The WHCD - My weekend monologue

May 7, 2018 |

Did you see the White House Correspondents Dinner? I hope not, because if you did, you probably saw one of the most vulgar, profanity-laced, and mean-spirited young women alive today spew hateful venom toward President Trump, his staff, and those of us in America who would qualify for inclusion in the “basket of deplorables.” My daughter Sarah, press secretary to the President, was invited by the hosts to sit at the head table in full view of the over 1000 people in attendance as well as by millions who saw on TV. The President didn’t attend for the 2nd year in a row. Saturday’s ambush and vicious attacks proved he made the right decision. He instead went to Washington, MI for a Trump-styled rally and felt the love of an overflow crowd who cheered him. Had he gone to the dinner, he would have been the main course! The rally was like a massage; the dinner was like a mugging. The attacks on my daughter were so cruel that many of the WH press corps publicly apologized for the bullying she received. To her everlasting credit, she sat there stoically and didn’t get up from her seat (which was less than 4 feet from the podium) and provide the so-called comedian with a double-order dinner of a knuckle sandwich. If the event was to elevate journalism and celebrate the First Amendment, they failed more epically than when I tried to assemble a tricycle for my oldest son’s 3rd Christmas. Their dinner made the Hindenburg disaster feel like a smooth landing. I quit going to those kind of dinners years ago. There’s more authenticity in a bowl of wax fruit than at one of those affairs where the swells get all dressed up and pretend to be nice to people they actually hate, all they while looking over their shoulder to see if someone more important is coming up. I had a colonoscopy a few weeks ago; I’d rather have another one than go to one of those insufferable events. After last Saturday’s embarrassment, colonoscopy exams and waterboarding have now become more desirable than the press dinner.

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Journalists blame the President for their problems because he calls them out for “Fake News.” They whine like little girls who didn’t get invited to their classmate’s birthday party and say he isn’t fair to them. They seem blind to the fact that they give him 91% of negative coverage, and ignore his successes and scream “Russia, Russia, Russia,” despite that no evidence has surfaced that the President has had anything to with Russia other than his watching a rerun of Rocky 4 in the White House theater.

The President of the WH Correspondents Association said she hoped the event would bring more civility to Washington. That’s like saying we hope that we’ll have better vision if we let Mr. Magoo be our opthamologist. At least Mr. Magoo was funny. That vile and vulgar young female did explain one thing for me. The strange trend of millennials eating Tide Pods now makes sense. If they talk with the kind of potty mouth as she did, they need their mouths washed out with soap.



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  • Ellie Adler

    05/09/2018 12:58 AM

    I remember a while back when Chelsea Handler ambushed your daughter and you said the most fatherly thing and was wisdom straight from our Father in heaven. You said (I'm paraphrasing from a poor memory) that Sarah was strong in her knowledge of who she is inside and out. We know this too because it takes a strong person of integrity to stand in front of the savage press like she does each day and handle their batty questions.

    But what you said next showed me where Sarah gets her strength and resolve. You said how sorry you felt for Chelsea. For her to lead such an shallow life and wasting her days on berating other women was proof how empty she is inside. That love and humbleness is what God calls us all to pursue. It challenged me and my husband to see our enemies through the eyes of God and hope to be an example to our children like you are.

  • Lorna Hodgson

    05/08/2018 12:00 PM

    Sara for President 2024

  • Mackie Braden

    05/08/2018 10:49 AM

    Dear Governor Huckabee, the minute I read your word “ambush” I realized what had happened at the dinner. I didi’t quite understand the foremat of the WH Press Dinner, but now i see clearly what a well- planned attack on dear Sarah’s well-being this was. It was malicious and meant to be extremely personal. No expense was spared.
    When I saw the film clip on the news, I cringed and wept for your daughter. I personally resent this reprehensible act and sincerely hope that this event will no longer be Hoste by the White House.
    Let the vile press take it elsewhere.
    Mackie Braden

  • Brenda Snow

    05/08/2018 06:15 AM

    I was so shocked, I just sat there staring at the video of it with my mouth open for what seemed like forever. I could hardly believe it. Will this type of behavior ever end? It has gotten so bad that we sometimes skip the news because we need a break. I cannot imagine how our president and others being attacked on a daily basis can feel. Continued prayers for you all! Sarah is one classy strong lady! God bless you all!

  • Tammy Banks

    05/08/2018 05:54 AM

    Hello Mr. Huckabee, I know this will not help the situation whatsoever but, I am so sorry for what your daughter has to endure just to do her job. No one should be humiliated in that way. In the back of my mind I wish she would give her critics what they deserve but, I know she handles it exactly how she should by holding herself above the fray of trash that is the White House Press Corp. I will always admire her for the great job she is doing.

  • Ann Bass

    05/08/2018 03:34 AM

    I think you’ve summed it up very well. That woman was truly nasty. I don’t know how your daughter was able to sit there and handle it with so much class. Good for her!

  • JanC

    05/08/2018 01:17 AM

    Just feel like apologizing for any thing I have ever done, that has led to the point that has allowed America to get so vile and ugly. Surely, we must all have a hand in it - apathy; laughing at the wrong jokes; encouraging wrong behavior; watching the wrong television; not standing up to bullies; being silent when we should speak; setting a better example....I could go on and on. We should all aspire to show the strength, class, grace, discipline, and Godly example, Sarah displayed at that event. My deepest apologies, that you and your wife, and Sarah and her family had to endure something like that.

  • Kathy Haruf

    05/07/2018 10:59 PM

    You made my day with that article-and what a proud father you must be. Keep up the good work Sir.....we are listening!

  • Bill Cearbaugh

    05/07/2018 10:36 PM


    I watched the whole thing, even as despicable as it was and felt awful for your daughter. This woman who spoke was a moron and needs to be put in her place as do the media for letting such a terrible person be allowed to treat people publicly in such an evil way. God bless you for articulating so well how awful it was and for standing up for your daughter, I can't even begin to imagine how you felt. I watch nearly all of her briefings and see that she is doing an amazing job making sure that we deplorables get the real news first hand. And I pass her briefing links on to my friends to watch as well and remind them to be sure to get the real news straight from the WH and not from the fake news. I'm so sorry they put her through the meat grinder like that and her patient response is deeply commendable and demonstrates what a great, upright person she is, full of good character. Be sure to thank her for the great job she is doing and stay encouraged! Blessings!

    A deplorable from Indiana,

  • M Waldrep

    05/07/2018 10:32 PM

    This so called " speech" was deplorable! Hopefully this is the end of that ladies career. We all so admire your daughter, Sarah. She is definitely the most respected and admired lady in America.