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December 18, 2021

On Friday, former Perkins Coie partner and Hillary/DNC attorney Marc Elias tweeted this revealing message:

“Republicans are worse than ever and their attack on democracy continues. For 2022-24, our best hope remains new federal legislation and aggressive litigation.”

Recall that Perkins Coie is the firm that brought us the fake Steele “dossier” in 2016. And now, with these words, Elias shows his hand, revealing once again that the real “attack on democracy” is coming from Democrats, notably HIM. (At least he seems to have shelved for the moment the tired but no doubt focus-group-tested leftist phrase “our democracy.” And we live in a republic, folks.) If you can’t prevent Republicans from winning by the will of the people, he rationalizes, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to change the law to make manipulating the outcome a cinch. And you’ve got to do this at the federal level, in a bill like the Democrats’ proposed H.R. 1, even though the Constitution clearly gives the authority to run elections to state legislatures.

In the months leading up to November 3, 2020, Elias did an end-run around state legislatures, jetting around from one battleground state to another with a huge team of attorneys --- generally not even licensed to practice in that state --- and legal staff to file suit at both state and county levels. The goal: to force universal "no-excuse" mail-in voting and the lifting of safeguards against dirty tricks, such as traditional restrictions on ballot harvesting. They overwhelmed the Republicans. These changes were designed to lead to chaos --- I’d call it “targeted chaos.” This has become known as the “sue till blue” strategy.

The real attack on democracy was what Elias and his cohorts did to make it easier to cheat and almost impossible to detect the cheating. The chaos they created made that possible.

After the election, Elias made a strategic exit from Perkins Coie and started an “independent” law firm, The Elias Firm, dedicated to getting more Democrats elected and "progressive" legislation passed. So his tweet above really could be taken as his mission statement for the next few years.

Elias’ tweet caught the attention of Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist, who literally wrote the book on the 2020 election, a comprehensive analysis entitled “RIGGED: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections.” As you might imagine, Perkins Coie and partners Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann (who has been indicted by Special Counsel John Durham for not telling the FBI that he was working for Hillary when he was peddling the “dossier”) figure prominently.

She tweeted back: “Marc Elias, who ran the destructive Russia collusion lie operation in 2016, says the quiet part out loud --- decreasing the security and safeguards for elections is Democrats’ ‘best hope’ for winning future elections.”

“This is nonsense,” he responded, “but I did like the part of your book where you wrote about how effective I was in beating the GOP in court in 2020. How’d it sell?”

Only a hack attorney like Elias would take what she said about him in the book as a compliment. It wasn’t meant that way.

She continued: “Oh, I don’t believe I ever wrote about your efforts against election security. But I believe I mentioned that you were sanctioned by the 5th Circuit for your dishonesty.”

Sure enough, starting on page 14 of RIGGED –- a must-read for anyone curious about the 2020 election –- she outlines Elias’ history of working to elect Democrats by changing voting laws, saying that’s his “real passion.” It’s quite a resume. Politico has called him “a dominant force in U.S. election law,” and he certainly proved that in 2020. The proof is in the pudding, which is to say the current pudding-for-brains occupying the White House as a result of his efforts. Hemingway notes that Elias was in charge of the legal challenges in 2008 that put Al Franken in the U.S. Senate in Minnesota and made it possible for the Democrats to pass Obamacare. (“The Republicans never knew what hit them,” she wrote.) She describes in detail how this was engineered. And, yes, she does mention that “the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals sanctioned him [Elias] in March 2021 after he filed a supplemental motion challenging Texas voting laws that was nearly identical to one he’d filed months earlier. The first motion had been denied, and he didn’t disclose the previous denial to the judges.”

Perhaps Mollie could cut Elias a little slack, considering he filed SO MANY challenges to voting laws in different states that he might have honestly forgotten filing that one. Kidding --- one has to wonder if he’s ever “honestly” done anything. Perhaps if he thought he could win an election honestly, he might actually do that, but he’s essentially admitted he has to do it by hook or by crook. Besides, Democrat attorneys are already cut way too much slack --- by each other, as I illustrated yesterday with the failure of the DC Bar to disbar convicted felon Kevin Clinesmith, who falsified a document used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page.

Anyway, Hemingway also took the opportunity to engage in a bit of well-deserved self-promotion, which we will gladly pass along: “Marc Elias was just reminding me to remind you to purchase my best-selling book. His role in running not just the Russia collusion hoax that so damaged the country in 2016, but also the chaos and confusion of 2020’s election administration is covered well.”

Speaking of Dems trying to overhaul election law to make it easier to cheat, the Democrat Party of Virginia has been trying to block the state Constitution’s requirement for social security numbers but is facing pushback from the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), headed by J. Christian Adams.. PILF maintains that this attempt is a “partisan swipe” at a requirement that has been in place for 50 years. “This lawsuit is an attack on basic election integrity measures,” Adams said in a statement. “These rules exist to protect the right to vote and must always be followed to ensure free and fair elections.”

Well, of course, they do --- why does anyone think Marc Elias and the DNC want to get rid of them?

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