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April 6, 2022

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Mike Huckabee


I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:4

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Bad News for Justin Bieber

Due to the ongoing supply chain problem, for the first time, the traditional Georgia Peach ice cream sandwiches will not be available at the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, which could possibly spark riots. That’s right, this Administration is so incompetent at solving this problem that they can’t even get peaches down in Georgia.

Must-Read shared a Twitter thread by a self-described “lefty/Democrat/atheist” who warned fellow Democrats that they’re on the wrong side of the “gender transition procedures for kids” argument and are doing grave emotional and physical harm to the young people they claim to be protecting.

The writer claims to be a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for troubled youth who has a lot of experience with gender-confused teenagers. She packs this Twitter thread with facts that prove the current push for hormones and surgery is a dangerous, permanent treatment for a condition that most grow out of, and that’s causing irreversible mental and physical harm while ignoring the real underlying causes of the kids’ problems.

It shows that those who claim they’re “protecting trans kids” by pushing this dangerous quackery are actually doing the exact opposite. And it’s something that both the left and the right can agree on if people would just deal with reality instead of thinking with their emotions and parroting propaganda.

Tuesday’s Election Results

Congratulations to Samantha Kerkman, who on Tuesday was elected the county executive of Kenosha County, Wisconsin by a margin of 51.3% to 48.5%.

What’s noteworthy about this, and what I hope is a harbinger of the coming nationwide elections in November, is that Kerkman is not only the first woman to hold that office, she’s the first Republican elected to it in decades. You might recall that Kenosha was the site of the Jacob Blake shooting, BLM riots and the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Maybe residents have finally realized that doing the same thing for decade after decade when things were only getting worse was the definition of insanity.

There were also other hopeful signs in Tuesday’s elections, such as several Wisconsin school board elections where anti-CRT candidates swept out liberal board members. In Devin Nunes’ former California District, which has a Hispanic plurality, the primary vote rose from 56% Republican in 2020 to 64% Republican. And in the Georgia State House District 45 primary, three Republican candidates had a combined 60% of the vote, up from 55% in 2020.

Let’s hope and pray that what happened in Kenosha and elsewhere will finally happen in some of America’s most deeply troubled cities whose voters can’t figure out why they’re plagued with crime, homelessness, filth and high taxes when their last Republican mayor left office as long ago as 1927.

Must-See Video

Rep. Matt Gaetz pounding Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on why Congress should fund the Pentagon at such high levels when it’s proven incompetent at everything from Afghanistan to Russia, our enemies are outpacing us at developing missile technology, and our military leaders are more concerned with forcing socialism, CRT and wokeism onto our troops than in preparing for battle.

The Disney you knew is gone

I grew up faithfully watching the Mickey Mouse Club on our black & white TV and singing along with the opening and closing songs. I knew all the Mouseketeers by name and probably had a crush on the girl Mouseketeers like Annette Funicello. On Sunday nights my family watched Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, although I never saw it in color. Color TV wouldn’t be something my family had until I was in high school. There wasn’t a Disney World in Florida back then—just a Disneyland in California, and I dreamed that someday I’d get to go there. The Disney brand was magic and Walt Disney was like everyone’s favorite uncle who was rich and had all the cool stuff. The Disney movies were dependably wholesome, family-friendly, and had a moral lesson embedded in the plot. Parents knew that their kids could see a Disney film and be entertained without being embarrassed or indoctrinated.

Just a few years back, we took our entire family to Disney World. Sure, it was mostly about taking the grandkids there and making sure they were indulged to the hilt.

But the wonderful family-friendly company that Walt Disney founded is gone, replaced by creepy corporate executives who have lost their minds and will likely lose a lot of their customers. They certainly have lost me.

Disney executives have outright lied about the Florida legislation that prohibits government schools from teaching sexual content to pre-schoolers and young elementary children. What person in his or her right mind want 4 year old children to be taught about homosexuality, transgenderism, and sexual expression? Disney execs repeated the utterly debunked lie that the bill was a “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Such language was nowhere in the bill. But it gets worse. In a conference call, other Disney leaders expressed the goal that in future Disney movies, at least half of all the characters in a film with be gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, or something other than heterosexual.

And theme parks will be forbidden to say “hello boys and girls” and instead will be required to say “welcome dreamers and friends.” And no more will little girls be called princess when they show up in a gown. I guess boys could be a princess under the new perverted Disney code. Who knows?

This is so outrageous it’s hard to believe that the Disney company has become such a purveyor of soft-porn and woke-ism so that instead of entertaining children with fantasy and magic, Disney’s new model is sexual fantasy, outright betrayal and rejection of traditional values of marriage and gender, and instead of moral neutrality, Disney has opted for immoral advocacy.

Will their remake of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs be called The Nymphomaniac and the 7 Male Prostitutes? Will Lady and the Tramp be re-named “The Lesbian and the Housing Challenged Non-gendered Animal?” Will Beauty and the Beast be renamed “The Bi-Sexual and the Child Predator?” And Swiss Family Robinson will now be about a dysfunctional family that becomes homeless and lives in a local park after wrecking their VW hippie van.

I simply refuse to believe that this dishonesty and insanity from Disney represents what American parents and grandparents want to purchase for their children. But the only way to push back against this filth is to find other products and places when you purchase entertainment for your family.

This is no longer about party politics. A clear majority of Florida Democrats support the law prohibiting schools from indoctrinating 4 and 5 year old children about various sexual agendas that are probably NOT the agendas of parents. I guess the small number of people supporting the perverted version of a public school will next want to trade in yellow school buses for white, windowless utility vans typically called “kidnapper vans” since that is pretty much the direction Disney is taking with your children.

I am old enough to remember when parents would say, “Sure, you can watch that movie. It’s a Disney movie so it will be safe.” Not anymore! This ain’t kid’s stuff. And I for one don’t want to enrich the people that have destroyed the Magic Kingdom and turned it into the Perverted Palace. Mickey shouldn’t be the face of Disney anymore. The Disney character most representative of the company would be GOOFY!

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