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May 6, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • National Day of Prayer
  • Chauvin legal team seeks new trial
  • Biden Administration blocks Trump rule
  • A serious obstacle to the economy
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis deserves credit
  • Earmarks are back in the budget
  • Reader Writes...


Mike Huckabee


"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

Romans 8:28

National Day of Prayer

By Mike Huckabee

Today is the National Day of Prayer, although every day should be a day of prayer. You can watch the full observance this evening at 8 pm EST here:

And here is President Biden’s official proclamation of the National Day of Prayer:

I was relieved to see him affirm that he knows the First Amendment protects religious liberty, an idea that needs to be passed around among his staff and Cabinet. But some people noticed that while he managed to work in a number of personal political issues such as climate change and name-check the late Congressman John Lewis, there was one rather important name he failed to mention. I think he might be a little unclear on the concept.

Chauvin legal team seeks new trial

By Mike Huckabee

I warned you that the Derek Chauvin guilty-on-all-counts verdict was not going to be the end of that story, but the latest news is an unexpected twist. Everyone assumed his attorneys would file an appeal based on attempted jury intimidation. But instead, they’re moving for a whole new trial based on prosecutor and juror misconduct, errors of law at trial, and that the verdict was contrary to law.

You can read the details at the link, but two of their chief arguments are hard to dispute. One is that it was a mistake to refuse to move the trial out of Minneapolis or to sequester the jury, knowing that this would lead to a tainted jury pool and the likelihood of jurors being afraid of riots or retribution if they didn’t vote to convict.

The other is that a photo has surfaced online of one of the jurors at a rally in DC last summer commemorating the Rev. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. He’s wearing a BLM cap and a Black Lives Matter T-shirt with King’s photo and the words, “Get your knee off our neck.”

During jury selection, he denied participating in any protests of police brutality. He claims that wasn’t a protest of Floyd’s death and that he just went to see DC and be a part of commemorating King. But it certainly doesn’t make it easy for the prosecution to argue that Chauvin got an impartial jury.

Biden Administration blocks Trump rule

By Mike Huckabee

The Biden Administration has blocked a Trump rule that was set to take effect Friday that would have made it easier to classify gig workers as independent contractors. Biden is pushing the “PRO-Act,” a national version of California’s disastrous AB-5 law, that nearly eliminated freelance jobs, from Uber drivers to club musicians. Generally speaking, Democrats want everyone to have to join unions, ostensibly to give the workers better pay and benefits, and just coincidentally because it creates a lot more government control over paychecks and union bosses heavily fund and support Democratic political campaigns.

California voters quickly exempted Uber and Lyft drivers and delivery people from the law, but the heavy-handed and outdated concept refuses to die. Nobody wants to see gig workers taken advantage of, and many companies are offering some benefits to workers who put in a certain minimum number of hours. But the government mandating full union benefits for part time gig workers won’t help them. It will just eliminate their jobs and deny the public the services they provide. Besides, many of those workers don’t want full-time union jobs; they take those jobs to make some extra money while keeping their hours flexible so they can pursue other things, like school, child care or starting their own businesses.

I think the most telling sentence in this entire story is this: “While Wednesday’s action doesn’t immediately change how gig workers are classified, it leaves ambiguity about how a Depression-era law will be applied to a smartphone economy.”

I can’t think of a better description of today’s “progressive” Democrat policies than they are trying to shoehorn Depression-era ideas onto a smartphone economy.

A serious obstacle to the economy

By Mike Huckabee

I mentioned recently some of the personal experiences that my staffers and I have had concerning the difficulty of finding people to do work when they can make more money by staying on extended, enhanced unemployment payments. The Epoch Times has more on what is becoming a serious obstacle to the economy getting back up to speed.

With all that restaurant owners have to worry about these days, a survey last month surprisingly found that 57% of them ranked recruiting and retaining workers as their #1 challenge. Think about that: we’re hearing about the problem of Americans being unemployed, yet employers can’t find people to work because they’re making more money on unemployment. And some Democrats are pushing to make the expanded unemployment payments permanent. Meanwhile, one Florida McDonald’s is so desperate for workers, they offered $50 to people just to fill out an application.

Incidentally, if you think this doesn’t affect you, here are just a few ways that it does: Government paying people to stay on unemployment reduces productivity while running up debt. It’s making it harder for the economy to get back up to speed, which harms everyone (and not just because you can’t find a restaurant that has enough staff to open or to serve you efficiently.) And if you do find a restaurant, brace yourself for the higher prices. In fact, brace yourself for higher prices on everything.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis deserves credit

By Mike Huckabee

It’s funny how quickly Florida has gone from being the butt of “Florida Man” jokes to being one of the biggest success stories of the pandemic and a state that’s leading the way in restoring common sense and the rule of the law. For that, much of the credit goes to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has become an almost daily media presence, almost like the “Anti-Biden.”

Here he is on Wednesday, refuting one of the stupidest ideas the left has come up with in years, and that’s really saying something. DeSantis announced that not only will Florida not “defund the police,” it will fund the police and then some, as he announced a $1,000 bonus for all cops, paramedics and firefighters who were on the job during the pandemic.

Here he is on Thursday, signing Florida’s new election integrity bill into law, live on “Fox & Friends.” It enforces voter ID and bans ballot harvesting. Yep, definitely the Anti-Biden!

And immediately afterward, former Hillary Clinton lawyer Marc Elias, the Anti-Election Integrity Lawyer, sued to try to overturn it.

Earmarks are back in the budget

By Mike Huckabee

Fox News took a look at the upcoming proposed federal budget and found that, to paraphrase Austin Powers, “Earmarks are BACK, baby!”

With the US National Debt Clock now topping $28 trillion and its wheels spinning faster than a lawn mower blade, lawmakers are once again larding up the budget with vast amounts of borrowed/printed money lavished on pet projects. These include:

$742,000 for a New York program that would feature "conversations around difficult issues such as racism, gender discrimination and cultural bias"…$1,750,000 to spruce up the Japanese Garden in Portland...$436,100 for a "meditation and restorative yoga" program in New Jersey…$250,000 to expand the Michelle Obama Library…$166,000 to develop an equity program at Lincoln University…and $2 million for a Pickleball and Fitness Circuit in Orange, California.

Remember on “Friends,” when Joey got his first credit card and maxed it to the limit by filling his apartment with overpriced junk, like a big plastic dog? Well, he’s apparently in charge of the national budget now.

A Reader Writes Back... 

Thank you for bringing real news. I only watch stations that bring real news. I still support Trump and real Republicans. Evil will not have victory

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Comments 1-21 of 21

  • William Fuhrer

    05/10/2021 11:04 AM

    Hoover in the FBI STORY had the right idea that the bad guys had a lot of say in the events of the day. If they are heavily armed the law enforcement have to be heavily armed. If the bad guys respond to law enforcement commands in a timely manner the events of the day don not have to escalate or be catastrophic

  • Kathleen McKelvey

    05/07/2021 04:28 PM

    I guess Pres. Biden doesn't want to use "God" so as not to offend anyone. Well, I'm offended! But I'll leave it up to God to mete out judgement. > Seems that for every year the last 50 years I could get to the polls on a single day at prescribed times. I could mail a ballot with the same criteria. So what makes everyone so inept, unorganized or forgetful that they can't follow simple rules to vote if they really want to? The new Florida law makes it fair for everyone and doesn't favor anyone or deprive anyone of their right to vote if they are eligible. ID requirement should be next so only eligible citizens can vote.

  • ken moore

    05/07/2021 02:07 PM

    social media question to users that ban a president
    why continue to use something that tries to cancel our presidents voice perhaps just stop using all social media

  • Joyce F Birch

    05/07/2021 09:58 AM

    I respect all your views on the daily news. Where else would we get honest news & conservative opinions?
    I think all parents should be really aware of the education that is going to be brainwashed into our children & grandchildren, if it hasn't already started. I'm praying the parents take a stand against the schools/universities. May be they could threaten to remove their children, but this is putting their children in the middle, which of course isn't fair. Parents must stand up to these radical changes.
    God Bless Us All.

  • Jerry

    05/07/2021 09:13 AM

    What happens when lower IQ people are influenced by large amounts of money? Look at some of the blocks of Chicago Washington DC LA Minneapolis large cities regulated by People with the means to buy its will. George Soros Mike Bloomberg Bill Gates with extreme amounts of money get people with character flaws elected to positions that regulate law and order the city of Chicago has Kim Fox Lightfoot Dick Durbin look at the LA the AG allows murder sex abuse to be the norm DC no dancing, education that produces people so uninformed that a mayor can outlaw dancing in its own city. This type of living belongs in a landfill with rats not on America's cities and in our neighborhoods although the plan in urban areas are to keep it's people so uninformed escape from these areas are not possible thats why education is poor at best or not at all the choice is hate each other or anyone, reading science math all needed to function in a civil society are taken out of the school so Soros based leaders continue to ruin life as it is told to do. You can put makeup on pigs soros based leaders are still pigs.

  • Jerry

    05/07/2021 07:47 AM

    How great to have a National Day of Prayer I witnessed a prayer from Franklyn Graham and had a wonderful feeling for a few moments to get in touch with our God. The President of the United States has omitted God yesterday on Prayer day the photo opt biden uses when he enters God's House I wonder what he does there if he is not visiting God. Our nation under God, you know the thing, justifies biden is not a man of God just like obama, the nation's God is not biden's or obama's God. Did the President's oath contain the term ,so help me God ,is biden asking for help??? I would like to know what or whom he is asking, the answers he is getting are destroying this Nation founded by Our Nations God. God does His thing, I think God is giving biden all the rope he needs to show the nation what Satin looks like. Our country will survive under our God's guidance.

  • Mike Manoogian

    05/07/2021 06:37 AM

    Thank you for freely using and honoring "God" in your commentaries and giving us, your readers, your common sense views,

  • Judy Radley

    05/07/2021 04:23 AM

    I agree with the comment made by the robo-commenter, that the Dims. knew that the trial that has been in the news lately, would either get appealed or re-tried. But isn't it also true that a person cannot be convicted a 2nd time for the same crime? If this is true, then the man on trial will get off, meaning mistrial and he will not be tried again for the same crime. Also, the riots will continue and be worse because that loud mouth dumb old lady waters cinched the mistrial thing and she wanted that to happen so more and more rioting will take place. That is why too I think, that the evidence of video taping and audio taping it has been tainted to make people think the man in law enforcement was guilty of racism, when he truly is not and the criminal who died, is his own fault at causing 'suicide by cop' or 'to be killed by cop to fit the racist narrative'. It was all planned a head of time, just like the idiots who orchestrated the January 6 fake insurrection. IT was the dims plan all along to hire their thugs and even themselves to cause a problem but to blame it on their opposition. Hitler and Stalin and Marxists do and did the same thing. All socialist communists Marxists do this on a regular basis. We MUST stop it all, maybe the only way to stop it is either by God coming to our rescue or more probably realistic is a revolution but on that may be war-like but it will be the many people in the right against the few in the wrong. We do need to rise up and stop the minority from dictating what the majority should do. We are the majority, the trouble makers are the minority with big fat evil mouths and the squeakiest wheels, we need to get rid of the troublesome squeaky wheels once and for all. It is starting to happen, but in a more subtle way where the biased media can't find fault with it because the squeaky wheels are coming from them and for them. The squeaky wheels and squeaky doors and floors, are always put in scary movies or TV shows, to build up a scary scene, but they are also the first things to get put out and destroyed by the truth that the scariest thing in the movie is just the mind playing tricks on the scared person.

    Dims. are doing that right now, they are enhancing doom and gloom always, ss aying that without the govt. controlling everything, our lives will be over, as in the overblown and propaganda of a stupid girl who is too stupid to know the truth, about climate change.

    Yes the climate changes, but that is why it is called 'climate' a flexible ever-changing environment in nature. The actually truth is that any bad stuff happening in the climate, change or not, is the Chinese communist govt. the pollution they spout out which is at least 1 mil. times more than anything America can do, is what is killing the ocean and climate, but if you try and tackle them and make them accountable, you are dead. Well, that may be the next huge war that needs winning, get rid of all communist ruled nations. Communism is not a productive anything. Too big govt. controlling the little people, but of course that is what Biden and all the dims. and liberal elites want, for themselves to control everything, but they forget, there are always going to be more people seeking freedom FROM govt. than govt. RULING freedom of the people.

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    05/07/2021 12:31 AM

    I don't know if it made the news, but Sacramento, Ca. raised the salaries of their police!! They are against defunding the police. Of course it is the state capitol.

  • Carl T Smith

    05/06/2021 11:53 PM

    Since everyone is now on board with the idea the Election was 100% on the Up and Up with not a smidgen of Corruption we can now get to the business of ensuring a Republican can never even set foot in D.C. much less be elected to Salvage the Republic! First, we Shoot the moon on Budget Deficits that can NEVER be repaid. Then we pass so much garbage packaged as necessary to save the Union or get me reelected by the most informed voters in Soviet Russia the congress will have to spend the Next Generation to figure out What Happened? Then the CIC who just happens to despise the Military and that fellow Americans regard as necessary for our Moral Compass to Survive will once and for all be abolished from the public discourse. Then the blood will run in the Streets when the Federales come for Americans Guns and we will start over because our Founding Documents Warned us it Might be Necessary. We get the Government Big Tech has paid for and they will not be amused by the outcome.


    05/06/2021 11:09 PM

    I am 82 and always remember the Dem's being union backers, I can't remember why I paid union dues, when I worked for non union companies it seems we were treated better and had better repour with management.
    Really like Ron DeSantis, we need more like this running things.
    love your tv shows and news letters

  • Angela Schmidt

    05/06/2021 10:10 PM

    Who knew that Michelle Obama had a library, why does she have a library, and why in heck are we being asked to pay $250,000 to expand it? Also, how on earth can anyone spend $1,750,000. on a rose garden? Last time I was in Portland and saw the rose garden (which was years ago) it looked wonderful the way it was!!

  • Joan Holman

    05/06/2021 09:19 PM

    Governor, as a 73 yr old woman on unemployment I must mention a different kind of roadblock for seeking meaningful employment. Everyone knows that is is unlawful to ask someone’s age ( and most applications take place online so seeing is believing does not apply). However, a clever workaround has come to light in my applications. They ask me what year I graduated high school. Heaven knows there’s not a 25 year old alive that graduated in 1965 so I’m undone before I begin.

  • Kenneth T. Kelly

    05/06/2021 09:02 PM

    As if the continued unemployment compensation isn't enough, the Biden administration is no thing of another "stimulus" check going out to everyone.

    To me, this is no more than blatantly a continued attempt at buying votes.

    Will we ever get rid of these wastrels?

  • Paul Kern

    05/06/2021 08:48 PM

    I am not surprised at anything these does.
    First you often fail to put up a morning paper
    Second the Marxists in control are pushing FDRs railed policies. Economically and militarily. He gave away our economy at the Breton Woods conference. He gave away eastern Europe bro Stalin.
    Now he is following the Marxist rule of power.
    Last year the "progressive" church led by girly men rejected truth by lying to the sheeple to vote left.
    Religion and central government on steroids

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/06/2021 08:32 PM


    May I ask a question, please.

    Why on Earth would the Democrats want to pay people not to work when they know it drives down our productivity and our gross national product and drives up the national debt.

    I cannot understand their logic.

    Can you? Thank you.

  • Debra Ann Swails

    05/06/2021 08:16 PM

    Just Love you and all that you represent. Thank you, Debbie

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/06/2021 08:00 PM

    Thank you

  • James Drury Jr.

    05/06/2021 07:52 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • William Fuhrer

    05/06/2021 07:22 PM



  • Stephen Russell

    05/06/2021 07:13 PM

    Chauvin trial issues:
    o Jury NOT sequestered
    o Alt juror comments made.
    o active juror comments made
    o Outside influences
    Chauvin wins new trial or OFF.
    Now see the riots HIT all fueled by Dems