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December 20, 2021

Friday, a panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 to lift another court’s ban on imposing President Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate on businesses with over 100 employees.

At least 27 states and a number of business and religious groups argued that the mandate is unconstitutional, and the Fifth Circuit Court ordered OSHA not to implement it, finding it would expose the petitioners "to severe financial risk" and "threatens to decimate their workforces (and business prospects)." Since that seems to be a feature not a bug to this Administration, it appealed, even though vaccine mandates don’t appear to be doing much good for businesses that have already implemented them.

This throws countless already-struggling businesses back into chaos (again, another feature of the Biden Administration.) The original deadline was January 4th, and it’s unclear if that’s still operative. The plaintiffs immediately filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, which hasn’t been very inspiring so far in its defense of the Constitution when it comes to this subject.

Will there be a mass exodus of desperately-needed workers during a supply chain crisis over forcing people to take a vaccine to prevent a milder form of COVID that might provide better immunity than the vaccine the government wants to force them to take to prevent it? Or will all those states and businesses tell Biden and OSHA to pound sand and dare them to arrest half the nation? These are the type of questions that could only arise during a flailing Administration like this. Only time will tell the answer, and if the deadline is still January 4th, there’s not much of that left.

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  • Michael Curtis

    12/20/2021 07:48 PM

    Since it has become fact that the vaccines don't stop transmission of the covid 19 virus, would it be perjury for the Biden administration to send filings to the Supreme Court saying that the vaccine mandate is needed to stop transmission?