Breaking our laws is not a great thing

September 21, 2017 |

At the link, a clip from last night’s Tucker Carlson show features Nancy Pelosi illustrating that when it comes to sucking up to illegal immigrants, Democrats are beyond excusing lawbreaking, they’re actively cheerleading for it. In saying about DACA that it’s a “great thing” that parents who came to the US illegally sneaked their kids in with them, she’s not only endorsing breaking immigration laws that she, as one of our top lawmakers, made, she’s also endorsing parents putting their children at extreme risk while crossing the border illegally. This is how desperate Democrats are for future votes from what they hope will someday become a major voting bloc, the way former illegal immigrants did in California after the 1980s amnesty.

This wasn’t the only example on Fox News yesterday of someone willfully ignoring the real issue, and again, it involved Rep. Pelosi. “The Five” ran a story about the “Dreamers” who shouted down and routed her (or as Juan Williams kept referring to them, “these kids,” even though some are in their 30s, and their average age is mid-20s – I know the left loves infantilizing people, but I refuse to call someone in their 20s a “kid.”)

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Jesse Watters pointed out that they were upset because there are two DACA narratives, only one of which is true. The fake one Democrats keep peddling is that Trump hates immigrants’ children and wants to deport them all. The real one is that Trump is sympathetic to the “Dreamers” but Obama’s program to help them was unconstitutional and was being challenged in court. So he voided it and tossed it back to Congress, giving them six months to pass a legally-valid replacement. If they've forgotten how, maybe we could send them that "Schoolhouse Rock" cartoon about how a bill becomes a law.

Juan's response was telling. He demanded to know if Jesse was saying that these “kids’” fears aren’t real. That is such a spin job, it actually made me a little dizzy.

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No, nobody is saying their fears aren’t real. But it’s possible to be genuinely afraid of something that isn’t real, particularly when someone has a vested interest in scaring you, as the Democrats do with Trump. I’m convinced that many of today’s most divisive issues would be considerably less heated if people just made the attempt to listen to the other side and understand what they are actually saying, rather than believing what their most rabid opponents claim that they are saying.

Personally, I think it’s condescending to call the DACA participants “kids,” but since the Democrats started it, I’ll use their metaphor. If you have a kid who is afraid because there’s a big hairy monster under his bed, you can handle that in one of two ways. You can tell him honestly that there is no monster, it’s just a scary story and it’s all in his imagination. Or you can tell him that he’s right to be afraid because someone you want him to dislike put the monster under his bed to eat him. If parents told that latter story to their kids, it would be child abuse. So why isn’t it considered voter abuse when politicians tell it to us?



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  • Kay A Overman

    09/22/2017 05:07 PM

    All of the people saying DACA kids should be allowed to stay. Are really saying none of our laws matter. If you break one law and think it is alright then you think nothing of breaking more laws. Wrong is wrong.

  • Robert Wrucke

    09/21/2017 05:30 PM

    Do you think, that possibly, there would be some way to restore some portion of "common sense" in, maybe, some of our liberal friends! Possibly just a very small amount!!