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February 21, 2023

If ever there were a time when we wish WE'D had hidden cameras, it was during the board meeting discussions when they decided to oust founder James O'Keefe. That might have been the only way to make sense of this.

O'Keefe has been a hero of ours, particularly in his effort to tell the real story of Planned Parenthood and their grisly revenue streams. After being repeatedly lied to by the government and other entities, we love seeing a courageous soul do what he can to expose the truth, and O'Keefe has done that over and over.

The video he obtained of a Pfizer executive talking about the "directed evolution" of mRNA covid viruses was sadly ignored by most in the news media, in their own cowardly form of social distancing. It seems Pfizer is just too big a sponsor and has too big a legal department for news departments to take that risk. And it seems to have been on the heels of the Pfizer expose that this "get-James" effort at Project Veritas started.

To us, it doesn't make a lot of sense for the board to attribute O'Keefe's ouster to his "management style." Yes, staffers had recently complained, but as he made clear in a emotional statement he read aloud to the board, he'd always had the same managerial style he has now. Why should it just now become a problem? As he said, "I don't know why this has happened or specifically why this has happened suddenly." He added that he has "documentation" of everything.

The DAILY CALLER offers a few excerpts from his statement.

But Debra Heine at AMERICAN GREATNESS has much more detail in her must-read piece. In the video posted there, O'Keefe tearfully speaks about the legal and financial nightmare he went through 13 years ago when he was first doing this work and thanks his parents for being there for him at that time. "I was otherwise completely alone," he says. No donors, no supporters, and federal agents showing up at his parents' house.

"Our mission continues on," he says. "I'm not done. The mission will perhaps take on a new name and it may no longer be called [Project] Veritas. I will need a bunch of people around me. And I'll make sure you know how to find me."

We might never find out what behind-the-scenes power play was at work at PV but will do our best to find out and update you. Meanwhile, they're in free-fall in terms of Twitter followers and will likely just fade away without O'Keefe. Our suspicion is that this is exactly what somebody wanted.

For what it's worth, Project Veritas has released a statement. And their decision still doesn't make sense.

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