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December 8, 2022

Oregon’s Supreme Court refused to lift a lower court’s block on the state’s extremely strict new gun law while it considers challenges to its constitutionality. The law known as Measure 114 places a number of restrictions and requirements on guns and owners, including banning magazines with over 10 rounds, requiring a permit for every gun purchase which also requires completing an approved gun safety course, passing a background check and paying a fee of up to $65.

The state’s attorneys claim they’re sure it’s all allowed under the state constitution. The question is, though, is it allowed under the US Constitution? That fee, for instance, strikes me as awfully similar to the poll tax, which tried to charge citizens for exercising an inalienable Constitutional right. And just like the poll tax, it was a way to keep poor people from exercising a guaranteed right. This will be a case worth watching.

Also, I just keep asking why the people who seem to know the least about guns think they’re qualified to make laws regulating guns? Do we let building code regulations be written by people who know nothing about construction? Yet we let gun laws be written by people who want to limit the "number of bullets in a cartridge." Biden called this "common sense," and the crowd applauded it.

For the record, the "number of bullets in a cartridge" is "one." 

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