October 9, 2017

Last week, the Republican House passed a 2018 budget resolution largely along party lines. This paves the way for President Trump’s tax reform plan, the largest overhaul of the tax code since Ronald Reagan.

Democrats who voted against the budget resolution predictably blasted the Trump plan as “tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations.” Their cries that it will increase the deficit and the national debt might be a bit more convincing if during the time when they were in power, they hadn’t run the deficit up to a trillion dollars or nearly doubled the national debt to $20 trillion. Or for that matter, if they hadn’t let years go by without even passing a budget, which is Congress’ most basic responsibility

During the debut episode of my new TBN show this weekend, I discussed the Trump budget plan with economist John C. Goodman, one of the fathers of such innovations as Health Savings Accounts, IRAs and 401(k)s. We talked about how the debt is now so large, we can’t dig out of it with more taxes or spending cuts. The only way to get a handle on it is to grow the economy, so that there are more workers making more money, which increases tax revenues organically. We pointed out that this used to be common wisdom accepted by both parties, and was the foundation of tax cuts that jump-started the economy under both Presidents Kennedy and Reagan.

We also covered the lie that cutting corporate tax rates is a “giveaway” to big corporations. In the first place, most corporations are small businesses. Secondly, corporations don’t “pay” taxes; as a business expense, their cost is passed along to consumers, so all of us pay them in the form of higher prices when we buy goods and services. Third, we have the highest corporate tax rate among all leading nations, and it’s keeping corporate cash parked overseas instead of allowing it to be spent here in America on expansion, which means hiring more workers, and hence, more income taxes to the government. Finally, it’s very revealing of the mindset of today’s liberals that so many describe a tax cut as a “giveaway,” as if all your money belongs to the government and if they let you keep a little more of it, it’s a “gift.”

But we’ve seen this movie before: the Republican House passes something that goes to the Senate to die. We’re already seeing signs that even if Trump’s tax plan makes it through the Congressional sausage grinder, it will look nothing like the animal he sent them. Maybe it would be wiser to break it up into pieces, so that notoriously recalcitrant GOP Senators couldn’t once again say, “I agree with 99% of it, but that one percent offends my principles” and kill the whole thing. That’s happened too many times, even with such bedrock campaign promises as repealing and replacing Obamacare. If they can’t even get rid of something as universally hated as our current unfair, unintelligible tax code, then they had better brace for the worst hurricane so far to hit them during the 2018 primary elections.


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  • Lisa Chambers

    10/14/2017 10:37 AM

    I didn't hear anything about the FairTax in your interview with Pres. Trump. I thought we had a real chance of getting it passed since we at least had a Vice President who supports the plan. (Unfortunately, that's the closest we've come so far, since we didn't get Pres. Huckabee in 2008.) But since Pres. Trump is supporting another tweak of the income tax instead of real reform -- like Reagan did in the '80s -- it will probably be another 30+ years before they address tax reform again. In the meantime, the tax code will grow again and we'll be back to where we are now; so this "tax reform" might be a step in the right direction, but Congress will once again turn back instead of continuing in the right direction. Only real tax reform can prevent this from happening again. Do you know why Pres. Trump does not support the FairTax?

  • George A. Phelps

    10/12/2017 11:33 AM

    Hello Governor Huckabee,
    One of the key ingredients that is missing in this country is Common Sense!! It is just common sense that putting more money into the hands of the citizens grows the economy, not putting more money into the hands of government!! Common sense and history proves that without any question.
    Progressivism is an ideology that lacks the key ingredient of common sense. It has taken over our country with the scare of political correctness, fear and more government power, control and dominance over the people.
    If we don't defeat this awful philosophy of the Progressives our great country is doomed to go the way of nations that have embraced Socialism, Communism and Fascism ergo Russia, Germany, France etc.
    I am a Conservative Constitutionalist and have written many essays on the importance of the Constitution and Capitalism and the free market.
    Thank you for your service to our country!
    George Phelps (Decorated Korean War Combat Vet)
    League City, Texas

  • Kay Martens

    10/12/2017 07:33 AM

    You are exactly right, piece by piece!!!

  • Randy Butler

    10/11/2017 01:13 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I believe it is to late to talk about growing the economy. Sad to say most Americans no longer would like a JOB. Economic growth means, entrepreneurs starting businesses, or established business expanding, both require workers. There are not enough people in 300 million Americans willing to take a JOB. This equals not possible to Grow our American Economy. Sad to Say.

  • Carolyn Bell

    10/11/2017 12:27 PM

    I love to hear your comments on todays issues I have your news letters on e-mails & I try to read them on facebook keep up the good works one of these days I hope to take the Israel trip with you

  • Leona Wishart

    10/11/2017 12:19 PM

    Right again! Huck, I hope the President is monitoring your show for good advice. Contrary to the left's assumption and belief, the American people DO see through their smoke screens. Their agenda is clear: No matter the cost to our country or its people, they actively and violently fight for America's officially elected President to fail, EVEN IF he is making America better, safer, richer, more productive, and causing the people to prosper. What kind of people are these? I call them traitors! - Evil running rampant.

  • Moses Tracy

    10/11/2017 03:42 AM

    Dear Governor Huckabee, I like you brother, and I like your daughter!

  • Helen Feldman

    10/10/2017 11:47 PM

    Dear Gov.,
    I know nothing of politics, except that it is dirty. Your emails clear up many things that I don't understand. I am grateful to you. Please continue to do your fine work. I have placed your new show on auto record. Best of luck to you and your outstanding daughter.

  • Henrietta Mark

    10/10/2017 09:59 PM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee - I appreciate and enjoy all the information you provide. You would make an excellent president. What about the Fair Tax? President Trump have any comment on it? Thanks again. God Bless you and your family.

  • Joy Grampp

    10/10/2017 09:33 PM

    Thank You for being a man of character and principle, qualities that are not being cultivated any more.

  • Ann DeVries

    10/10/2017 09:07 PM

    I wish there could be something done to stop the stonewalling. God has given us a window of grace and it seems to be water by people that care more about themselves than the people they serve. Is there something we can do to take away their special insurance and social security so they have to live under the same thing we do? I bet things would change quickly if that happened


    10/10/2017 07:57 PM


  • MarilynSherod

    10/10/2017 06:17 PM

    Mike, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you and your messages. Common sense from someone who knows the ropes and gets to the point, so glad you also still can add some humor to it at times. Praying for you and yours in Jesus's name. Thanks! Appreciate Sarah's service also! Refreshing to hear the truth!

  • David Zehren

    10/10/2017 06:03 PM

    You are smart enough to twist the truth and to present your arguments in a way that misleads many readers. I wish you were honest enough not to do that.

  • Carroll D. Brown

    10/10/2017 05:08 PM

    Dear Mr Huckabee,
    I agree with the tax plan proposal but that's not what I want to talk about. I watched the first of your TV shows and I wanted to tell you that I tho't it was a very good show. I liked everything you did especially playing bass with the band. I play upright string bass and in general enjoy bass playing. I noticed that there were not many ads during the breaks and hope that you will soon have some advertising support. Keep up your good work both here and on TV. I wish you all the best.

  • Nancy Newcomb

    10/10/2017 04:56 PM

    Thank you for your newsletter. I appreciate your candor and humor.
    Amen to your last paragraph! I am a life-long conservative republican, but I can't believe what the Congress has done (or hasn't done) with the majorities we have given them. If they can't pass tax reform, what can they pass???

  • Frank Van Kerckhove

    10/10/2017 04:43 PM

    First, I praise you and Mrs. Huckabee for the great daughter you have raised,she is doing a great job. Second, we have a perfect time to now debate the quality of THE FAIR TAX, which I know you support. If we would vote T'he Fair Tax in we would eliminate one of the biggest swamps in Washington D C the IRS and truly enact a law to benifit all of the American people. I realyy wish you were President. Sincerely

  • Mary Blood

    10/10/2017 04:21 PM

    Thank you for being a clear voice for what is right and true for America. I read your newsletter every day and love your wit and turn of phrase. I also watched your new "Huckabee" show and enjoyed it immensely. I was thrilled to see our president as your first guest. What a great start! I wish you and your new show great success! Keep the truth flowing!

  • Kathy Moore

    10/10/2017 04:21 PM

    Governor Huckabee, you are "on target" as usual in your observations. True Patriots need to pay close attention to the support given by elected officials, especially senators, and primary out the RINOs. We definitely need to support President Trump's agenda and #MAGA????. I appreciate your emails, articles, and t.v. commentary. I watched your debut show on TBN, and plan to keep watching. Thank you, and keep up the great work, Sir!

  • Russell Lockwood

    10/10/2017 03:45 PM

    Since your daughter is so brilliant as the press secretary she must take after her mother only kidding I know you're brilliant two I really like your newsletter and anytime you're on TV for that matter

  • Mary Pfadenhauer

    10/10/2017 03:44 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, thank you for your email updates on what is happening in our nation. Your take on the income tax reform bill is right on. It upsets me to no end that Republican Senators cannot work together to pass legislation that they were put in office to make happen. I am praying that they don't drop the ball again on the tax reform bill. President Trump knows business and he knows how to make things happen to build our economy. I am from TN, and am disappointed with Sen. Corker. I am certainly hoping that his seat will be taken by a Republican who will add to the positive influence in congress, not detract. Again, thank you for your email messages. Have a blessed day. Sincerely, Mary

  • Mary Kathleen Brittian

    10/10/2017 02:29 PM

    hello gov. Huckabee, don't know where else to comment on your wonderful daughter, she was made for her job. and what a great job she is doing. Sarah is a breath of fresh air. I hope she never changes, and please tell her she has a 70 year old fan in Florida that loves her briefings. love you too, Kate Brittian, Florida panhandle

  • Lloyd Sanders

    10/10/2017 01:55 PM

    I am a Texas voter and have observed the shift to a more conservative government in this state in the last 30 years or so much to my satisfaction. My voting record is consistently conservative GOP. However, in the primaries if the incumbent has been in office 2 terms I always vote for the opposing candidate. Regardless. We have term limits at hand if more voters would utilize the simple procedure. The old adage "better the evil we know than that we don't know" has gotten us to the RINO condition in which we find ourselves at this juncture.

  • Kevin

    10/10/2017 01:37 PM

    I can't wait for McStain and establishment Rinos to leave or get voted out of the senate so Trump can MAGA!

  • Konnie Vos

    10/10/2017 01:34 PM

    Hi Mr. Huckbee, I am a true Republican but you can only take so much and I have had enough of our Republican party. We the People of our beautiful American voted Mr. Trump in but it really seems the Republicans and Dems do not care that the people did. I am embarrassed and ashamed of our Congress and Senate in Washington DC. I pray constantly for America, Israel and Our Republicans, Democrats and even for Liberals. I do enjoy receiving your emails and your honesty. God Bless you and your family.

  • Larry Adams

    10/10/2017 01:12 PM

    Leaving aside all the theories about investment, jobs, etc., there is one point few , if any are addressing. While there is crying and gnashing of teeth about the fact that the upper 1% will get a tax break, which is so terrible we should stop the train, does anyone think maybe the other 99% of us would like a tax break. Politicians are so focused on the rich making too much, of which most of them are a part of, that they are ignoring the 99% that make up the voting bloc. Think about the people who elected you for once.

  • Art Schefler

    10/10/2017 01:09 PM

    For years, Career Military personnel planned their retirement with the Social Security included with their military pension. The military pension was 50% of their base pay. That didn't include flight pay, hazardous duty pay, subsistence or housing allowance. When the democrats started taxing the social security allowance that cut into total retirement significantly.
    It would be nice if President Trump removed the taxation of the military retirement or social security.

    I have sent this request to both Trump and my Senator with no response.

  • Philip

    10/10/2017 12:57 PM

    Oh noes, Pete! They cut all that welfare, your worthless tail may have to get a job! The workers of America are sick of having to support you and all the dead weight. Regardless of your hyperbole, people won't be left to starve, but they should not be subsidized a standard of living as high as the ones that provide it.

  • Miguel Briseno

    10/10/2017 12:46 PM

    Thank you, Governor, for your accurate, honest commentaries! May God continue to give you the wisdom and love for our country, our values, our flag, our people. I always look forward to your next commentary.

  • Patti Hummel

    10/10/2017 12:46 PM

    @ Pete: let's see if you can try to prove your false news claims and without name calling. i know that will be hard to do, as I am holding back on what I would like to call you and the former president you presumably supported but united we stand and divided we fall is a true statement and so is worth the effort to make your comments much less divisive and a lot more factual.

  • Brad Bakalyar

    10/10/2017 12:45 PM

    They better act together or the voting will not be what they are not going to like and that includes me i have voted republican for over 35 years and i will be switching parties if they can't agree on anything

  • Shirley Anderson

    10/10/2017 12:41 PM

    I love the information I get from reading your comments !! I am 75, take care of grandchildren & have many pets (family). time is limited. That is why I appreciate your views so much !! And btw...Pete should be censored !! He's an idiot !!!

  • Pat

    10/10/2017 12:30 PM

    Mike, I like all others are sick & tired of the "Senate that will do nothing"!!! Yesterday I even heard a comment from a Republican voter that if they don't start doing something he was going to do something he has never done in his whole life - vote a straight Democratic ticket!!!!!! I about had a heart attack! I told him that the liberals ARE the problem - blocking everything Pres. Trump wants to accomplish....but on the other hand, there are many republicans that are also fighting him! Those are the ones that need to be ousted come election time! I hope & pray there is some way to get this tax reform passed - I believe it will truly jump-start our economy! Also on the Iran deal - it needs to be removed - & Corker needs to stay at home and shut up!

  • Megan Harpring

    10/10/2017 12:10 PM

    You are so right. If they don't get to passing the President's agenda real soon I'm done. They're idiots and making themselves out to be baffoons!!! It's embarrassing

  • Pete

    10/10/2017 05:55 AM

    You have CENSORED ME in the past ( COWARDS THAT YOU ARE)--- why won't you allow me to post comments here..... TRUMPY THE CLOWN IS ONCE AGAIN TRYING TO DECEIVE AMERICANS WITH THIS SHAM OF A, " tax plan." This tax plan cuts Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and Pell Grants , and gives huge tax breaks to the wealthy!!!!!