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November 2, 2022

Speaking of Pennsylvania, some polls still show John Fetterman leading in the Senate race over Dr. Mehmet Oz by one point, which is within the margin of error. It's beyond me how anyone can think Fetterman should be anywhere other than home resting and getting therapy, much less in the Senate. His argument was that voters suspected Joe Biden had cognitive issues, and they elected him. Yes, and look how it’s worked out. And he’s only been in office for two years. A Senator’s term is SIX years!

Reminder to Pennsylvania voters: You get only TWO representatives for your state’s interests in the Senate. Do you want half of them to be nothing but a rubber stamp for the radical national Democrat Party and New York’s Senator, Chuck Schumer?

I heard one Democrat on TV claiming that Fetterman is getting better every day and will be fine in the Senate. See if his answer to this question makes you confident that’s true.


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