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June 2, 2022

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

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  • Bad economic news
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Mike Huckabee


I appeal to you, brothers and sisters,[a] in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.

1 Corinthians 1:10

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National Employment Report released

The ADP National Employment Report was released Thursday morning. It shows that in April, companies added just 128,000 jobs, far short of the 300,000 predicted. That’s the worst job creation number since April 2020, when companies were shutting down due to the pandemic.

That’s largely because of a big decline in employment among small businesses. Even though most small businesses are short-handed and desperately need more workers, supply chain issues, record high fuel costs and skyrocketing inflation are making it too expensive for them to hire, or to compete with big businesses.

As much as people might like the convenience of shopping at Walmart or Amazon, we do not want an economy where everyone is on the payroll of a handful of mega-corporations. This is yet another too-little-reported negative side effect of the economic mismanagement that’s created the problems that are crushing small businesses, which are, and need to remain, the engine of the dynamic US economy.

Bad economic news

I apologize for having to tell you this, but here’s more bad economic news: The USDA reports that while the Consumer Price Index for April was up by a whopping 8.3% since last April, the price of food alone was up 9.4%, while food purchased in groceries and supermarkets was up 10.8% in price.

Worse, the USDA predicts that food costs will rise even more in May, and substantially more by fall. This is why so many people are stocking their pantries and filling up deep freezes. By the end of 2022, the USDA predicts that food costs could be 19.5% to 20.5% higher than one year before. There’s a chance that by winter, eggs will cost a dollar apiece.

I wonder if that’s part of a larger plan to prevent us from being able to afford eggs to throw at our political leaders?

For details on predicted price increases in various categories of foods, click the link, but brace yourself first.

The most tasteless political ad of the year

It’s still early in what’s sure to be a brutal midterm election campaign year, but I think we might already have the worst, most offensive, most dishonest political ad of the year. It’s a disturbingly tasteless ad by Kentucky Democratic Senate nominee Charles Booker in which Booker, who is black, wears a noose around his own neck and accuses incumbent Sen. Rand Paul of opposing an anti-lynching bill.

For the record, Paul blocked the original bill because it lumped in other crimes that weren’t nearly as serious, then he co-sponsored a bipartisan anti-lynching bill that really targeted lynching and that passed unanimously and is now law. In short, the only lynching that’s legal in America is the “high-tech lynching” of the truth in political campaign ads.

Must-see preview of upcoming documentary

Matt Walsh released some eye-opening footage from an upcoming documentary about the excesses of the trans rights movement. It’s an interview with one of “Lia” Thomas' teammates on the UPenn women’s swim team, with her identity and voice disguised. What she says about why Thomas’ female teammates aren’t speaking up to protest Thomas competing against women is shocking.

She claims that if Thomas’ female teammates even bring up the fact that this might not be fair, they’re immediately shut down as hateful and transphobic. She says the school’s attitude is “comply or get out.” They even brought in someone from psychological services to talk to the female swimmers, to suggest that if they had a problem with a biological male competing against them, taking their trophies and records, and walking around nude in their locker room with “her” intact male genitals on display, that they were the ones with psychological problems.

The abuse this young woman describes is disturbingly reminiscent of communist regimes that use psychological torture and the threat of lobotomies to bully dissidents into silence. Or at the very least, the kind of gaslighting that sexual abusers use against their victims to convince them that they’re the ones with a problem.

It’s unconscionable that young women are being treated this way by authorities at UPenn, who are so invested in virtue-signaling to transgender activists that they have not only erased women’s sports, they’re reversing over a century of women’s rights and acting no better than the worst stereotypes of a bullying sexual abuser. Here's a psychological service for you: It sounds as if anyone with a daughter would have to be insane to let her attend that school.


You’ve heard of Brexit (Britain leaving the EU), but what about “Blaxit?” That’s the word some White House aides are using to describe the mass exit of black Biden staffers, who are leaving in droves because they’re unhappy with the work environment that offers little support from superiors and few chances for promotion.

The Administration denied the charge, claiming it’s just normal turnover and they have one of the most diverse staffs in history. But some black staffers anonymously said there may be a lot of black people working there, but they aren’t decision makers and there’s no path for them to get promoted into that tight-knit group.

That’s odd, I have been assured by the most trustworthy mainstream media voices that this sort of racism is solely the province of Republicans. Remind me, are there any Republicans in the White House these days?...

Brain glitch

President Biden seemed to suffer a brain glitch during an event this week when he apparently forgot the name of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.

While Biden is taking a lot of flak over this, I’m personally envious of him. I wish I could forget that Xavier Becerra is the HHS Secretary.

I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

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  • Jerry

    06/03/2022 12:29 PM

    Donald Trump while the President gave a portion of the population a chance to rid itself of poverty low self esteem and a dark outlook on life by getting people dependent on government assistance off the generational lifestyle and onto a better way off life. This has really angered the Left as it is dependent on their support. This administration has revenge on the entire country making miserable life conditions for all just for allowing people to understand all people are allowed to reach for the American dream better living conditions better medical support and better education for all people Trump opened eyes for this population and biden hates the idea of losing the support of this population and he has the jeanie has been let out of the bottle and this population wants to get better however biden says you will have to wait till you kick me out of office and along with his Incompetent, and Hate filled Agencies Secretaries All people need to reject biden as this person biden is unfit to be President although he great at being a Mean Crook.

  • stephen russell

    06/03/2022 11:59 AM

    LA County CA to remask indoors maybe end of month?
    Tired of these Games
    2 years done No more
    No science back up claim
    ALL for Control

  • Jerry

    06/03/2022 09:57 AM

    Does biden think he is really the president of the United States? People in the WH do not they keep rescinding all the statements he makes and the other national leaders will not return or take his calls the phone is probably a fixture like his fake WH Oval Office

  • James Drury Jr.

    06/03/2022 06:23 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Robin Rebhan

    06/03/2022 06:15 AM

    The Ancient Greeks in particular the Spartan Elites used the economy ( high cost of living ) to keep their subjects " The Helots " ( common subjects like us ) in subjection to the " Elite ". It became an impoverished nation except for the Elites. They had a good army " The Spartans ", but just big enough to defend against an uprising of the Helots and pesky neighboring countries but much too small to defend against numerous rising powers in the world. The Elites feared the Helots, their Army, their neighboring countries, and even other power hungry Elites. Today Sparta is just a pile of rubble. Our Founding Fathers learned from this " Faction of Elites " and were very concerned with Factions gaining too much power when writing our American Constitution. And following the acceptance of the Constitution by the States the Founding Fathers still feared factions of the Elites blinded by wealth and power gaining too much power in the future which in time would destroy our freedom and our nation. Just to lighten up the above. Elite Power comes in many forms. A local police officer told me he stopped a traffic violator and was writing a ticket when the violator said " Do you know who I am?!! " " I'm President of the PTSA at the Elementary School Here!! " She got the ticket anyway ( I don't know if the Traffic Court Judge was impressed or not ).

  • Anne Turner

    06/02/2022 10:05 PM

    While it would be best for the top female swimmers to transfer schools, many of them may not be able to do as a practical and financial matter. In my opinion the best plan would be for each and every one of them to be politely friendly with the person, not staring but not looking away from the male equipment. It is after all, just anatomy. Shower side by side if necessary. In other words ingore the whole thing and keep this in mind: at such time as three “ women” are standing on the dais to receive medals and Lia has won, , everyone will know that the woman in second place is really first and the third place winner is really second. You will hear it in the applause. This poor guy must have no self respect to do this. If the ladies and everyone else ignores the whole thing, the battle will be won in hearts and minds. I do believe there is monetary problem as first place winners often get endorsement contracts or Tv ads or appear on cereal boxes. If the is guy continues to win my guess is that these awards will not be well received by customers and there will be a backlash. I would not be surprised to see the second place champions getting the endorsements. Companies are finding that their wokeness is hurting their profits. I think that is because the vast majority of .Americans are moderate, leaning one way or the other, but do not appreciate these extremes that we are seeing.

  • C. Martin

    06/02/2022 09:45 PM

    "This is yet another too-little-reported negative side effect of the economic mismanagement that’s created the problems that are crushing small businesses, which are, and need to remain, the engine of the dynamic US economy."

    What makes you think it's "mismanagement" and not deliberate? They want to reduce us all to serfs, completely controlled and completely dependent on our Ruling Elite overlords in government. The model is Communist China, governor. Or Communist Canada. "Comply and obey, or we will shut off your ability to engage in commerce!" Until people wake up to the fact that it's intentional, and not the result of hapless ineptitude, nothing will ever change.