December 10, 2018

After former FBI Director James Comey’s lengthy transcribed testimony on Friday before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, he said to reporters, “I have total confidence that the FISA process was followed and that the entire case was handled in a thoughtful, responsible way by DOJ and the FBI.  I think the notion that FISA was abused here is nonsense.”

This from someone who, behind the closed doors of the hearing, demonstrated precious little knowledge or recollection of how the process WAS handled.  He answered questions with “I don’t know” 166 times, “I don’t remember” 71 times, and “I don’t recall” 8 times.  All the variations of these non-answers that he gave in testimony add up to 245 times.  That’s a lot of things for the head of the Bureau to be blissfuly unaware of.


Comey’s pleas of ignorance are especially hard to believe considering that he has consistently said that whenever he wanted to remember something, he would make notes of the event, right away.  He did this a lot.  In fact, it was his contemporaneous notes about his meeting with Trump that he leaked to his professor friend, with the express purpose of getting them to the New York Times and seeing a special counsel appointed to look into Trump.  If Comey was such a conscientious note-taker, how is it that he has forgotten so much?

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Logically, it’s just not possible.  Comey is the one who advised the President of a “salacious and unverified” report (the Steele dossier).  These two things cannot both be true:  1) Comey knew the dossier was unverified, and 2) he is confident that the FISA applications to spy on an associate of then-candidate Donald Trump were handled correctly.  According to law, the information in the applications must be verified –- not just secondhand but by the FBI itself.  If Comey wants to maintain that he didn’t know at the time where that information came from (as he did, incredibly, in testimony), I don’t buy it but we can at least debate it.  However, it’s undebatable that today, Comey knows perfectly well where that dossier came from and that the information in it was –- and still is –- unverified, and for him to say now that the FBI handled the FISA applications appropriately is laughable.


Looking at the transcript of the hearing, we can see that Comey admitted that he’d repeatedly referred to the dossier as unverified.  (He did remember that.  Maybe his memory was triggered by knowledge that the committees had other testimony to that effect.)  Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe asked him, “Do you recall that, on numerous, in your capacity as the FBI Director, referred to the Steele dossier as salacious and unverified?”  Comey replied, “Yes.  I don’t know that I was referring to all of it...”  Ratcliffe asked, “But, again, your characterization of it was that it was unverified, even though you had verified it to the court?”  Comey:  “...what I understand by ‘verified’ is we then try to replicate the source information so that it becomes...our conclusions rather than a reliable source’s...and that work wasn’t completed by the time I left in May of 2017, to my knowledge.”


Aha.  It’s right there, in sworn testimony, that while he was in charge, Comey knew that the FISA application contained unverified information.  He referred to the dossier as unverified on numerous occasions.  Yet he told reporters afterwards that the idea the process was abused is “nonsense.”  The word “nonsense” is better applied to what Comey is trying to put over on us.


Talking with the reporters, Comey went even further, slamming attempts to look into the process.  Sen. Lindsay Graham (the expected incoming chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee), speaking with FOX News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, brought up his comment that looking into the handling of the FISA warrant process would be “sort of a joke.”  “I don’t think it’s a joke at all,” Graham said, “that a warrant was issued based on a document paid for by a political party, prepared by a foreign agent, that’s unverified, to basically surveil a member of a presidential campaign.  That’s not funny to me.  I want to know how that happened and the role he played.”


Graham gave assurance that his committee would be focusing on all of this in the coming year, and went on to say that Trump’s choice for attorney general, Bill Barr, is the most qualified person available and should be overwhelmingly confirmed, “unless politics regarding Trump have completely destroyed the Senate.”  Barr has been confirmed three times by voice vote (meaning it wasn’t even close, or they would have had a recorded vote).  So maybe we’ll soon have an AG with some intestinal fortitude.


Rep. Jerry Nadler can shut down all the Republican-led House investigations into the REAL Russian “collusion” that was done on the Democratic side –- plus Hillary’s obstruction of justice and violation of the Espionage Act –- but the Senate will soldier on.  And in the next few weeks, while the House committees are still in Republican hands, they’ll continue with their work, too.  First, the House intends to find out what’s been going on, in terms of money and resources, with the “Hillary” investigation being handled by Judge Huber in Salt Lake City.


And I guess the Holy Grail for the House committees is still to get Rod Rosenstein’s testimony; good luck with that.  Even in Washington, I’ve rarely seen people as slippery and hard to pin down as Rosenstein, Lynch and that crew; the only ones to rival them are Bill and (especially) Hillary, who have been the King and Queen Of Slippery since we were all together in Arkansas.




As for the Michael Cohen sentencing memo, this is what has most “journalists” screaming that Trump has been implicated in campaign finance violations.  All together now, let’s pull out our earplugs, stick them in our ears, enjoy the quiet, and take a closer look at this.


First, we can set aside the notion that Cohen was directly involved in any kind of meaningful discussions with Russia about the campaign as was first alleged.  He never went to Prague.  Russians tried to engage HIM, but nothing came of it.  So, in that sense, what we’ve learned is exculpatory for Trump.


But Cohen’s activities weren’t just examined by Mueller –- the special counsel had passed some of them off to the prosecutors for the Southern District of New York, who have also issued a sentencing memo.  This one deals in part with campaign finance, in particular the payoffs to two women, and this is where the Cohen case gets tricky.  Cohen was induced to plead guilty to a criminal charge of campaign finance violation to the tune of $280,000 and, importantly, to say that he was acting at the direction of the President.  Never mind that Cohen is a big-time liar; this looks like a set-up to charge the President himself with similar violations.

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If it is, it will be a clear example of the two-tiered justice system.  As Andrew C. McCarthy points out, when the Obama campaign was found to have committed violations totaling nearly $2 million --- much more than in the Cohen (Trump) case --- the Obama Justice Department decided not to prosecute.  The Federal Election Commission was satisfied merely with the payment of a $375,000 fine.


McCarthy goes into all the ramifications of this legal mess; read all the in-the-weeds details at the link below.  One thing to keep in mind is that Trump is not legally bound by the assumption made in the Cohen case that the payments were campaign contributions.  Trump certainly had other reasons for wanting to make these women go away that had nothing directly to do with running for President, and he can still argue that point.


But given the aforementioned two-tier justice system, as well as the determination of House Democrats to impeach Trump, it may be a moot point.  Jerry Nadler has already said this is an impeachable offense, and they’ll go after Trump no matter what.  The media will be with them; every day on CNN and MSNBC will look just like this past weekend of hysteria.  At the very least, by putting Trump through an impeachment fight, they’ll be able to “rein him in” and limit what he can do in office, just as the anti-Trumpers in the FBI were trying to do.  Elections have consequences, and the worst-nightmare consequence of Republicans losing the House is that Democrats will impeach Trump for “high crimes and misdemeanors” that he didn’t even commit –- things that Obama and Hillary really did do but were never punished for.  The only thing that might possibly stop them is knowing what a huge political price they’re bound to pay.









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  • Dan Bogdan

    12/12/2018 01:25 AM

    Why nobody draws the parallels between the "WALLS"that the Clntons, Obamas, and Nancy Pelosi have around their houses, while Desperately trying to Preclude President Trump to Do The Same for America ... If Obama, Clinton, Chuck, and Pelosi don't want Our President to Build The Wall to Protect America ,... call them by name (as President Reagan did with Former President Gorbachev), and tell them "Tear Down That Wall" (revering to the walls around their individual houses) and ... "Let The Illegal Immigrants Come In" ... and thus, ... Confront The with Their Own Hypocrisy ...

  • Linda Orf

    12/11/2018 10:37 AM

    One of the prayers I am often prompted to pray is, Lord, Jesus, Shine your light. For darkness cannot stand in your light. I know my God and He will also shine His light on me and reveal any darkness that dwells in me, but I welcome that as well. I pray He turn this nation back to Himself as we were inspired to at our founding.

  • Marcia Standifer

    12/11/2018 10:12 AM

    Governor -Right on with your assessment, as usual. Thanks!
    I have a question: Didn’t Comey testify UNDER OATH in this hearing? If so, then why should he not be held responsible for his variations from previous testimony; his patently contradictory assertions that the dossier was unverified, but the FISA process was handled “properly”; as well as the obviously false testimony that he does not recall so many parts of the FBI’s internal e-mails and investigation tactics, for which HE as head of FBI was ultimately responsible? Are our lawmakers so fearful or jaded by this whole debacle that they are no longer functional in their positions?
    I agree with a previous comment that it may be time for a million-‘person’ march on Washington in support of our President!

  • Ann DeVries

    12/11/2018 09:48 AM

    Nothing ever comes off all of this for righteousness sake. If the left is trying to ww wear me out, they've accomplished it. I feel at though it is hopeless and God is about to judge our nation as soon we stop supporting Israel

  • Bob Bassett

    12/10/2018 09:56 PM

    Mike, it’s a shame. They are going to get away with all this.

  • Julia Kaptchinskie

    12/10/2018 09:04 PM

    Governor Huckabee, Thank you so much for all the information you provide, You are basically the only person I trust. And your information is the only information I share on facebook. I pray for President Trump. We are blessed to have him as president. (although I voted for you to be the Republican Candidate) I admire his strength and courage and I feel he is trying his hardest to drain the swamp of the corrupt politicians and make America Great Again. I agree with others who have commented, America needs God.

  • Linda Lee Clark Locke

    12/10/2018 08:36 PM

    Gov Huchabee, Thank You for Standing up for Pres. Trump and our Lord and Savior Jesus. I Believe God Put Pres Trump in office and He will stay in office until Gods Will is Done. As Christians we know The Phosphesy of the Bible is being fulfilled. Our Church is Praying for Pres Trump as I hope all Christians are doing. As the Song goes We'll Work Till Jesus Comes. Blessings and Prayers .

  • Peggy Ostenson

    12/10/2018 07:49 PM

    This whole thing is a horrible mess! My prayer is for a heaven sent revival to come to America. God is the only one who can straighten us out!

  • Charles H King Jr

    12/10/2018 07:25 PM

    Governor the Obama and Clinton illegalities are beyond belief and easily provable in court yet no indictments or even serious investigations have come about. The media helps cover them up so well that lazy RINOS and swamp rats won't put forth the energy to prosecute them . They've had a Republican? majority in both houses for two years and did absolutely nothing toward digging out the truth. My senior senator? from Texas as a senior member of the Senate Judiciary is utterly disgusting for his lack of action in this or other important needs of our United States of America. The Deep State is so dangerous and so deep.
    Keep up your good work, Governor.

  • Karen DeBoer

    12/10/2018 07:20 PM

    As always, your commentary and insights are stellar and astute in every way. However, I continue to believe no one on the “other” side will ever be held to account. They continue to get away with murder and I see nothing that brings me hope that will ever change.

    Bottom line, if you have an R after your name, you’ll be sent to jail lightening fast and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (or more accurately, the fullest extent of lawlessness) and if you have a D after your name, you’ll get off Scott free. Is there any hope justice will ever be served?

  • Mary Lou Smith

    12/10/2018 06:39 PM

    We have facts on the Democrats in charge, yet they all walk, get off scot free; so, what is the purpose? No one is Congress (or the majority) have the backbone to go after the guilty parties, so where are we but in deep trouble. They say no one is above the law, but the SWAMP continue to avoid prosecution. So, what is the answer. We sit back and allow the corruption to continue until our country is completely destroyed???

  • Lowell Bushart

    12/10/2018 06:31 PM

    If the FISA court document was mishandled, why can't the court reverse the decision and hold the presenters in contempt. There has to be a penalty for lying to the court or setting them up...

  • Michael Galloway

    12/10/2018 05:50 PM

    Governor Huckabee: Your article on Comey's testimony- imagine that. It makes me sick and angry that crooks like him, right up at the top can get away with what they have done. Absolutely sickening. He is disgusting and despicable and joins the ranks of Hillary, Bill, Lynch, Holder and so much of the Obama appointed scum of the deep swamp !!!!
    Until these crooks are brought to justice, there is no true and balanced justice system. Where's Trey Gowdy when you need him. That bulldog would at least have the guts to seek justice against the likes of all these Obama (crook himself) appointees.
    You couldn't pay me enough to ever vote for a Democrat. Too bad more people didn't feel that way in the mid-term election. It will get downright disgusting all the attempts to impeach Trump the next two years when the Demorats take over the House !!!

  • Rev. Sam Martin

    12/10/2018 05:04 PM

    When are they going to quit this stupid threat?

  • Carol Clark

    12/10/2018 04:45 PM

    Comey is a liberal all the way. And we know he’s lying. He is a disgrace to the people of the US who he was sworn to serve. He has failed and I hope and pray that this Russia conspiracy of the libs falls flat faced and very soon.

  • Fred Adkins

    12/10/2018 04:36 PM

    Sir: Thank you for good, factual information; I read your info every day -
    The most disappointing and most depressing is simply the realization that after the many, many hours and bushels and bushels of taxpayer money, Comey, Hillary and others will simply walk away from all this, totally scott-free - Like many other citizens of our country, I’m very sick and tired of all the shenanigans our public ‘servants’ hand out to all of us. It’s so obvious that there are laws for them and laws for the rest of us, and never the twain shall meet - I continue to vote, but nothing changes.

  • Nila Moore

    12/10/2018 04:34 PM

    He remembered enough to write a book. Now all of a sudden he can't remember or recall anything. I find that very odd.

  • Carmine Fea

    12/10/2018 03:34 PM

    I have to believe President Trump can and will successfully defeat any impeachment procedure that might be brought against him by House democrats. There must be brilliant legal minds in this country that can make House democrats look like what they are, stumble bums trying to destroy the US Constitution and a fairly elected president by a large part of the voting public. President Trump has an obligation to successfully defeat any impeachment procedure by House democrats not only to protect himself but to protect the country.

  • Samuel Smith

    12/10/2018 03:03 PM

    We have reaped what we sowed! When we toke God out of our government, we also removed His Commandments. How can you say Comey lied when God's Commandments are not aloud in the government? What Pres. Trump has done, is so how corrupted the government has become! It is up to the voters to clean the swamp. Just as Benjamin Franklin said " we have made a Republic if you can keep it!" Keep up the good work Mr. Huckabee God Bless you and your family and my you have a blessed filled Christmas

  • judy hannon

    12/10/2018 02:51 PM

    It would be nice if we could peer into the back grounds of all of these self righteous fools that condemn Trump. They make me sick. They get away with all kinds of crimes, and if they take away our hero we the people will suffer and we will be stuck with these idiots. That's just great.

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    12/10/2018 02:16 PM

    Don't corporations - and wealthy individuals ! pay off ankle-biters quite often because it's cheaper and easier to settle ?

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    12/10/2018 01:44 PM

    We the People see and understand how President Trump's election and installation in off has wrecked Progressives' agenda. In the 2016 presidential election, those of us who are patriotic, believe in God and His Word and hold The Constitution as the application of God's Word for His People here on Earth, not only The United States said "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" Now we have to continue the fight, as St. Paul writes, for evil NEVER rests. We KNOW that's right. It was instilled in each of us when God created each of us. Men will ALWAYS be susceptible to temptation. But it takes ENERGY and WILL to walk away from it EACH TIME. The few progressives, one-world-orderers, athiests, despots and so forth KNOW what they are doing and leading others to do is evil, but they have made these practices their "god". I pray, here and now, that they will begin to realize their eternity if they willfully deny GOOD and choose EVIL. God doesn't want to lose them, but it's THEIR choice, as they have free will. And the Devil will only stack their souls on the pile and continue his work anew. God Bless America! god Bless President Trump!

  • Marshall Suttles

    12/10/2018 01:43 PM

    Most all men have some feelings of self-centeredness. Comey has a triple dose! If only he and all of us could see ourselves through the eyes of others, the world would be a much better place.

    Our President is going through what Comey needs to go through. President Trump's fiery trials may be like few other Presidents in our country's history and I have great compassion for him. I see a great danger even in the death and funeral of President George H. W. Bush for President Trump. I believe that he may have sensed some of the greatest rejection he has faced as he observed this elaborate, overwhelming outpouring of appreciation for President Bush, which was deserved. I only pray that our President of the Deplorables will not let this break his determination to continue to fight the eletes and drain the stinking swamp!! I sometimes think that we need to have another "Million Man (Deplorables) March" on D.C. to express our support for our President and to let all know that we support and appreciate all he has done and is trying to do, despite all the effort of the swamp rats to remove him from office. His battle is like no other that I have witnessed in my 77 years! Don't see how he stands it!!!
    Keep up the good work you are doing in support of our President and real, true Americans!

  • Stephen Russell

    12/10/2018 01:31 PM

    Climate Change/Eco:
    If possible ID any Eco celeb whose home has: Solar, energy storage, other devices & drives a EV.
    A-Z celebs.
    Make public on TBN show, website.
    Heard of No celeb driving , owning a Tesla/s?
    Or eco devices on homes to cut carbon etc.
    & they Lecture US on Eco issues
    only Ed Begley is credible.

  • Harriet Doran

    12/10/2018 01:17 PM

    Thanks for the plain explanation. Fox News in their policy of hearing both sides puts a lot of confusion into it.