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March 30, 2021

Real Clear Investigations has been a valuable, trusted source for the Huckabee team, and it looks as though they've come through again, this time with an important story out of Missoula County, Montana, that could bring to light how pervasive voting irregularities really are.

Though many might not be aware, so-called “audits” that have been done in other counties –- for example, Cobb County in Georgia and Maricopa County in Arizona –- have been of relatively small random samples that wouldn’t necessarily turn up election fraud in one concentrated area. But in Missoula County, a Democrat-leaning county with only 119,600 residents, they recently audited ALL the mail-in ballots for the 2020 election and found “irregularities characteristic of large urban centers –- on a level that could have easily swung local elections in 2020, and statewide elections in cycles past.”

As John Lott, Jr., writes, “Political leaders and prominent media outlets have dismissed concerns raised by critics that such measures invite voter fraud. But could the election in small-county Missoula call all that into question?”

Last summer, then-Gov. Steve Bullock, a Democrat, issued a directive allowing counties to have full mail-in voting if they wanted, and Missoula opted in. Also, a court struck down Montana’s law –- the “Ballot Interference Protection Act,” which sounds like a mighty good idea –- designed to prevent ballot harvesting. Several Native American groups had argued that they depend on “ballot collection efforts” to vote. The ACLU had helped them with their case.

Apparently, all you have to do is say a given policy will “suppress votes” and you can get it abolished with the snap of a finger, no matter how easy that makes it to cheat. That's what happened here. There should have been some way besides striking down this statewide law to make sure the votes from Native American reservations were picked up, officially accounted for and counted.

The article explains how, on January 4, 2021, a team of volunteers came to be auditing all the county’s ballots and envelopes, with assistance from the Missoula County Election Office. “The audit consisted of both a count and a review of all ballot envelopes and comparing that to the number of officially recorded votes during the Nov. 3, 2020, election,” it says.

Details are in the article, but boiling their findings down, about 7 percent of the ballots cast --- more than 5,000 --- had “unexplained irregularities.” That doesn’t even include the ballots with yet another problem: “Dozens of ballot envelopes bore strikingly similar, distinctive handwriting styles in the signatures, suggesting that one or several persons may have filled out and submitted multiple ballots, an act of fraud.”

According to one auditor, of 28 envelopes reviewed from the same address, a nursing home, all 23 signatures looked “exactly the same” stylistically. Another auditor said that two “very unique” signatures appeared dozens of times.

Auditors had wanted to take pictures of the signatures, but Missoula County officials wouldn’t let them. Among still other concerns, the officials would not grant them access to video footage it claimed to have recorded to document vote-counting activities.

State authorities have expressed concern and plan to take these findings up at a joint hearing of the Montana Senate and House Judiciary Committees. State legislators are also going to try to get their ballot harvesting restrictions reinstated.

This story has nothing to do with Dominion Voting Systems, foreign hacking or any other so-called conspiracy theory, the truth (or untruth) of which will emerge in time. It’s about the ease of committing good, old-fashioned election fraud, pure and simple, through forged signatures and mail-in ballot harvesting. Good old cheating. If "irregularities" could happen on this level in Missoula County, Montana, that doesn't speak well of the results obtained throughout the country, particularly in key urban centers where motivation to cheat in the national election ran high. The Democrats’ “election reform package,” HR 1, actually makes all these things even easier, and that is by design. It absolutely cannot be allowed.

Coming soon: The DNC's Marc Elias is now trying to unseat Republicans.

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Comments 1-25 of 76

  • David L Scofield

    04/12/2021 06:56 PM

    republicans seem to want to win by playing by the rules, Dems only care to win no matter what

  • Carol M Emden

    04/09/2021 01:02 PM

    I don't understand why, with all the fraud that has been proven to have gone on AND all the fraud they actually bragged about on National TV, we are still suffering under this so called administration. Everyone knows this was a fraudulent election, THEY know this was a fraudulent election. but still here we are being subjected to all their subversive and treasonous actions.

  • Ann Post

    04/07/2021 11:10 PM

    Sir, can Americans sign a petition to recall Biden as the people of California petitioned to recall their governor?

  • marilyn wynn

    04/02/2021 03:46 PM

    We have a corrupt justice system and a Congress that is not working for the good of this country. The media is more to blame for the injustice of what is happening in today's atmosphere. I used to be proud of our Military and our Congress and Senate, -----No More!!

  • Joyce Tambolas

    04/01/2021 02:23 PM

    How do we really know that the Democrat won in Baltimore? The Democrats are in charge of all the precinct voting. After this last 2020 election, I doubt results in all Democratic enclaves.

  • HelenC

    04/01/2021 06:52 AM

    Voter fraud in Chicago’s Cook County has been going on for longer than this recent presidential election. Seems Cook County voter fraud was emulated nationwide by Democrats in 2020. Soon entireUS will look like Cook County—broke and in debt waiting for bailout from DC and muzzled residents afraid to speak out.

  • Daniel Mark Stalling

    04/01/2021 12:01 AM

    You have probably heard this before, but we used it in the military all the time: When you refuse to enforce standards you create a new, lower standard.

  • Carl T Smith

    03/31/2021 10:20 PM

    BTW! how about adding an EDIT function! My mind works faster than these old fingers OR my keyboard has been hacked!

  • Carl T Smith

    03/31/2021 10:18 PM

    Election Fraud! HR-1 The enabling legislation waiting on signature!
    One of your responders stated that when you reach a certain age (70-75) should be a reason to expel or make you ineligible to participate in representing THEIR constituents? I cast my first Presidential Vote in 1960 and at 83 I have Lived and actually Participated in MORE HISTORY than most people have ever read about! I will be the first to agree that when Dementia or Senility and especially Alzheimer's are present they should be XXVed.( 25th A.) If their voters don't do it first.
    I agree with one of your viewers that using the NIV is a good idea. I was Baptised in 1939 and after I finished my 8-year tour in the Submarine Service I rededicated my life to Christ in 1969 mainly because our young family was introduced to a Non-Denominal Church and the Pastor used "Good News for Modern Man" in conjunction with KJV. Church was a Sermon But was more a Bible lesson since it was required for us to use KJV and mark sections to be 'Discussed'. Reading Acts 27 in Good News took all the often misunderstood thee's and thou's in made the context easily understandable. It's not I was incapable of reading but try speed reading the KJV!

  • Steven Bukosky

    03/31/2021 04:34 PM

    Something as important as voting should be given at least as much integrity as NASCAR mechanical rules.

  • Carol T

    03/31/2021 03:16 PM

    Thank you. Keep up the effort. Elections are a mess. We need to fix them, not make them worse (like that awful new bill would).

  • Nola Gunnesch

    03/31/2021 02:29 PM

    Comment about Baltimore story.

    It sad for victims of sex trafficking. They will no longer have contact with police officers. Who will help them escape their captors? NO ONE. They are no longer considered victims.

  • Christine Hankins

    03/31/2021 01:15 PM

    Pro-active conservatives might consider organizing migrant groups of dissatisfied citizens from Baltimore and similar places to parts of America with more freedom and more sense. It would make interesting interviewing if these migrants went on record as seeking cleaner, free-er, surroundings within America. Of course, they might not be prepared to encounter a do-it-yourself kind of life devoid of hovering social agencies!

  • Terrie Shires

    03/31/2021 12:58 PM

    Re: Mask mandates/-
    Summit news has video of a forever-masker breathlessly ranting that is absolutely HYSTERICAL —I thought it was a parody comedy skit! Just in case you’d like to pass it along. I watched it 4 times and lol’d every time!

  • Rexford O. Ames

    03/31/2021 12:39 PM

    What frightens me the most is the HR-1 and S-1 now being processed in the U.S. Congress. It does not matter to me if one is a Democrat or a Republican. We are in my view, All Americans. When laws are being process, The oath of Office is paramount. That oath is to the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.
    Unfortunately, what I have read concerning this new LAWS. Any Body can vote in the Federal Elections. Citizen or not. I thought Americans were in Congress??? Sounds like Chinese destruction, with Venezuela helping out.
    If what I read was indeed true. America is being destroyed from within.
    It has already started and I am amazed that so Many Democrat elected representatives have been silent on what is occurring.
    Mr. Huckabee, The Insurrection that occurred with our Capital was a Planned event and the consequence was established by the Controlling Faction of Congress, long before January 6, 2021.
    Mr. Trump was aware of such a possibility and He requested, as President, that the Military or N.G. be activated to protect the Capital. It was denied by the controlling faction of the House and Senate.
    The F.B.I. is now the NEW: K.G.B.
    They have become Political Puppets and Law is in the view of the political holder of Government.
    Talk is cheap. Action by the enemy has taken effect. They have also , blocked our freedom's, by the actions that deny , Americans to effectively thwart their actions! Why do you think Pelosi had the N.G. guarding and placing up fences and denying citizens access to their House?
    Effectively hiding their actions from the public.
    President Biden is very ill. He should not be in office , he is and by all appearances, What and who is holding him up during the take over of the Executive Branch?

  • Ed Hatosy

    03/31/2021 11:46 AM

    Gov. Mike, I'm curious. If, at this time, election fraud is proved, and it turns out that President Trump should have actually won, (as most of us believe), what would happen?

  • Jessie Teddlie

    03/31/2021 10:34 AM

    Thank you! Your newsletters keep me grounded! When I get sad or depressed, I read the Bible and your newsletter! Bible keeps me going and you keep me remember that there can be a funny comment on even the worst emotions! You make my day a brighter one!

  • Bob Janovick

    03/31/2021 12:20 AM

    Voting fraud? Look up the Battle of Athens.
    WWII GI's took action in TN.

  • Alesia Carter

    03/30/2021 10:29 PM


    I am a twice-daily reader. Thank you for putting common sense to the forefront. I just heard the latest white privilege ideology. You cannot give a student of color a white bandaid because that is white privilege. When is this nonsense going to stop?

  • James Taylor

    03/30/2021 09:45 PM

    Mike, why do you always use the King James Version in your scripture of the day? Why not use an NIV or other more standard English version occasionally?

  • william p appelt

    03/30/2021 09:14 PM

    Reading your column and articles, why don't we combine subjects and just say.... voter fraud is racist! We need control back where it used to be, like Law and Order! Reading an article, Leftist have no morals thus answering to no one. Many of us adhere to the Judeo Christian standard where right and wrong are firmly defined. God is not in their radar, they think, but some day.....

  • Brenda G Marshall

    03/30/2021 07:51 PM

    I wish everyone would wake up before our whole country is ruined. Thanks for your articles, I just wish more people could see what is really happening.


    03/30/2021 06:53 PM


  • David Bradley

    03/30/2021 05:24 PM

    As long as reports of voter fraud simply just bounce around conservative circles, all it will do is keep the anger stoked. I want to know why someone hasn't been prosecuted -- anyone.

    I'd also like to know why stories like this haven't made a difference in the opinions of Senators like McConnell and Cornyn who say with a straight face that there's no real evidence. It increasingly feels like we live in parallel universes! Speaking of: where exactly is John Durham?

  • Larry Byrnes

    03/30/2021 05:15 PM

    When will justice be served for the Clintons, tax evasion by Al Sharpton, Hunter Biden spoiled brats dealings and proven charges against him. I could go on and on and on. Will there ever be justice?