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January 10, 2021

Good afternoon!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • A tough week for America
  • Washington is stained Nancy
  • DC Statehood push
  • Sharp observation
  • Focus Group-Tested Word Alert


Mike Huckabee

A tough week for America

By Mike Huckabee

This has been a tough week for America. It’s been an embarrassing and disgusting week for those of us who believe that the recent Presidential election was tainted with unanswered questions about fraud and massive voting irregularities. Whatever hopes we had that there might be a sincere investigation into the evidence that the media claimed didn’t exist was wiped out by a hot-headed mob at our nation’s Capitol. To be clear, of the tens of thousands of protesters and demonstrators who descended on Washington, most really were peaceful, law abiding patriots who love God, their families and their country. But those who stormed our Nation’s Capitol, ignored and fought the police, broke windows and doors and vandalized the offices of members of Congress and the Capitol itself were not patriots. They were a mob. A violent, lawless, and reckless mob engaged in criminal acts. Some of those participating in this mayhem or who tried to defend it tried to compare the actions of the mob to those of our Founders in the American Revolution. The violence at the Capitol this week was not at all like the American Revolution.

The Revolution of 1776 was carefully thought out. It was meticulously planned, and carried out by people who had exhausted all avenues to peacefully secure their liberty and to rid themselves of the intolerable behavior of their mother country, England. They declared their independence in a carefully crafted document and pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. They did not act spontaneously or compulsively. Their actions were thoroughly contemplated and the consequences were fully understood. What happened this week was carried out by hot-headed people moved by raw rage. There was no rational consideration of the consequences. There are no excuses or explanations for endangering innocent people, destroying public property, and challenging the authority of law enforcement. Even if 95% of that crowd were God-fearing law-abiding citizens who are rightfully angry that their beloved Republic is being taken over by Marxists and the useful idiots in the media who follow along, there is still no justification for the mayhem. Some of the rioters even quoted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but Dr. King NEVER got so fed up with the horrible and unjust treatment by the government and said, “That’s it—let’s storm the Capitol and break windows and occupy the chamber.”

The American Revolution indeed became violent and resulted in a war but they were not a mob, who in a blind rage launched something they had no plan to fulfill. They articulated their grievances, requested relief, and only after all possible remedies were rebuffed did they declare independence.

WE must be the voice of reason and rationality. The mob set back the conservative patriotic cause of limited government and a government that provides justice equally. This angry mob of played right into the hands of the press and the left.

I support the many policies President Trump implemented to put America First. I’m glad he stood up to China and Russia, brought manufacturing jobs back to America, cut taxes because he believed that you could spend the money you worked for better than the government, fought to protect the lives of unborn children, protected religious liberty, stood with Israel against those who sought to annihilate her, and who appointed Constitutionalists to the courts. I don’t blame him because some who supported him devolved into criminal activity and tried to take over our nation’s Capitol. But to be fair and honest, his language about the election being stolen probably cost us 2 Senate seats in Georgia and gave some people the false sense that it was justifiable to storm past police barricades and take over the Capitol. Joe Biden will be the next President. It’s not who I voted for but I won’t burn down the country because he’s President. I will speak out for my views and I will faithfully vote in every election. But as disgusted as I was when Black Lives Matter and Antifa followers were burning our cities, looting stores and attacking police officers, I’m equally disgusted when people who may share many of my views do the same thing. I don’t care what their politics are, they are lawless thugs and need to be found, charged and prosecuted. I can’t teach my children and grandchildren to obey the rules of my house if I can’t be trusted to obey the laws of my nation!


Washington is stained Nancy

By Mike Huckabee

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are calling on Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and immediately remove President Trump from office, blaming him for inciting the violent protesters who vandalized and broke into the Capitol. Pelosi said, “The gleeful desecration of the U.S. Capitol, which is the temple of our American democracy, and the violence targeting Congress are horrors that will forever stain our nation’s history — instigated by the president of the United States — that’s why this is such a stain.”

She’s right, Washington is as stained as an old pair of farm overalls, but those mud stains didn’t all appear yesterday. Just as a reminder:

Throughout spring and summer of 2020, up until polls showed it was hurting Democrats, Pelosi and Schumer were publicly supportive of violent “protesters” who rioted, burned and looted America’s cities nationwide, including Washington, DC. They not only attacked and vandalized national monuments and federal buildings in the nation’s capital, they staged longterm assaults on local and federal officers, seized private property, threatened citizens, and laid siege to a federal courthouse in Portland, throwing Molotov cocktail-like fire bombs into it. That courthouse is just as much federal property and a temple of American democracy as the Capitol is.

Pelosi’s response to all that was to support the violent protesters, dismiss concerns about old buildings, and smear officers who were trying to protect federal property as Nazi “stormtroopers.” When called on it, she tried to split hairs by claiming she only said they were “acting like stormtroopers.” Well, that’s different!

I am upset with Trump’s rhetoric, too, and I’ve condemned the violent hotheads who set back the conservative cause with their illegal behavior. But I have zero interest in listening to Pelosi, Schumer or any other Democrat who spent much of 2020 egging on rioters and attacking police piously lecture me about the dangers of irresponsible rhetoric from public officials. Their “moral high ground” is a muddy sinkhole.

DC Statehood push 

By Mike Huckabee

The Mayor of Washington, DC, has been doing such a crackerjack job that she thinks she deserves to be promoted to Governor. She’s calling on the new Congress to send legislation to President Biden’s desk in the first 100 days to make the District of Columbia the 51st state (with, of course, two more permanent Democrat Senators and at least one more far-left voting Representative.)

That article explains why this would be blatantly unconstitutional, although I doubt that would prevent it from happening, considering the makeup of the incoming Congress and White House. It would require a massive and expensive court fight to block it. I fear this is just a preview of what the next two years are going to be like.

Sharp observation

By Mike Huckabee

Mark Steyn, speaking on Wednesday’s TUCKER CARLSON show, had a sharp observation: “It’s always interesting to me that people are surprised when a tactic that’s proved effective for one group of people is then suddenly taken up by other people of whom they don’t approve.”

"There’s been a complete collapse of equality before the law,” Steyn explained. “The more [people on the left] are not subject to any laws, the more onerous the burden that falls upon the law-abiding.” Those on the left can do anything, he said, while those law-abiding souls on the right are “micro-regulated.” (To quote Victor Davis Hanson, “Ideology trumps accountability.”)

"At some point, that has to give,” he said. “And whoever is behind this, to a certain degree, that ‘gave’ today in Washington.”

If that’s what we’re seeing, we conservatives will have to be careful not to become the thing we hate, as so often happens to people. (It’s certainly happened to the left, who used to be pro-free speech.) It may sound cliché to say it at this point, but we really are better than that.

Focus Group-Tested Word Alert

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve noticed that anyone who points out that the same Democrats who supported violent leftist protesters who attacked federal buildings are now condemning violent rightwing protesters who attack federal buildings is being accused of “whataboutism.” For those unfamiliar with this word, it’s a made-up term that means “Stop pointing out my hypocrisy.”



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Comments 1-25 of 194

  • Patricia Owens

    01/12/2021 08:12 AM

    With the videos coming out now, showing same events from different angles, is there a doubt that this was a well thought out, coordinated the antifia and their cohorts. Even to showing a particular agitator whipping up the crowd, changing shirts and becoming a witness. [see Crossroads@ theepochtimes with Japanese journalist Masaka Ganaha] Is there a question the use of the videos to ID more than just individuals is a mighty factor in the banning of them from public viewing....close down those portals that might be tempted to show the public the actual goings' on. ALSO, Governor, I am unable to use link from your emailed newsletter..response says there is a problem at your end. No problem going directly to your website, tho.

  • Shirley A. Eivins

    01/11/2021 11:58 PM

    Washington is stained by Nancy.

  • Craig Briney

    01/11/2021 05:37 PM

    Here's a little reply to Joni Ernst (R) senator IA. She wrote (blah...blah..blah) about jan.6th in DC..not her America...
    RE: What happened at the Capitol is not the America that I know

    You're right.. the America i know holds free and fair elections for its citizens (not illegals)and doesn't try to eliminate or emasculate our 1st and 2nd amendments. The America I knew cared about our individual liberties not lockdowns.Sorry Joni... you don't get it...your voice is the same as all the other politicians checking to see which way the political wind is blowing. Your statement that "Beijing" Biden should be taking office Jan 20th is a betrayal of all of us..especially those of us who voted for Trump. Did you or any other elected leaders ever ask yourself the question why all the Trump supporters we actually there at Washington DC on Jan 6th???..The purpose was to peaceably protest an election that was stolen from all of us... not to commit violence...we wanted an Audit of the disputed results (You gave us crickets)......the nefarious acts of a few knottheads do not speak for the masses of Trump voters. Don't label us like the Democrats, Republicans and Media do... All of you elitists look down upon us somehow you know better than us what's going on in this country. We are enduring your failed Congressional leadership everyday....It's insulting that you actually think we believe your lip service. I've got news for you...We're not buying what you and your gutless colleague's are selling. Good luck winning our senate seat back.Your going to need it.Regards,Craig Briney Winterset Sent from my U.S.Cellular©

  • Nonie Jobe

    01/11/2021 01:22 PM

    I'm sorry, Mike, but I REALLY disagree with you this time. I cannot believe you said that President Trump's "rhetoric" about election fraud cost us the two seats in Georgia!!! Really????? Are you naïve enough to believe that election fraud did not steal 100% of that election also?? I am SO disappointed in you. I have bragged on you and touted your newsletter to everyone I know, especially during the last six months to a year. Now I'm considering cancelling it.

  • Barbara Skowood

    01/11/2021 01:16 PM

    You, Mike Huckabee have turned out to be such a disappointment, as have many of the Republicans who accepted our president's help, only to turn their backs on him, when he needed them most. We Republicans will remember this next election, should we ever have another election.

  • Roxanne Kuhlman

    01/11/2021 11:58 AM

    Just wondering Mr. Huckabee, do you think there was election fraud and that the democrats cheated?

  • Sue A Warneke

    01/11/2021 11:56 AM


    I'm a person with disabilities and I just filed a complaint with FCC for taking my PARLER away, which was my social media. This against my "FREEDOM of SPEECH".

    Sue Warneke

  • Joan Chambers

    01/11/2021 11:54 AM

    Mike - is it true that Nancy's son in law was involved in Jan 6 at the capital?

  • Bonnie Dobosh

    01/11/2021 11:40 AM

    Thank you. Please keep us informed.

  • Tommy Miller

    01/11/2021 10:56 AM

    What people are saying about President Trump and His Supporters is so much, much worse than
    what happened at the Capitol this week! The super large crowd that made their way to Washington, DC last week were coming (bringing their family) to show how much they really care
    for Our Country and President Donald Trump! He did not cause this awful trouble! The Democrats who have been bashing Him for over 4 years are the ones who have stirred the Hate Pot and now are continuing their Evil Hatred for Him and people like me!
    And now...for one of the next points that makes me so sick, is some of the comments coming from some of the people (including Mike Huckabee) I like and admire are chiming in with how this was all President Donald Trump's fault...take the blinders off all of you who think that way...
    There were tens of thousands of people there and it was only a small number who actually caused the trouble...and some of those were enemies of the State!

    Thank you Mr Huckabee for allowing people to comment on your the days ahead it appears that most of us will have our comments removed from many other sites and our names may appear on a list? Yes I am sad for our Country - America but I am mostly sad that my Brother died yesterday from complications of the popular Virus. He really suffered for weeks.

  • Jane T Johnson

    01/11/2021 09:49 AM

    I can't believe that you are saying Joe Biden is going to be President! That is not true because God has selected Trump for a total of 8 years. Everybody know that the people that were in the Capitol were Antifa--it was planned so that Trump supporters would get the blame and no evidence would come out in the vote. Pence isn't as lily white as everyone thinks he is and the proof will be forthcoming.

  • Stephen Russell

    01/11/2021 09:35 AM

    I say Invoke the 25th Amend on Joe for past crimes as VP to date with Hunter
    NOT qualified for President & then prior crimes & rigged election

  • Stephen Russell

    01/11/2021 09:22 AM

    Inaguration Day wishes:
    Heavy rains
    Cold front vortex
    heavy winds
    for Biden
    Besides they bus in audience since NO Trump supporter in area OR if so touring other DC sites.

  • Jerry

    01/11/2021 09:06 AM

    People shutting down speech people wanting gun control are people turning Capaitalist America into a Communist America thats all it is. Being told what to say and when to say it is just being controlled by a few insure people. Gun Control and gun elimination is just making it easier for the Communist to control the population. The Left wants to be controlled Conservatives want to be Free to live under the Constitution and its rules Communists want the Constitution eliminated again control how America will operate. Large Government means restrictive movement and one idea Biden and Harris and Pelosi and Shumer will make sure of that. Conservative reject those people and its control thats what Conservatives will be up against now the people will really get a grasp of what Trump has been against for 4 years. People do you have the what it takes to be fighter or are you going to throw in the towel. Just like the RINOS This government is corrupt half of the Americans in this nation will not lay down the next 2 years is going to be tough the Senate and the House will try to destroy America I only hope a few more in this corrupt Congress will become less pathetic and help bring America back the devil has a strong hold of these people I pray the devil looses it grip. It will take courage something the Congress lacks. They don't have a map to see the wizard yet.

  • joy Huston

    01/11/2021 08:44 AM

    agree with you 100%. I am worried about the next few years to come.

  • Sue Bishop

    01/11/2021 08:29 AM

    JUST...................Thank You!
    We have been Blessed with You and Your stand for what is right!
    Sue Bishop

  • Nancy Martin

    01/11/2021 08:21 AM

    I agree with you Governor that the storming of the capital was wrong. However, you didn’t mention the antifa involvement, and the video of the protestors being let into the Capitol. I believe it was all a set-up to make conservatives look bad. I know you will say that we don’t have proof and that it has to be investigated, but again, the FBI seems to only investigate conservatives. Investigations of bad actors on the left never seem to go anywhere. It was even proven that the Russian hoax was an attempt to take down a sitting president, yet there have been no consequences. We have rallied, we have voted, and we have prayed. Where do we go from here?

  • Oza goodwin

    01/11/2021 07:52 AM

    What is your prediction for The stock market? I have my whole retirement in there debating whether to sell it or not

  • Dan Klaffke

    01/11/2021 12:52 AM

    What do you think of being shut down by big tech?

  • Jim Simpson

    01/10/2021 11:51 PM

    What is happening, I sent this earlier today and now there are No Comments? This is not the first time this has happened! Have I been "suspended?"

    Email to Governor Mike Huckabee
    January 10,2021
    Governor - thank you sincerely for this venue for us to discuss matters of importance. I have some suggestions for all of us in this mess and lastly a pray for you assistance.
    There were 74+ million votes for the President. What if starting tomorrow all 74 million of us set a time, say 12 noon, that we all got on our knees and spent some time with the Lord Jesus. Asking Him to forgive all of us for worshiping idols, killing babies, breaking every one of His commandments. We do this for 6 straight days at the same time each day. On the seventh day at that time we shout "Praise God from whom all blessing flow" so it can be heard in D.C.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 is a good place to start.
    Wonder what would happen? That's basically what Joshua and Israel did at Jericho. Jericho was fortified by 25 foot high and 20 thick walls with and with awesome army. Oh the walls fell down but you knew that.
    Do we believe in miracles? I do, the Lord God is still on His throne and nobody is going to "impeach" Him. You can take that to the bank. Would you be amiable to spreading this message? I don't "twit" "facebook" etc. nor have any other venue, never believed in them for the reason we are seeing now.

    Come on America don't wait, do it tomorrow every day for seven days, I'll be there. Nobody can censor us. God Bless you all and wait and see what God might do between the 17th and the 20th. May His will be done.

  • William Fuhrer

    01/10/2021 11:48 PM

    At least one Mayor got his head out of his BLEEP and ralized heis job is not to be judge and jury but to protect his city

  • Marilyn Kirkwold

    01/10/2021 11:41 PM

    Mike, From the beginning I had a feeling that BLM and Antifa were involved in the riots. I's also interesting to note that the police actually opened the gates for these protestors to go in. I can certainly see why these rioters would infiltrate this gathering and be the instigators to make us all look bad. Also, I am still believing that God is not done with America and that God will intervene in a miraculous way and the world will see a miracle that will lead to revival. I am a Gideon to the end. If not, then I believe Jesus will take H8is church to heaven and the tribulation will begin.

  • Cheryl Delgado

    01/10/2021 11:14 PM

    God Bless our country. We need it right now

  • Glenda stiles

    01/10/2021 10:31 PM

    I have always enjoyed watching you.

  • Diane Seipert

    01/10/2021 10:30 PM

    ANTIFA is still destroying Portland every night, though nothing is reported. They attacked a small town of Tigard Oregon, destroying small businesses. Why is no one reporting this? Why has no one figured out they are finishing what this COVID lock down has missed? Where is the outrage over this? Where is the outrage over Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi & others helping or ignoring this outrage?