November 18, 2018


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Folks in the media have their shorts in a wad because the White House suspended the press pass for Showboat Jim Acosta of CNN, who seems to think he’s the only reporter in the room. He hogs the camera, and recently held onto the White House microphone like Alec Baldwin holds onto a parking place, even to the point of pushing away a young female White House intern who was simply trying to give the microphone to another reporter since Acosta had not only asked more questions than he was allowed, but kept talking and interrupting the President.  Watch:  (play SOT)


CNN, which is now the Cry-baby News Network, went full drama and screamed that the 1st amendment was being threatened…in fact, democracy itself was at risk because one incredibly rude and selfish reporter at CNN was finally being held accountable for irresponsible and disrespectful behavior. 


Let’s get something straight.  The 1st amendment is not threatened because one reporter loses press credentials for being a total jerk and violating every norm of journalistic integrity. His job is to report the story instead of trying to become the story as Showboat Jim does.  Most of us learned in kindergarten that you raise your hand and speak when called on, but when the teacher is finished answering the question, you sit down. 


Mike Huckabee

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With Acosta back for now, let's just turn off the cameras

By Mike Huckabee

Federal Judge Timothy A. Kelly did not rule on the underlying case Friday when he said CNN “journalist” Jim Acosta’s press pass must be returned to him.  In fact, he suggested that he might not agree with CNN’s First Amendment claims.  What he did say was that Acosta’s “due process” rights had been violated in rescinding the pass, so, for now, he gets to keep it.


The judge made the point that Trump is under no obligation to call on Acosta during press briefings.  He characterized his decision as “limited” to the due process aspect.


Still, that is just about the weirdest expansion of the concept of “due process” I’ve ever come across.  This clause is part of the Fifth Amendment, the same amendment that mentions the right against self-incrimination (I could make a joke here about Democrats working in government being all too familiar with that part, but I won’t).  Regarding due process, it says that no one shall be deprived of “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”  Trump has not even suggested taking Acosta’s life (much as he might like to throttle hims sometimes), or his liberty (no one has the “liberty” to just walk into the White House), so the judge must be talking about his property.  Once the press pass was issued to Acosta, did it become his PROPERTY?  I’m not a lawyer, but that notion defies common sense to me.


Anyway, Mr. President, here’s what I hope you’ll do.  Even while this odd ruling is in place, don’t discontinue the press briefings, though you have the right to.  Go ahead with them as usual, except for one thing:  for now, at least, turn off the TV cameras.  As far as I know, there is absolutely no requirement for the President to have a camera feed in the briefing room.  This change will stop most of the grandstanding, so the White House can get down to what is supposed to be the real business of the briefing.  No one will be "denied access"; they'll just be denied what some of them obviously crave more than that --- TV coverage of themselves.


As much as I enjoy seeing the press secretary’s smiling (or, as appropriate, scowling) face in the afternoons as she presides over all the nonsense in that room, I’m willing to make the sacrifice to help save the profession of journalism from itself.


Banning hands

By Mike Huckabee

Britain’s government banned guns, and violent crimes continued against citizens with no guns.  So they banned knives, and violent crimes still continued.  Now, after violent attacks with hammers during a burglary and the denial of a petition for more police officers, some 400 residents of Birmingham have formed a vigilante group called “We Stand Determined.”  The group says they’re unarmed and non-violent, and they’ll just patrol the streets and report crimes to the police, since authorities have left them no choice but to take matters into their own hands.

I’m waiting for British authorities to respond by banning hands.


A ridiculous comparison

By Mike Huckabee

After a lifetime of politics, I’m pretty much immune to politicians saying offensive, self-serving things to advance their agendas.  But even I was disgusted at California Sen. Kamala Harris’ attempt to compare the men and women of ICE to the KKK.  ICE agents risk their lives every day facing drug gangs, human traffickers and other illegal border crossers to keep Americans safe and enforce our immigration laws, which were passed and signed by members of both parties.  They also risk their lives rounding up violent criminals who were released from custody in irresponsible “sanctuary cities” or “sanctuary states,” like the one represented by Kamala Harris.  

During a confirmation hearing before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Harris was questioning Trump's nominee to head ICE, Ronald Vitiello, about a 2015 tweet, for which he’s apologized, that likened Democratic tactics to the KKK.  Harris asked if he was aware there was a perception that there are parallels between ICE and the KKK. 

You can read the full outrageous exchange at the link. My response would have been something like, “I’m aware that stupid people can harbor ridiculous false perceptions, and that some unscrupulous politicians promote such false perceptions for their own benefit.”  

I’m also aware that ICE was created in 2002, under President George W. Bush.  Which means another big difference between ICE and the KKK is that ICE was founded by a Republican.


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The Baltic Experience 2019

By Mike Huckabee

I am thrilled to announce an unforgettable trip to the Baltics for the summer of 2019! After many years of the Israel Experiences and our most recent trip the Mediterranean Experience cruise, we are bringing you another phenomenal cruise, the Baltic Experience! This all-inclusive cruise will feature some of the most beautiful places in the Baltic Sea and we will get to travel to and absorb these destinations aboard a luxury cruise ship from the Azamara Cruise line. If you have traveled with us before, you already know that all-inclusive means exactly that and there are no surprises along the way. The Baltic Experience will be no different. And when the weather is often unbearably hot throughout most of the US in August, we will be enjoying the cool and delightful weather that makes travel in the Baltic region perfect. Once again we have the entire ship and will fill our time on board with spectacular entertainment and special guests. In addition to the cruise we have multiple pre and post cruise offerings you can choose from to extend your trip. Our last cruise sold out in record time so we encourage you to get your cabin secured soon. We look forward to traveling with you soon and as always we will work tirelessly and do everything in our control to bring you The Greatest Trip.

To learn more about this exciting trip, visit my website here.

See you on the boat,

Mike Huckabee


RIP Roy Clark

By Mike Huckabee

Our prayers and condolences to the family of Country Music Hall of Famer Roy Clark, who died at home in Tulsa on Thursday of complications from pneumonia.  He was 85. 

Those who worked with Roy Clark remembered him fondly as a kind, generous, friendly and humble man, always smiling and appreciative of others’ talents.  That decency shone through to TV audiences, as well. Clark once said, "A TV camera goes right through your soul. If you're a bad person, people pick that up. I'm a firm believer in smiles. I used to believe that everything had to be a belly laugh. But I've come to realize that a real sincere smile is mighty powerful."

He may be best remembered as the longtime host of the cornpone comedy series, “Hee-Haw,” but fellow musicians were in awe of his talent on multiple instruments, particularly banjo and guitar.  He could play just about anything, as he proved on stages from Branson, Missouri, to the Grand Old Opry, to the Boston Pops, Carnegie Hall and the Rossiya Theatre in Moscow, where he was one of the first American entertainers to perform in the Soviet Union.

At this link is an obituary with lots of information about Roy Clark’s life and career:

And here’s something unusual.  It’s a video by a British guitarist who analyzes the styles of great players.  In this one, he shows a clip of Roy Clark playing flamenco guitar on an old episode of “The Odd Couple.”  You’ll think that guitar might burst into flames at any moment.  I’m linking directly to the beginning of that scene if you just want to see and hear Roy’s mind-boggling performance.  Or musicians might want to watch the whole thing, to get an appreciation for just how great his talent was and how much other musicians respected him.


"Full review"

By Mike Huckabee

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio is promising angry commuters a “full review” to determine how a few inches of snow caused so much havoc in an area that should be well prepared to deal with it.  Here, I’ll save him a lot of time, effort and money.  Look very closely: the answer to why the city has become incompetent to deal with basic public services is contained in the first six words of this paragraph. 


Evening Edition - November 17

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."

- Acts 4:12

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  • Ann Bouchard

    11/18/2018 09:58 PM

    Being up front and involved with the media, not interesting to me. Too much of a circus. I prefer not being in the limelight. The media needs to be reigned in and told what is and is not appropriate. Some lack judgement. We just want the facts. We can form our own opinions.