March 25, 2020

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It took until after midnight, but the Senate finally agreed early this morning on an unprecedented $2 trillion (!) economic rescue plan that’s been dubbed “unemployment insurance on steroids.”

The bill includes direct payments to most Americans and support for unemployment funds so that no workers will lose their salaries during the shutdown, $367 billion to help keep small businesses afloat while their workers are stuck at home, and a $500 billion guaranteed, subsidized loan program for larger businesses and hospitals. Chuck Schumer said Democrats were ready to give unanimous consent so that if no Republicans objected, it could be sped through without a formal role call vote. The Senate will meet today for debate and (many hope) will quickly send it to the House for a hoped-for unanimous passage as-is.

Don’t count your chickens yet, though, because there could still be objections in the House. Some Democrats made it obvious that they saw the bill as a big piñata that could be stuffed with leftist “transforming America” wish list items, from national same-day voter registration and voting by mail (i.e., the “Voter Fraud Made Easy” program) to various diversity hiring and CO2 emission mandates on businesses, to money for Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. As Bryan Preston at PJ Media put it in this terrific analysis, the Pelosi Democrats treated the coronavirus bill “like it’s a genie that jumped out of a Christmas tree.”


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Reopening America

By Mike Huckabee

President Trump is hoping for a target date of “reopening America” on Easter Sunday, which is April 12th. He hopes that by that time, the emergency measures will have flattened the spread of the virus, that we’ll have enough supplies to deal with it and Americans will have adopted safe practices to avoid contracting it (and will keep them up as the weather warms and the virus abates.) Naturally, the media attacked him for spreading “false hope” (he’s only supposed to spread gloom-and-doom, so they can attack him for that.) But he didn’t say Easter was definite, only that he hoped it would be an achievable target date. And I think Easter Sunday is certainly the best date you could possibly set for renewing everyone’s hope.

I appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show last night to talk about the delicate balancing act that Trump has to perform between the hard facts of science and the art of politics, which determines what it’s possible to do with those scientific knowns and unknowns, and all the decisions an executive has to make to insure that the “cure” isn’t worse than the disease. You can see it here:

(On the topic of getting America back to normal as quickly as possible, Ronald Bailey at has an interesting suggestion: immediate, universal testing for the virus, so we can identify those who are carrying it and should self-quarantine, those who are healthy and safe to go back to work, those who have had it and are immune so they can work in hospitals, and those at high risk such as the elderly, so they can be isolated for their safety.)

I think Trump is doing an extraordinary job (and for no pay!), and it shows how valuable having high-level, international executive and management experience is for a President. It’s why we used to elect Governors to the White House: because Governors deal with almost every issue Presidents do, only on a smaller scale. Lately, we’ve started electing Senators, who are one of 100 DC insiders who can build decades-long careers without ever running anything other than their mouths (Looking at you, Bernie.)

If you really want to know what an incredible job Trump is doing, imagine if we had (Heaven forbid!) Hillary “Put the phone on hold during the Benghazi raid” Clinton in the White House when millions of Americans need swift, decisive action to save them.


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

While Joe Biden is blaming President Trump for there not being enough heavy-duty N95 surgical masks to deal with a pandemic, a hat tip to Newt Gingrich for reminding us that the national stockpile of N95 masks was actually depleted under Obama/Biden’s watch and they ignored recommendations to replenish it.

This reminds me of a recent story about a liberal writer who thought he was making a clever point by tweeting that it's easier to buy an AR-15 than a coronavirus test kit. He was demolished by commenters who mockingly replied, "Gee, so you're saying it's easier to obtain a consumer item that's been mass-produced for years than a test for a disease that was just discovered a few months ago?"


Once again proving that a liberal is someone who is incredibly generous with other people’s money, one of America’s top sources of leftist politicians, lawyers and policy wonks, Harvard University, announced that it’s laying off its subcontracted dining hall workers without pay during the pandemic.

FYI: Harvard is sitting on an endowment fund of $40.9 billion. The cost of giving all its subcontracted dining hall workers paid leave for four weeks would be about $710,000, or approximately 0.001 percent of Harvard's endowment.

But to be fair, they need that vast treasury to hire only the best socialist professors to teach students about the fierce urgency of the need to redistribute other people’s wealth to the poor.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost."

- Romans 15:13

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  • Robert E Wellston

    03/25/2020 06:41 PM

    If a Bernie Sanders type Socialist/Communist was elected president, would that person confiscate the endowments of Havard and the other Ivy League Colleges?

  • Trish Zechel

    03/25/2020 05:51 PM

    My only question is, where is this money coming from?

  • Mike Smith

    03/25/2020 03:11 PM

    I have to ask about the Harvard dining hall workers. If they're subcontractors, I believe it's a little misleading to say that Harvard is laying them off. Aren't they actually employed by someone else?

  • Stephen Russell

    03/25/2020 02:39 PM

    To Reopen America:
    Easter, 4-7? June
    Everyone says 10 weeks+??
    No consensus seen on date or guesstimates

  • Firewagon

    03/25/2020 02:00 PM

    HAAWVUUD! Much like CA, 'once' a source of 'golden' opportunity, but now a feces laden institution of 'indoctrinators' feeding feces to America's uneducated!

    "Harvard is sitting on an endowment fund of $40.9 billion." These 'endowed' rejects from humanity should be required to meet that businessman that 'borrowed' $50,000 to be able to continue paying all his employees after his shop was closed, and feel the SHAME of their actions!
    But, I digress, because these HAAWVUUD people have no ability to feel shame, much less have the compassion of that owner for others.

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/25/2020 01:55 PM

    Yeah...Easter Sunday seems a great day for our resurrection.

  • David Jenkins

    03/25/2020 01:13 PM

    Thank you for your daily scripture and for using the KJV.