Liberals have played the race card so many times against President Trump that the ink has worn off of it. They’ve called him everything from a Klan sympathizer to a white supremacist, which is odd considering he was never accused of racism before he ran for President, and he made bringing jobs, hope and reduced crime to inner city minorities a keystone of his platform.

Well, they can throw the race card, but not everyone is picking it up. The conservative-leaning black leadership group Project 21 has been running the numbers on Trump’s economy and his policies’ effect on the black unemployment rate, and they pronounce them good news for African-Americans. If Obama had a record like this, it would lead the nightly news. Click the link for details.



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  • Rubye Ann Yvonne Shelton Crumpler

    10/24/2017 02:39 PM

    Lower unemployment rates are good news, especially for those who have been without jobs for some time. I cannot address the issue of how difficult it is for Black workers, but I have observed the statistics over the years. Those who have the higher unemployment rates are generally the poor, the older people and the Black people. I am happy to see that there are changes and pray there that the rest of this year and next year will be even better for our people.