11, 2021
- February 12, 2021

Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media observes that the “impeachment” case against President Trump is typical of most leftist dogma: it requires them to gin up lie and lie and somehow convince themselves (and people who don’t pay much attention) that it’s the truth.

For instance, I criticized President Trump’s rhetoric myself, but I can’t bamboozle myself into believing that he gave a speech that “incited” a riot that authorities now suspect was being planned up to two months before he gave the speech.

Besides, we used to have this archaic notion that people are responsible for their own behavior and you can’t blame it on someone else’s free speech. “Incitement” is a legal term with a very specific and rigorously limited definition, and rightly so. Under the Democrats’ definition, the Beatles would’ve been arrested for the Manson murders.

Kruiser goes on to point out that since they know Trump isn’t really guilty of inciting the Capitol violence with his January 6th speech, they’re broadening their approach by claiming his rhetoric created a general atmosphere of rebellion that they’re trying to link to other attacks on Biden supporters. The problem with that is that I could list at least a thousand leftist attacks on conservatives for every alleged conservative attack on leftists. And as Kruiser notes, the one they chose to trumpet was also a false media narrative that they’ve talked themselves into believing.

This is why I say I could never be a leftist. It requires you to believe at least 10 impossible things before breakfast every day.

In a similar vein, as a member of the military, Kurt Schlichter was present at real insurrections, and he’s had his fill of listening to the Democrats’ “cynical performance art” as they hysterically paint what happened at the Capitol on January 6th as an attempt to overthrow the government and use that to blame, silence and marginalize all Trump voters.

As he reminds us, these are the same people whose base spent six months burning our cities and attacking cops and federal buildings as they defended, excused and bailed them out; and four years “resisting” the President and declaring the 2016 election stolen and illegitimate. That was called “patriotic” and “peaceful protest” when they did it and condoned it. Now that they’re in charge, suddenly any protest of their reign is treason and insurrection.

As always, Schlichter is both blunt and hilarious. And his observation that “you are not downplaying what actually happened by characterizing it accurately” should be hung on the walls all over CNN and MSNBC. If for no other reason than to remind them that it's actually possible to report on political news accurately.


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  • Dawn Plummer

    02/12/2021 04:03 PM

    Democrats are now playing the victim role when for 4 years all they did was to attack!!! Pathetic!!