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August 10, 2023

If you’ve been reading this newsletter, you already know that the now-disbanded Kangaroo Kommittee chaired by Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi failed to preserve the records of its investigation into January 6 as it was required to do.  Conveniently, it even destroyed its records of communications with the White House.  (Surprise!)  But this report from FOX NEWS has more details...

Georgia Rep. Barry Loudermilk, who chairs the Subcommittee on Oversight for the Committee on House Administration (tasked with addressing the security failures), says he was told the “Blue Team,” the part of the J6 committee specifically directed to investigate the security failures at the Capitol, was essentially shut down by the committee in order to focus like a laser beam on blaming President Trump.  (Again, surprise!)

Loudermilk’s subcommittee did get a lot of material, presented in a completely haphazard fashion, but he has not seen “anything from the Blue Team as far as reports on the investigation they did looking into the actual breach itself.”  That’s apparently gone.  He also doesn’t have video of all the depositions.

Thompson is disputing the claim that they were required to keep those records.  “He’s saying they didn’t have to,” Loudermilk said.  “It was clear in law they had to, and...if there was any question, the fact that they used the videos in the hearings would dictate that it had to be preserved.

“The more we go in, the more we’re realizing that there’s things that we don’t have.  We don’t have anything about security failures at the Capitol, we don’t have the videos of the depositions.”

One thing Loudermilk did come across that he said wasn’t turned over to his subcommittee:  a letter from Thompson to White House counsel Richard Sauber and DHS discussing an “agreement” between the J6 committee and the Executive Branch to interview personnel whose names were later redacted.  Loudermilk can’t help but wonder what this was about.  “Did they not want us to know that there were documents that they had sent back to the Executive Branch?”

Of course they didn’t.  And it’s obvious that if the J6 committee was dealing with security failures, it was to cover them up, not investigate them.  As Loudermilk put it, “We’ve got enough to know there was a huge intelligence failure.  I think Chairman Thompson’s response to me is indicting of him.  It’s almost like saying, okay, yeah, we decided not to give you stuff.  And I’m reading it as, Oh, you decided not to give us the things that you didn’t want us to see.  I mean, that’s kind of the way you have to look at this.”

Not just “kind of” --- it’s the only way you can look at it.  Perhaps they don’t realize that it’s backfiring when they continue to insult our intelligence.

BREITBART makes it clear:  Last year, incoming Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy demanded that the J6 committee preserve all of its evidence, records and transcripts.  The committee apparently did not preserve the raw evidence that its attorneys spent months --- and millions of taxpayer dollars --- collecting.  You can bet that if this material had supported their goal of blaming Trump for everything that happened on January 6, they would have kept every last scrap of paper.

Mark Levin pointed out on Tuesday that this destruction “effectively denied former President Trump of access to evidence that might potentially help his defense in the criminal prosecutions that the committee itself had urged the Department of Justice to launch.  And it also prevented other witnesses from clearing their names.”  Can you cay “obstruction”?

Joel Pollak at BREITBART noted the irony of Trump being charged with mishandling documents when it’s the J6 Committee that actually DESTROYED documents.  As far as we know, the DOJ is not investigating Thompson or anyone on the committee for destroying those documents.  And we won’t be hearing any differently as long as the current crew is in charge, mark my words.  For now, Democrats get to destroy documents and obstruct justice to their hearts’ content, and they act accordingly.

Just as the J6 committee has worked to control its J6 narrative, so the WASHINGTON POST has quietly, gradually tweaked its own reporting on the Hunter Biden scandal so as not to have to issue major, earth-shattering corrections.  Their top fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, has been busy since Devon Archer’s testimony making updates to stories they reported in 2020 and 2021.  This piece from THE NEW YORK POST --- who got their reporting on the Biden story correct from the start, despite it being branded “Russian disinformation” --- is really quite hilarious, and you know they must have enjoyed playing “gotcha.”

It was Paul Sperry at REALCLEAR INVESTIGATIONS who noticed what Kessler was doing with the Hunter story at WAPO, gradually adapting their narrative rather than admitting they were wrong.  And Kessler continued to downplay Hunter’s business associations as much as possible.

The transcript of Archer’s recent testimony, however, shows that the NY POST, not WAPO, had it right in the first place.  Miranda Devine’s reporting was confirmed.

“Most facts were always there,” Perry wrote.  “It was only when the facts were amplified by government hearings, reports and depositions, as well as other news sites and Twitter, that Kessler revised his analysis --- while still resisting calling his revisions ‘corrections.’”

“Despite the rolling disclosures reaching a critical mass,” he continued, “the [WASHINGTON] POST has not published a separate news story examining its own errors, which misinformed voters ahead of the November 2020 presidential election and continued to mislead the public deep into the Biden presidency.”

Sperry notes that the clearly partisan Kessler, who portrays himself as “a neutral arbiter of truth in journalism,” wrote the book “Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth:  The President’s Falsehoods, Misleading Claims and Flat-Out Lies.”  As I said, this piece is hilarious.  Highly recommended.


For the past couple of days, GATEWAY PUNDIT has been breaking a story about massive 2020 voter fraud in Michigan, allegedly involving thousands of criminally falsified voter registration forms, and federal officials keeping it on the lowdown, as the saying goes.   Here’s their Part 1...

“It should be noted,” they wrote, “that after documenting these crimes and investigating for weeks, the Michigan police turned over their investigation to the FBI, who promptly buried the findings.  [Editorial aside:  Well, of course they did.]  Once again, the FBI apparently took no action --- more on that in an upcoming report.”

So, here’s that report, Part 2…

Their report claims that one company that appears to be implicated in the fake registration strategy is GBI Strategies, with offices near Muskegon.  When police went there, they found “semiautomatic guns, silencers/suppressors, burner phones, a bag of pre-paid cash cards, and incomplete registrations, in an office space that was styled as an eyeglass store that had gone defunct.”

One very educated estimate (from a former Michigan secretary of state) put the number of ballot applications mailed out to people unqualified to vote in Michigan at over 800,000.  This would include non-citizens, underage people, and those who had moved or died.


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  • Stacey Buick

    08/11/2023 06:39 PM

    My comment is regarding a new book entitled "The Washington Post and Their Assault on Truth: Glenn Kesslers Falsehoods and Misleading Reporting and Flat Out Lies". When will that one be written?

  • Mark Hannah

    08/11/2023 12:13 AM

    Doesn’t the destruction of this evidence by the J6 Kommitee mean that the prosecution against President Trump is withholding exculpatory evidence, which should get the case thrown out of court?

  • Amelia Little

    08/10/2023 11:09 PM

    It would seem to me that, if the Kangaroos destroyed their evidence, their minutes, their videos, etc etc etc that all chargeds relating to J6 against President Trump and the political prisoners should be dropped. They have no evidence--as they destroyed it all--so no evidence to charge. Release all the J6 political prisoners, and cancel all the convictions. Oh, and clear the names of those who havea already been convicted.

    I guess the Kommitte destroyed evidence after seeing how good ol' hil got away with destroying so much. These people on the ones who should be on trial. I have maintained from the first, after seeing the initial videos posted on J6 of gates being opened, people being escorted into the building, that the left had some plan going. And, where the only person killed was an unarmed woman climbing through a window that was opened. And, it was really fishy that pelosi turned down request for National Guard by President Trump (and a recent report that I think was from Capitol Police Chief requesting same) and Pentagon offer to send National Guard. The left was "so concerned" about violence but yet refused assistance from National Guard. Fishy, fishy, fishy. I'm still waiting for the part of President Trump's speech where he incited violence.

    I pray for our country and for the world.

  • R Reedy

    08/10/2023 06:00 PM

    Can’t the Republican Congress re-investigate the J6 happenings by setting up a committee and calling witnesses including members of the now defunct J6 Committee? And, don’t they have to testify under oath?

  • Denise Skjerven

    08/10/2023 05:04 PM


  • Dawnena Michelle Key

    08/10/2023 03:24 PM

    This is a final mail in the coffin. I'm tired of supporting the GOP to be honest. They literally have no back bone. They refuse to be the law of order party. You know why? Where are the policies in place to tighten the regime control of FBI, left wing judicial system and a one party media system. RINOs are literally in bed with the left wings. I became a Republican in 2000 and gave my hard working money to the party. To be frank, I've stopped after GOP allowed election to be stolen. I'm tired of them giving power to the UNIPARTY. We are not the right wing extremist. We are hard working Americans who love our country. Where are those leaders that are willing to do what their constituents ask them to do? It's very very simple. Save this God fearing country! We are at a huge tipping point where we are literally a socialist country. In fact we may already be there. Thank you GOP for the downfall of this great country my ancestors fought for. May GOD bless America.