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November 22, 2023

The big story is that Israel and Hamas are reportedly in the final stages of a deal for Hamas to release dozens of hostages (but only women and children) and to call a five-day temporary ceasefire to deliver humanitarian aid into Gaza. May I point out to all the Hamas defenders accusing Israel of genocide that all it took to end the bombing of Gaza was for the bloody terrorists you support to release their hostages. Of course, they still aren’t releasing all of them, which is why the fighting will eventually continue. You want an end to the siege of Gaza? Tell Hamas to release all hostages and surrender. Abracadabra, it’s done.

Whoever put together Maryland’s task force on hate crimes should look for another line of work, after it was revealed that one member, Zainab Chaudry, is an anti-Israel activist and director of the state office of CAIR, and she’s written numerous anti-Semitic social media posts, such as comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and claiming the babies slaughtered by Hamas on October 7th were “fake.”

Speaking of Holocaust deniers, it won’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the Palestinian culture in Gaza and the West Bank that the IDF reported finding an “extremist anti-Semitic” book being used as part of school curriculums. The book is called “The Big Lie: The burning of 6 million Jews in the gas chambers.” The IDF said, “Under Hamas’ rule, school curriculums promote extremist antisemitic practices -- calling for genocide against the Jewish people. This is another example (of) Hamas’ true ideology -- and another reason for us to dismantle it.” 

Related MUST-READ: Derek Hunter at on the shock among Jewish progressives and reasonable Democrats upon suddenly discovering that they’ve been sharing a Party with some of the most hateful anti-Semites on Earth, and didn’t notice what they really were because up until now, their violent, intolerant tactics weren't criticized because they were aimed at conservatives.

I especially appreciate Hunter's observation that Joe Biden refers incessantly to the evil Nazis at Charlottesville, but when “the Democratic Party’s Jew-hating Brown Shirts have held rallies 100 times larger than Charlottesville in every major American city and college campus,” instead of unequivocally condemning them, “the White House set up a task force to fight Islamophobia, just in case someone develops an attitude against paragliding assassins.” 

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