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July 27, 2023

I recently told you about Georgia Democratic State Rep. Mesha Meinor who switched to the GOP after becoming fed up with the Dems’ radical leftward lurch and their siding with teachers’ unions over the interests of students and parents. She scorched them in her departing remarks (she’s booked as a guest for next weekend’s “Huckabee” on TBN, and I can’t wait to talk to her.)

Well, here’s a similar story: Prominent New York Democrat, Jewish leader and 36-year state Assembly veteran Dov Hikind announced that he and his wife have switched to the Republicans.

Hikind tweeted, "[People] have long been asking, 'Dov, when are you gonna leave the Democratic Party?' Well, the time has come [because] the Dems have turned their back on Jews & Israel, so it's officially done!"  He said his parents and family have long been Democrats, but “Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has become so radicalized…that people who are moderates or conservative Democrats are not welcomed in the Democratic Party, and I've had enough." 

He added, "I am delighted to join the Republican Party. This is about sending a message — a message to the Biden administration, a message to the Democratic Party. We're losing the American people because you are not representing our values. You are not representing the Democratic Party that my parents were so proud of.”

I welcome him to the GOP, and I would add that it’s not just a lack of support for Israel in the Democratic Party that’s disturbing but the tolerance for outright anti-Semites in their ranks. Someone needs to gather the entire Democratic Caucus into one room and show them this devastating PSA from the group Stand Up To Jewish Hate:

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