February 9, 2018

There’s an interesting sidelight to the revelation of politically-charged texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Yes, they obviously deplore President Trump and would love nothing more than to get him impeached and ousted from the Oval Office --- even jailed, if they could manage it, on any charge they can come up with --- but it’s not just Trump they view with condescension and contempt.

It’s you.

That is, if you reside in Flyover Country and supported Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Their texts reveal that their sensitive, upturned noses can actually “smell” the Trump support in places like Walmart, and that they think of people in parts of Virginia as “uneducated hillbillies” (with the word “hillbillies” misspelled --- love it!). We in Middle America are simpleminded people, certainly not sophisticated and intellectual enough to grasp the intricacies of government policy that they deal with every day. Why, we want to go back to 1950s America, which was racist, which means WE are racist! (Um, who’s simpleminded?) This is also a class thing: “blue” connotes blue blood, blue coastal waters and Ivy League schools; “red” connotes red pickup trucks, red MAGA hats and red necks.

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Several years back, in anticipation of the 2016 election, I wrote a book called GOD, GUNS, GRITS, AND GRAVY to try to explain to those inside the liberal “bubble” what the rest of the country is like. As it turns out, I probably didn’t change their minds about mainstream Americans but did manage to explain in advance the results of the 2016 election --- especially that red swath of victory all across the electoral map that shocked them to their marrow.

Outside of tony areas of Manhattan and parts of California, there’s hardly a better example of the liberal bubble than those huge government departments strategically populated with leftover Obamaphiles. Right now, that would include the upper levels of the FBI, Justice Department, State Department and IRS. The snobbishness expressed by Strzok and Page should come as no surprise.

One chapter in GGG&G is called “The New American Outcasts –- People Who Put Faith And Family First,” and “outcasts” exactly describes what we are in the minds of people like Strzok and Page. They can’t possibly care about people as unhip as we are except to the extent they can maintain their power over us. Of course, speaking of family, we know these two were having an extramarital affair, but I don’t want to belabor that point or get any further into their personal business because that would be looking down at them the way they’re looking down at us. Much more important to this discussion is the certainty that these self-appointed “elites” think of us as pig-ignorant hicks.

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If we support Trump, it can’t possibly be because we see Hillary for what she is and/or hope to address numerous longstanding problems in Washington, DC. It has to be because we’re so stupid we don’t even know what’s in our own best interest, which in their minds is to get what we can from the government gravy train (the only kind of “gravy” they seem to understand) in exchange for letting them run our lives.

In fact, that point of view pretty well sums up liberalism. When Hillary used the word “deplorables,” she knew it would resonate with her crowd.

We’re starting to get a disturbing picture of what has been going on within the higher levels of government bureaucracy. Much of it appears to involve criminal activity designed to keep the powerful in power. But equally dismaying is being able to peer into the minds of those like Strzok and Page who purport to “serve” us in government but who look at us with utter disdain.


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  • George Shetler

    02/11/2018 06:42 AM

    Several years ago I read C.S.Lewis book "The Space Trilogy", and in the final story- "That Hideous Strength" he described to a tee the liberal elite thinking, mentality and brutality that we see today. This particular fictional story; "That Hideous Strength" was written by him in 1945. When President Trump was campaigning, and was elected, this story was and is still being played out to this day. C.S.Lewis thru a fictional story in 1945 saw what we see happening today! I recommend any one to read that story and see how it played out for the left.

  • Robert Deplorable Baublitz

    02/10/2018 05:41 PM

    Of course they know what’s best for us...just like Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler knew...
    If they like communism/socialism so much, let them move to Venezuela.

  • Cheri Randolph

    02/10/2018 04:40 PM

    Does President Trump receive your messages? I hope so. He needs some support. I dont know how much more criticism he can take. Hope Melania stands by him. Thank you for your facts----not "fake" news. Thanks for your gutsy daughter.!!

  • Robert Shuck

    02/10/2018 02:05 PM

    Greetings longtime idol HUCK > Please note in paragraph four of your Feby 9th lead "Politics" script, there is a common mis-leading segment whereby "AG = Dept of Justice ( with a Cabinet-ranking Director / Attorney General ) vs. "FBI" = A Division of the Justice Dept. reporting to AG;
    that is confused by most American observers who believe that both org'ns are separate Federal Departments ! This error has never been addressed or corrected by FOX News anchors or "contributors"; including Gingrich, Bolton, Carlson, Judge Jeanine, Behr, Kilmeade, et al #
    Your twitter pal > "@FactCheckerBob"

  • Tom Bennett

    02/10/2018 11:30 AM


  • Vernon Hinz

    02/10/2018 10:07 AM

    It is a disgrace how the Democrats have continued to disrupt the government ever since the election just because their queen bee wasn't able to just strut into the oval office unimpaired. Now they are trying to destroy the first president we have had in a very long time with the backbone and grit to stand up to our adversaries, put the welfare and security of this country and it's citizens first.

  • Donald Reid

    02/10/2018 09:50 AM

    Tell them this redneck hillbilly has a 153 IQ far from stupid.

  • David Erskine Cummin-gs

    02/10/2018 03:23 AM

    Hi Mike, here's some tips regarding prayer (Mt.6:6 Christians go into their Closet to pray!): *[[Rom 8:26/KJVLite]]* Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

    *[[Rom 8:27/KJVLite]]* And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

    *[[Rom 8:34/KJVLite]]* Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.

    *[[1Ti 2:1/KJVLite]]* I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;

    *[[Heb 7:25/KJVLite]]* Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.

    *[[Mat 6:6/KJVLite]]* But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.


    02/10/2018 02:44 AM

    Hi Mike, My red T-shirt of you holding a Bass guitar is practically worn out! DOWNLOAD FREE Noah Webster Dictionary used in Homeschooling at: defines: {LIBERAL & other} LI'BELOUS, a. Defamatory; containing that which exposes a person to public hatred, contempt and ridicule; as a libelous pamphlet or picture.

    LIB'ERAL, a. [L. liberalis, from liber, free. See Libe.]
    1. Of a free heart; free to give or bestow; not close or contracted; munificent; bountiful; generous; giving largely; as a liberal donor; the liberal founders of a college or hospital. It expresses less than profuse or extravagant.
    2. Generous; ample; large; as a liberal donation; a liberal allowance.
    3. Not selfish, narrow on contracted; catholic; enlarged; embracing other interests than one's own; as liberal sentiments or views; a liberal mind; liberal policy.
    4. General; extensive; embracing literature and the sciences generally; as a liberal education. This phrase is often but not necessarily synonymous with collegiate; as a collegiate education.
    5. Free; open; candid; as a liberal communication of thoughts.
    6. Large; profuse; as a liberal discharge of matter by secretions or excretions.
    7. Free; not literal or strict; as a liberal construction of law.
    8. Not mean; not low in birth or mind.
    9. Licentious; free to excess.
    Liberal arts, as distinguished from mechanical arts, are such as depend more on the exertion of the mind than on the labor of the hands, and regard amusement, curiosity or intellectual improvement, rather than the necessity of subsistence, or manual skill. Such are grammar, rhetoric, painting, sculpture, architecture, music. &c.
    Liberal has of before the thing bestowed, and to before the person or object on which any thing is bestowed; as, to be liberal of praise or censure; liberal to the poor.

    LIBERAL'ITY, n. [L. liberalitas. See Liberal.]
    1. Munificence; bounty.
    That liberality is but cast away, which makes us borrow what we cannot pay.
    2. A particular act of generosity; a donation; a gratuity. In this sense, it has the plural number. A prudent man is not impoverished by his liberalities.
    3. Largeness of mind; catholicism; that comprehensiveness of mind which includes other interests beside its own, and duly estimates in its decisions the value or importance of each. It is evidence of a noble mind to judge of men and things with liberality.
    Many treat the gospel with indifference under the name of liberality.
    4. Candor; impartiality.
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    LIB'ERALIZING, ppr. Rendering liberal; divesting of narrow views and prejudices.

    LIB'ERALLY, adv.
    1. Bountifully; freely; largely; with munificence.
    If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not. James 1.
    2. With generous and impartial regard to other interests than our own; with enlarged views; without selfishness or meanness; as, to think or judge liberally of men and their actions.
    3. Freely; not strictly; not literally.

  • Richard Singletary

    02/09/2018 10:26 PM

    those serving america are executing our legal citizens with intelligence from obama

  • Bill Gannon

    02/09/2018 07:03 PM

    Elitism equals narcissism out of control. I was reading comments on a friend's post on FB by people from Santa Barbara,CA and the comments made by these "highly educated" democrats were demeaning to anyone that did not attain their lofty status educationally. They were enraptured by each others praise for Hillary and Obama and all of their achievements. Anyone that supported our POTUS cannot possibly be educated. My biggest question is how can such highly educated people be so blatantly stupid?

  • Waylon Bush

    02/09/2018 06:57 PM

    Trump should get (yesterday) a REAL Attorney General!!!! NOW!!! By the way, if an independent investigation can go in ANY direction, then WHAT IS MUELLER DOING??? Cannot he find the acorn to real Russia collusion. Come on. This will drag on until the LIBDEMS are back in control and all of the criminal acts by the former administration are sweep under the S_ _ _t can. Unbelievable. PS. I don't believe you read these. wb

  • Rosalie Gilliland

    02/09/2018 06:28 PM

    I live in Sodom, that is southern California, and I couldn't be any more different from what Strzok and Page describe as Trump trash. I'm the child of Italian immigrants, and spent part of my childhood in Italy. I'm college educated, law abiding, the mother of 4 accomplished children, and a former Democrat. I left the Democratic party because I couldn't bear to be associated with such immoral people. Page and Strzok look down on us? Please.

  • Rev. George R Miller

    02/09/2018 05:52 PM

    It seems to me that these two are a great example of what happens when the "Theory of Democratic Elitism" is put into practice. (Yes, that theory does exist - I had to read about it in a political science class back in the '6o's.)
    Love your commentaries Mike!

  • Paula Harris

    02/09/2018 04:27 PM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee for a common sense article. This seems to be lacking with the "blue bloods". I am 71, white female and I love my guns. I used to hunt and fish with my late husband. One thing is for certain; no matter who you are or where you hail from, we all are created by God with a purpose on this earth AND we all have the same bodily functions.

  • David

    02/09/2018 03:51 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I'm one of those "old" mid-western boys, (Kansas) and Sir I think I have found something that most of those left-wingnuts could learn from IF they had the ability to understand what they were reading. I'm referring to chapter 13 in the book of Romans, I know You Sir understand what I'm referring to. In closing I would like to thank You for Your news letters, and Your show on TBN once again thank You. Respectfully David Ahlerich.

  • Rose Howell

    02/09/2018 03:50 PM

    Hi Mike,
    A couple of issues I'd like to mention:
    1. Is it me or do "good guys" in DC try hard but appear to not be able get the job done? Example, Trey Gowdy, who I admire seems to have decided to give it up. Another guy, Peter Fitzgerald, a one term Illinois Senator who would not run again. This resulted in an open Senate seat which Chicago Libs easily gave to none other than Barry Sotero.
    2. We are absolutely inundated with financial requests from pols. This includes #1, President Trump who we hear from daily looking for $35. Scores of others are on the list as well. My understanding is that the bulk of these funds end up paying for ads to the media in one form or another. In my opinion we are just fueling the enemy with our funding. Am I wrong?
    Please address these issues in one of your commentaries.
    Rose and Randy Howell
    Arlington Hts, IL (Flyover country)

  • Robert Emmerick

    02/09/2018 02:57 PM

    Mike Huckabee
    Something to think about! The proper definition of Race is actually Like kind, within Family the Human Race is one kind of Family, there are Many varitions but All Human are One Race!!! The Human Race. Race definitely is not divided by color or nationality or the kind of bread we eat. If you were naturalized or born in America!!! You and I are Americans but of one Nation of one blood of one type of values Joined together under One God! The God of the Bible! Freedom comes from God! Not Government! We must teach these truths in all levels of education!!!

  • Annette Rouse

    02/09/2018 02:55 PM

    I can't help but wonder why this hasn't made the news! Just a little sarcasm with that question!! Thank You for sharing. I always look forward to your emails.

  • raymond smeal

    02/09/2018 02:47 PM

    I would much rather be a hillbilly redneck with a new red pickup truck and some common sense, than a stupid, ignorant braindead liberal.

  • Gwen Collins

    02/09/2018 02:32 PM

    I agree with you and have followed you since I knew who you were and what you stood for.(Or should I say the things for which you stood, to sound more educated). I missed meeting you in Selmer, TN a few years ago having been invited by a mutual friend. Keep up the good work and do not let the liberals, etc. rest.

  • Ruth Lilley

    02/09/2018 02:31 PM

    I ,for years have said that in the last 25 years we needed a businessman to run our country,and finally we have President Trump.Not that I would not have voted for you but I new what this country needed.I have also watched how Hollywood had changed from Patriotic to null and void! To think that hard working Americans are beneath the so called "elite" has made me so angry for these people.I want to commend you and others like you to stand for what America is really about. My husband served in the military,the Vietnam War,I am so proud of him,he also has an Honor Guard,to make sure every military man who served has a proper funeral . I am disgusted as you are with the Clintons,peoples memory how they have gotten away with skirting the law and not serve any time in jail. Another thing is we can not fire them ,but how dare they think they are better than patriotic people in this country.The democratic and some in the republican party are not the same like the 80's, President Reagan was a man every one looked forward to maintain our country.Not in todays world,no one wants to discuss decay in family,morals,love of country and abortion of a baby,seems democrats love death . I just pray this country will accept President Trump who I voted for ,as I have. Thank you .Ruth

  • Eddie Weathersby

    02/09/2018 02:19 PM

    Anyone has every right to their opinion of the American people. I helped fight for the rights of flag burners, hippies, and criminals as much as farmers, factory workers, scientists and engineers, and yes, politicians on both sides of the aisle when I volunteered to go to VietNam. There was just no way to choose who I would be fighting for and who I would not. It was all, or none. But what this deplorable hillbilly can do is listen to those high-minded elites and choose NOT to vote for them or support their causes. Lest they have forgotten, we are the voice that matters.

  • Irene Hughes

    02/09/2018 02:16 PM

    The media would have us to believe that we are horrible to even suggest there might be corruption in the FBI, IRS, DOJ, etc. I find it horrible that this corruption is allowed to continue with no accountability. When are those representatives, that WE have voted for, going to do something??!! If this is not corrected, then we, the voters, need to make our representatives accountable in the next election. Enough it is time for action.

  • Nels Hansen

    02/09/2018 02:12 PM

    Mike, I look forward to your email everyday. So glad we have men like you in politics who love God and love truth. This corruption scandal that's going on in our government makes me so angry, and i cannot wait until these men and women are brought to Justice. As i was reading your commentary the scripture 2 Timothy 3:10 came to mind. The left really hate us. Verse 9 is my favorite "But they won't get very far with their foolishness. Soon everyone will know the truth about them, just as Jannes and Jambres were found out"

  • Nels Hansen

    02/09/2018 02:12 PM

    Mike, I look forward to your email everyday. So glad we have men like you in politics who love God and love truth. This corruption scandal that's going on in our government makes me so angry, and i cannot wait until these men and women are brought to Justice. As i was reading your commentary the scripture 2 Timothy 3:10 came to mind. The left really hate us. Verse 9 is my favorite "But they won't get very far with their foolishness. Soon everyone will know the truth about them, just as Jannes and Jambres were found out"


    02/09/2018 02:05 PM

    liberals are pushing for another civil war

  • roger d. brailer

    02/09/2018 01:58 PM

    Us true Americans have known this fer years!FINALLY ITS REVEALED!TIME TO SHOOT `EM ALL![is that hillbilly enough?]

  • roger d. brailer

    02/09/2018 01:58 PM

    Us true Americans have known this fer years!FINALLY ITS REVEALED!TIME TO SHOOT `EM ALL![is that hillbilly enough?]

  • Melinda and Scott Lucas

    02/09/2018 01:52 PM

    Good morning, Governor Huckabee, I certainly enjoyed your article this morning about what liberal bureaucrats think of conservatives. Great observations! You are absolutely correct and I find it interesting that the very attitudes the leftest leaning folks assign to the right leaning folks are simply their own. I admire the wisdom of Atticus Finch when he advised his children to look at the world from another person's point of view before instantly passing judgement. That valiant character, in emulating the teachings of Christ, is a supreme example of one who can understand others yet still stand tall in knowing the right thing to do. My husband and I currently live in Oregon, supposedly a politically liberal state, and have also lived in nine other states. We are from West Virginia and North Carolina, respectively. Let me tell you a little bit about this hillbilly from W.VA. He is 70 years old and is a engineer employed at a company in Oregon that designs modular nuclear power plants. He has a bachelor's degree in physics, a master's in mechanical engineering, and a Ph.D. in engineering mechanics. He is also working on a 2nd Ph.D. in nuclear engineering just to seal the deal. He grew up in a small house at the base of a mountain near Chapmanville, W.VA. and roamed the hills as a child. Although he abhorred killing animals, he learned to shoot well enough that he was the only expert marksman in his U. S Army Special Forces platoon. So, this faithful Christian (Latter-day Saint) father of eight extremely outstanding children, and grandfather of soon to be 33 grandchildren, is my hillbilly husband and we will celebrate our 48th anniversary on February 20th. Interestingly enough, a lot of the most intelligent, kind, and talented people I know come from states populated by hillbillies, a term in ancient Scotland that describes comrades who come from the hill country----I guess they live high up enough that they can see the whole picture. Have a great day !

  • Patricia A. McMahon

    02/09/2018 01:39 PM

    Thank God I'm a Deplorable! I couldn't possibly be anything else. Guess I'd rather 'smell like a Deplorable' than have my nose stuck so high up in the air I couldn't see where I was going. I saw Diamond and Silk on Fox news; they said they were glad Armagedion was coming because "I'm begetting more money". We need to laugh at these liberal elitists, they take themselves so seriously. Too bad they work where they can harm the rest of us. Do you think they'll need some petroleum jelly to help them remove their heads from their backsides? It's a crying shame to have such a lousy out look on life.

    Patricia A. McMahon
    SFC USA(Ret)

  • Shauna Dickerson

    02/09/2018 01:36 PM

    The phrase you use, " we're so stupid we don't know what is in our best interest" clearly explains what is wrong with liberalism. In my religion we are told of being blessed with our Free Agency, our gift of determining for ourselves where our lives should lead, and thus Learning, and gaining wisdom along the way. We are allowed to make mistakes, but to live and be accountable for the consequences. That is why I so resisted Hillary's bid to rule over us, why I seek conservatives in our leadership. Free Agency is messy, it has been said that Democracy is messy because people muddle through and make mistakes. But better that people learn for themselves than being coerced by those who think they know best for us, but in reality only are thinking of their own power.

  • Keith Smyth

    02/09/2018 01:06 PM

    Yep, I grew up in "flyover" country, the "rust belt" of the nation. Yes, I will cling to my bible and my guns. The "blue bloods" forget - or want to eliminate from history, - that bible is what started this country, and those guns kept this country from having to speak Japanese or German. "Elite" history is continually being re-written, daily. 1984 anyone?

  • James Evart

    02/09/2018 01:02 PM

    So eloquently put Mike. It expresses the frustration and anxiety that I feel for "Those who know not that they know not.". One finger points out while three point back. We all have a board or boards in our eyes. Let's pray for those who do not.

  • Fred Harden III

    02/09/2018 01:01 PM

    Johns Hopkins and Fairfield Universities

    Mike I think you're facetiously correct!

    Fred Harden III aka "GreyHairandGreyMatter"

  • LeAnn Kathman

    02/09/2018 12:58 PM

    What I've known for some time is proven in these emails. DEMS feed each other with their hyperbole. They need the reassurance that what they think is correct. These two are prime examples of "tell me I'm right and then reinforce it with more baloney".

  • Ronald Beattie

    02/09/2018 12:53 PM

    Maybe if you are a Government employee you should not be allowed to vote. Keep the playing field level.

  • Patricia A. Gonzales

    02/09/2018 12:52 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, as usual you have literally nailed these people! I love this from your newsletter "Their texts reveal that their sensitive, upturned noses can actually “smell” the Trump support in places like Walmart, and that they think of people in parts of Virginia as “uneducated hillbillies” (with the word “hillbillies” misspelled --- love it!). I am originally from the hills of Virginia (Wise County) and proud of my heritage. They have no idea how sensible and educated most of the people are. And, what were they doing in Walmart?! Boom! exposed that didn't you? My husband was the Navy JROTC instructor in Mountain Home, AR while you were governor and we proud to support you then. Always have, always will. He was a great picture of you shaking his hand after the NJROTC Color Guard performed in Yellville, AR. Treasure. Please keep exposing these liberals for what they are, what they represent. Thanks for all you do!

  • Bennye St.Claire

    02/09/2018 12:49 PM

    Mikie - you forget tha pigs are a very smart animal.

  • Rita Sammons

    02/09/2018 12:42 PM

    They are all still furious because Trump won. Don’t underestimate us Deplorables. We are sick of them, and their sinful attitudes. I don’t understand what they thought was so terrific about Obama. He tore our country apart. Gay rights, lighting up the WH in gay colors, war against cops. And on and on! Of course, that’s what the liberals are for. I would be afraid. Jesus is coming soon! They need to do the jobs voters put them there for!

  • d c oliver

    02/09/2018 12:26 PM

    I for one get real tired of these people calling me names or labeling me because I don't fall in step with them or like to think for myself. That in itself is enough to move me in another direction and away from these elitists. I just hope that the correct people paid attention to Pelosi's 8 hrs of babbling on about people that are here under the wrong circumstances and how much she supports them as opposed to the American people.

  • Elizabeth Griffin

    02/09/2018 12:25 PM

    I do not understand what the Justice Dept. is doing. What is wrong with Sessions? These people need to be fired. Sessions should do something or step down. Frankly, I am sick of the entire thing. There should be a Grand Jury held for all of these low life people. I can't believe they are still getting a pay check!!! It is a sham culture!

  • Jeff Spears

    02/09/2018 12:23 PM

    I live in the DFW area which is a collections of smaller separate cities. Some cites have built nice shelters at tax payers expense for the illegals to go to in search of day work. Many days could be hundreds there. Think it would be great if ICE drove up in a Greyhound bus(s) and headed south.
    Worked in hay fields in summer for 5 cents a bale in the barn and was glad to do it. In the spring worked picking little red peppers by the pound for sale to Tabasco. You have heard of the expression, "hotter than a pepper patch", I can tell you all about it. We also gathered green pine cones to sell by the bushel to land cos. for 50 cents. Had to shake the pine trees really hard to shake them loose and hope I did not get hit in the head as they fell. Not one of the elites could have survived one day at this.
    Now to hear I am a "deplorable" and a ignorant hillbilly by the "elites" in Washington just chaps by old butt.
    And another thing! When I hear pols refer to my measly social security as an entitlement my blood pressure goes up.
    I cannot hardly watch the news anymore because I know it is all rigged against Trump who has been elected to save our country.
    Keep up the good work and look for your posting each day.

  • Barbara Meade

    02/09/2018 12:22 PM

    Wonder what it feel like to have all those red necks handing your candidate walking papers.

  • Michael Egbert

    02/09/2018 12:18 PM

    Why haven't those two "lovers" (as they are so affectionately referred to by the mainstream media and democrats) been demoted to a field office in remote Kansas or Idaho or simply fired?

  • Bernard J. Strzelecki, Jr.

    02/09/2018 12:12 PM

    I couldn't have summed it up better myself. The Left has an abject HATRED for ANYONE who will not support their radical baby-killing, sexual perversion affirming, bring in as many illegal aliens as possible and turn them into Democrat voters, globalist, anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, anti-GOD agenda!

  • david palmer

    02/09/2018 12:10 PM

    I live in mass. and I know just how you feel I'm surrounded by liberals and boy do they think they know it all but I'm well prepared to debate them because I use common sense and I follow your column. Keep up the good work and GOD BLESS.

  • Gary Gusmerotti

    02/09/2018 12:10 PM

    You are right on the mark Gov Mike. How do these people still have a job. If they were in the private sector they would have been shown the door. I feel sad for them that they do not understand that we “irredeemable” know through who and how we have been redeemed. With that knowledge, we can endure all things.

  • Darlene Steinke

    02/09/2018 12:03 PM

    With Valentines day coming up - would your staff send our a note to send our Pres & 1st Lady a Val card let them know we LOVE them and their agenda for MAGA and we appreciate them keeping their promises. Such a classy family and it's so refreshing to see that now a days - you have class or your don't - can't be bought. Well just thought I'd suggest that we flood the WH w/Love in the form for Val Cards.
    Thank you.

  • Carol Russell

    02/09/2018 12:03 PM

    I am greatful for the opportunity to have grown up in one of those "flyover states" that gifted me with values, patriotism, integrity, and a work ethic not seen much in Washington these days.