May 17, 2019

A new anti-abortion law passed by Alabama legislators was signed Tuesday by Gov. Kay Ivey, who said, “To the bill’s many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.”

The Alabama Human Life Protection Act is very strict, including 99-year prison sentences for doctors who perform abortions that aren’t necessary to save the mother’s life, and no exceptions for rape or incest.  As I wrote yesterday, for all the media outrage, even the lawmakers who passed it don’t expect it to go into effect.  Gov. Ivey even explained that it’s similar to a longtime Alabama abortion ban that was rendered unenforceable by Roe v. Wade, and is probably just as unenforceable.  Supporters expect opponents will immediately get a federal judge to put a stay on it, and hope that will set up a court battle that will lead to the Supreme Court reconsidering Roe v. Wade.

Opponents know that’s the strategy, as well, so it’s worth bearing in mind when you hear all the hysterical reactions that it’s largely political theater. Both sides know the law won’t go into effect unless the SCOTUS alters or overturns Roe V. Wade, and all the fury on the left about it is really disguised fear of that possibility, not concern that this particular law will actually be enforced.  

One question is whether this law is the right way to challenge Roe v. Wade.  Even the Rev. Pat Robertson thinks it’s too extreme and is likely to lose in court.


But the bill’s creators wanted it to be extreme to insure that it did get challenged. The hardline aspects such as prison for abortion doctors might be viewed as the type of items you demand when you’re going into deal negotiations and ask for things you know you won’t get just so you have something to give up while preserving what you really want. Whether that kind of Trumpian “Art of the Deal” strategy will work in dealing with the Supreme Court remains to be seen. 

In the meantime, the pro-abortion sector is reacting to this and other, less extreme recent state moves to limit abortion in ways similar to the reaction you get by whacking a beehive with a baseball bat.  One reaction to the Georgia “heartbeat” law was so ridiculous, it was condemned and mocked by all sides.  That was actress Alyssa Milano’s “Lysistrata”-style call for women to go on a “sex strike” until the Georgia law is repealed.  So far, that appears likely only to harm her own husband (assuming he is, as she puts is, a “cis male.”)  But even he claims it’s not serious.  Or hopes it isn’t.


That story also points out one of the favorite straw man fallacies of the pro-abortion lobby: that the pro-life position is just about men wanting control over women’s bodies.  It’s actually about concern over the life of a third, separate and distinct human being: the baby growing in the woman’s body.  Calling on women to go on a “sex strike” for abortion would never work because polls show a slightly larger percentage of women than men are pro-life. 

And as some opponents pointed out, they were glad to see Milano admitting that sexual abstinence is an effective method for preventing abortions.

Another specious pro-abortion cliché being trotted back out is the claim that pro-life people only care about babies before they’re born and do nothing to help children or single moms after birth.

To put that to rest once and for all, here’s what happened when an author on Twitter challenged pro-lifers, “What have you personally done to help single mothers?  I’ll wait.”  She didn’t have to wait long.  At last check, the responses were closing in on 3,000.  They were far more generous and charitable than the standard pro-choice response: “I help single mothers by making sure their babies can be dismembered.”



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  • Leonard Lugo

    05/20/2019 08:39 AM

    When sanctiy of life is gone its Open season for any baby, and the elderly .get rid of them. Murder them! Like to encourage you,dont start using NIV, fake bible. KJV and one or two others are word for word translations. Satan is attacking the Bible, adding to or taking blessed

  • Patty Lou McCloud

    05/18/2019 08:15 AM

    My mother considered having an abortion when she was pregnant with me. I was her fifth child and she was only 22. She was tired and worn out, but thank God she couldn't go through with it! I had a close relationship with her and loved her dearly. She is gone now but I always felt loved by her. We all go through weak moments, we are human. But God is there to help us and give us strength...we just need to ask. He is always there for us and I am so thankful to Him for giving me the gift of life. No human should be denied their God given right to life.

  • Jim Hunt

    05/17/2019 09:38 PM

    For the Pro-Choice crowd, I guess that 60 million children being killed (since Roe v. Wade) before they have the chance to take their first breath is just not enough.
    60 Million children since Roe v. Wade. Let that sink in...
    As we all know, the child is not at fault; our actions are, and innocent children have paid the ultimate price for our foolish self serving agenda. Abortion is a huge black mark to our country, where in the Declaration of Independence it calls for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We should be ashamed that we have allowed abortions to take place, especially to the degree that it has become such a casual, routine procedure without regard to the precious life within the womb.
    The Alabama legislature has taken a bold step to help stop abortions and I applaud them! The law will most likely not survive when it is considered by SCOTUS. This is due mostly to the influence of the many lawyers who represent the Pro Choice crowd and call it discriminatory and unconstitutional. And the willing MSM will be backing them all the way.
    We who call ourselves Christians need to stand up for life. Fortunately we are seeing many Planned Parenthood and other facilities being shut down due to 'a lack of business' and many in our country are waking up to the horrors of abortion. There are more and more Pregnancy Crisis centers opening up and giving hope to those women (and men) who are in trouble and need help. This is the work of the Holy Spirit convicting us of our sins, and God giving us another chance to get it right. God is merciful and when we call on Him anything is possible. We have a long way to go to stop abortion but we can achieve it with His help.
    Please continue to pray for God to change the hearts and minds of the Pro Choice crowd. Pray that the Holy Spirit will grab hold of them and turn them around.
    One really comforting thought is the knowledge that Jesus has taken all of these children into His kingdom and now they're safe in His arms! He knew them even in their mother's womb.

  • Gretchen Grant

    05/17/2019 05:32 PM

    What nearly happened to our family 34 years ago because of a selfish man could have taken away the joy we have known in our grandson all these years. His biological father, at the time 23, and our daughter who had just turned 17 was pregnant by this fellow who had taken her to an abortion clinic. Of course, this was unknown to my husband and I. She didn't confide in us because she didn't want us to be disappointed in her. Because of the Christian love of our youth pastor and our daughter's friends we were alerted to what was about to take place that morning. A long story short we were able to stop the murder of our unborn grandson. This wonderful young man is the most forgiving person I have ever known. He has forgiven his birth father and today has a relationship with him. He is studying theology and loves to share the gospel with everyone he meets. I could go on and on about our him, but I will just say....God our Heavenly Father was with us that day 34 years ago because He had a plan for Justin. The [only] reason for terminating a pregnancy is to save a woman's life. Thanks to the government of Alabama for challenging Roe V Wade.