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April 6, 2021

Any liberals reading this to find out what the other side is saying probably won’t be interested in this article, because it’s a factual, informative piece about US history and the Constitution, two things today’s left hates like Dracula hates garlic. But with the Biden Administration ruling against the will of the people even more aggressively than Obama did, it’s worth reading for its deep-dive look at nullification, the idea that states have the power to declare federal actions unconstitutional.

Short version: in Cooper v. Aaron (1958), the Supreme Court affirmed judicial supremacy, which means that five unelected SCOTUS judges get to decide what all the states have to put up with.

However, and this might be of interest to liberals, there’s now a concept called “interposition” (the author calls it “nullification light”) where, if states disagree with federal actions, they can order state law enforcement resources not to cooperate with the feds, making it very difficult for Washington to enforce them. Before Democrats start railing about that being treason and insurrection, they should know that they helped establish it firmly in recent years by legalizing marijuana when it’s still illegal under federal law and creating “sanctuary” cities and states where police refuse to cooperate with ICE in arresting and deporting criminal illegal immigrants.

This once again proves that one of the best ways to “resist” outrageous actions by the left is to hold them to their own standards.

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  • Mike Fischer

    04/06/2021 10:45 AM

    If this includes denying transgender people basic medical care I am no longer a republican. I have voted straight ticket republican for two decades. Restrictions on sports only made sense, but what has happened in my state of AR means I will never again vote for any republican here! I can't stand the democrats, but the republicans have gone back 80 years.

  • John T. Jeffery

    04/06/2021 10:21 AM

    While Pulliam concludes on a critical negative note the facts remain that the Swamp has not been drained, and the Swamp dwellers are incapable of living up to their oaths of office, of solving problems, of disciplining themselves in their tax and spend mania, of protecting our borders, etc. What this means is that legitimate Constitutional alternatives from outside the Swamp like the Convention of States ( and the Tenth Amendment Center ( must be pursued if there is to be any hope for peaceful resolutions to the ongoing ruination of our nation. Pulliam's pessimism aside, what has transpired during the pandemic, the last election, and this administration's first two months in office lent a great sense of urgency to the efforts of the CofS and the Tenthers.

  • Verna J Klopfenstein

    04/06/2021 09:22 AM

    Amen Bring them into the Light, the Left ALWAYS over plays their HAND!!!!!!!!

  • William Platt

    04/06/2021 09:19 AM

    We should shut down this government and use marshal law until new and fair elections can be conducted!