Hillary Clinton must be feeling the cold shadow of Donald Trump starting to eclipse her in the polls. She just announced that if she becomes President, she will put her husband Bill in charge of revitalizing the economy.

It’s a strange campaign promise on several levels. First, much of her appeal is based on the “it’s time for a woman to lead” theme, yet she’s implying that voters should feel reassured that her husband will really be making the hard decisions about the economy. Second, for someone running on a carefully-constructed image as a “strong, competent woman,” this move suggests a subconscious admission of weakness and incompetence when it comes to the economy. As Newt Gingrich pointed out, boosting the economy and creating jobs would be “Hillary’s job if she wants to be president. That’s not the first spouse’s job.”

Finally, if she wants to try to capitalize on the good economy of the ‘90s, she faces two problems: young voters don’t remember the ‘90s, and older voters who do are likely to remember that the economy didn’t start booming until Republicans took over Congress and Speaker Gingrich had to force Clinton to go along with balancing the budget and instituting the GOP Contract With America.

And if she reminds Americans that it was the Republicans’ pro-growth and welfare reform policies that actually stoked the economic boom, then they might also recall why, in 1994, the Republicans won both houses of Congress for the first time since the 1950s. It was because the public was so angry over Hillary’s incompetent, arrogant, rule-breaking, government-bloating efforts to create an overreaching government health care plan, the Obamacare of its day. I can’t imagine that reminding voters of her stewardship of the Hillarycare debacle would be a positive.

If she really wants to compete with Trump from a position of strength, it might be more effective to say, “Elect me, and I’ll put Newt Gingrich in charge of the economy.”

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  • Dietrich Wichmann

    05/25/2016 05:16 AM

    BRAVO for such an outstanding article! I wish that millions would read it!

    Do people forget the disaster that Bill Clinton was for the economy? It looks as if Hillary is banking on the stupidity and ignorance of her voters.

  • Roger Mowery

    05/18/2016 12:11 AM

    As always, spot on. I find it absolutely amazing anyone is even considering another Clinton anywhere but jail.