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July 29, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!   

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - James 3:17-18
  • Checking In On "Defund The Police"
  • Virginia Governor's Race Update
  • A New College Degree
  • Letter from father of Jan. 6 "detainee" reflects the injustice
  • America The Beautiful
  • Mixed Messages On Masks


Mike Huckabee


17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

18 And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

James 3:17-18

Checking In On "Defund The Police"

By Mike Huckabee

Well, people in blue cities like San Francisco voted in leftists because they promised everything would be free, and for once, they kept their promise.

The first month of New York City’s new program of sending in social workers to handle 911 calls showed surprisingly positive results.

One minor caveat: the social workers were allowed to choose which 911 calls they answered. They dealt with only about 20% of the calls, the “easy” ones that excluded suspected violence, imminent harm or a subject who required hospitalization. Or to put that another way: 80% of 911 calls.

Is this really proof that we need to defund police and replace them with social workers, or just that about 20% of the population doesn’t know when to call a social worker instead of dialing 911?

In a related story, it’s been noted that in 2020, the ground zero of the “Defund the Police” movement, Minnesota, set new annual state records for both murders and assaults on police officers in the line of duty. Obviously, they need more social workers.

Virginia Governor's Race Update

Virginia’s Democrat nominee for Governor, Terry McAuliffe, attacked GOP opponent Glenn Youngkin for appearing at an election integrity event by claiming that anyone who questions the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory is attacking “the fundamentals of democracy,” and hurting our country, our men and women in uniform and "everybody." He demanded Youngkin “disavow this dangerous, deadly conspiracy theory once and for all."

Problems: Youngkin’s event was about securing the upcoming election. He’s never claimed the 2020 election was stolen and even said months ago that Biden was legitimately elected President.

McAuliffe, however, did repeatedly insist that the 2000 election was stolen from Al Gore. He accused the Supreme Court of tampering with the vote; said, "Folks, you know it. I know it. They know it. We won that election and let's never forget it;" and insisted that Gore would have won if all the votes were counted in Florida (a later recount by the media found that Bush won legitimately, which would make McAuliffe's to put this?...oh yes: a Big Lie.)

Youngkin’s spokesperson responded, "If Terry McAuliffe is accusing you of something, he’s probably guilty of it himself." Well, except when he said that Youngkin attended that election integrity event. I’m sure that’s something Terry McAuliffe would never do.

A New College Degree 

By Mike Huckabee

Interested in paying $55,000 a year in tuition and fees for a degree that will qualify you for a job as a Starbucks barista? Then consider attending Bentley University in Massachusetts to obtain their new, first-ever degree in “diversity, equity and inclusion.”

The best part is that I assume anybody can get into Bentley University. If not, you can sue them for excluding you.

Actually, the school claims this degree program can train you for careers such as diversity and inclusion specialist, human resources DEI expert or community organizer. So in short, you’re getting a Ph.D. in being a pain-in-the-rump.

Letter from father of Jan. 6 "detainee" reflects the injustice

By Mike Huckabee

Nancy Pelosi’s embarrassingly political “January 6 commission” is underway as planned. (Was there ever any doubt that she wouldn’t go through with this carefully staged farce and take great delight in it?) Her handpicked “commission” purports to “find the truth,” but her search for truth is like looking for your misplaced glasses way over in the corner of another room because the light is better in there. Where she’s looking, she’s guaranteed to miss a big part of the truth, and that is on purpose. But we do get to see Adam Schiff cry.

Those who really want the truth surrounding the Capitol breach –- and Pelosi’s role in letting it happen –- are going to be kept in the dark.

There’s a more personal story, too, that this charade is going to miss. Part of it was reflected in a letter we ran a couple of days ago from retired Army staff sergeant Joe Biggs, a man who was arrested after peaceably entering the Capitol Building and who, after three months, is still being held without bail in a Florida jail in what he describes as extremely poor conditions. Then, yesterday, we received a similar letter from a reader of this newsletter, whose son is also one of those incarcerated, this one in Washington, DC. What this father told us will touch your heart...

Dear Gov. Huckabee:

My son Alan Byerly is in DC Correctional. Did not enter Capitol Building, but had a confrontation with a reporter and policemen. But the charges are much greater [than what] was done. I do not know exactly what happened, because phones being monitored in jail.

Most Jan. 6th folks are somewhere else; there are only two in this jail. When they first arrived, the population (mostly black) thought they were pedophiles, and that is very dangerous, to be one in jail (where did they get that idea?). Anyway, Alan spoke up the next day and told them who they were, and things simmered down, although most were not happy about them being Trump supporters. He has not had a bail hearing in DC yet and expects that bail will be denied.

Greg Kelly on 7/22/21 reported on the mistreatment of Jan. 6 people –- Alan was mentioned in that list of folks he read out. I guess if you are a Democrat, you can burn a city or burn a federal building with agents inside; you may get arrested but will be out the next day without bail.

Sorry I had to vent. Since Alan was saved, he is not the same as he was...What he did was wrong, and he’s sorry for what he did. Thank you for the opportunity to express my frustration. Good bless you and yours.


We looked for the Greg Kelly report and found a write-up on it by THE GATEWAY PUNDIT. Kelly read out the names and showed pictures of all who have been arrested and held in “pretrial detention” without bail. Their trials might not even begin till next year, so these detainees (Kelly’s apt term was “political prisoners”) could be spending 23 hours out of every 24 in a small cell, even denied private conversations with their attorneys, until 2022. Unbelievable.

As Kelly reported, over 500 Americans were arrested, and dozens have spent the past six months in solitary confinement, some of them for simply walking into an unsecured building, unaware that there was violence going on in another area. (Alan apparently didn’t even go inside; we still don’t know the details of his confrontation outside.)

And now, as part of the politics surrounding this “commission,” everyone who even peripherally took part has been labeled a domestic terrorist and white supremacist, though no one was armed and race had nothing to do with it. The crackdown is happening step-by-step; for example, in Florida, the agriculture commissioner, Democrat Nikki Fried, has moved to suspend the concealed-carry licenses of 22 people who were charged in connection to the Capitol breach. In her words, “The deeply disturbing events that occurred at our nation’s Capitol on January 6 were sedition, treason, and domestic terrorism –- and those individuals involved in the insurrection must be held accountable for attempting to subvert our democratic process.”

That’s odd; I thought our democratic process included such basic concepts as “innocent until proven guilty.”

But never mind the Constitution –- this is politics, Fried blamed Trump, and she happens to be one of the top two candidates for the Democrat nomination for Florida governor, trying to unseat Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. She did this to rally the Democrats...around herself. And since when do Democrats care about the constitutional rights of Trump supporters?

I’ve made my disapproval of what happened at the Capitol crystal clear. It was a stupid stunt that led to the death of an unarmed woman and caused tremendous, lasting political damage to the conservative cause. (That’s true even if the FBI had a role in encouraging it, which is another aspect of this story that won’t be addressed by Pelosi’s “commission.”) The comments by Fried, above, illustrate just how it played right into the hands of Democrats itching to tar Trump and his supporters as insurrectionists.

Whenever possible, even when it doesn’t make sense, Trump support will be linked by Democrats with race and white supremacy. It doesn’t matter that they made it up. Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University Eddie Glaude, Jr., appeared on MSNBC to respond to what he’d heard on Day 1 of Nancy’s “commission,” saying how “moved” he was by the “powerful testimony.” He said that “this is in some ways a white mob arguing for a white nation.”

If you’re mystified as to where he got this idea, I’ll try to explain. Those who are contesting the election process are doing so in black-majority cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta. So if you challenge the results in those places, it means you are against black people. Um, got that?

He says that, given our nation’s history of inequality, a third of America is “still in the soil of our American republic. It has not been excavated in a way to to remove the poison of it.” That’s right, we, as conservative Trump supporters, are poisoned with racism. The only solution: excavation, removal.

“And Donald Trump,” he said, “give Donald Trump credit for one thing. Donald Trump recognized that when he came down the escalator.”

This is all political theater at its worst. Sadly, “detainees” such as Joe and Alan are being used as props. Yes, some of them were confrontational and might deserve to be charged with something, though not held without bail for months on end. Yet all have been branded domestic terrorists and white supremacists when all they might have done was walk peacefully into our nation’s Capitol –- a public building –- take a selfie and ask where the restroom was.

Please pray for Alan’s father, as he watches helplessly while his son is caught in what is obviously a two-tiered justice system.

For more on our "Two-Tiered Justice System" go here>>>

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Gateway Arch National Park, visit its website here.

Mixed Messaging On Masks

By Mike Huckabee

Citing concerns over the Delta variant, various cities and businesses including Walt Disney World are bringing back indoor mask mandates. Teachers unions are pushing to continue them in schools. And President Biden, who changes direction more often than LeBron James, now appears poised to mandate that all government workers (not surprisingly, that’s the largest workforce in America) get vaccinated or face regular tests and various restrictions. The Postal Workers Union had something to say about that.

We’re told that we need to bring back all these draconian measures because of the dangers of the dreaded Delta Variant. Biden once even claimed it’s deadlier than the original disease, which it is not (like all viruses, it’s mutating to forms that are weaker but easier to spread as it tries to stay alive when there are fewer potential hosts.)

This mixed messaging is destroying the CDC’s credibility and undermining their own arguments for getting vaccinated. For instance, if it’s still necessary for vaccinated people to wear masks and social distance, that implies that the vaccine is useless, which isn't true. They say we should listen to them because they represent “SCIENCE!” but they’re coming off more as politicians speaking out of both sides of their mouths at once (I wish there was a vaccine to cure that.)

Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw released a series of tweets blasting the CDC and claiming that the entire basis for the return of mask mandates was a single study done in India that was rejected in peer review and that involved a vaccine we don’t even use here.

Wednesday, Fox News Primetime aired a series of graphs illustrating the rising cases of COVID that are sparking the return of draconian measures. They showed that the case increase was about one-tenth of the previous peak, and the more important measures (hospitalizations and deaths) were flat. In fact, US COVID deaths are at their lowest level since March of last year, around the time the pandemic began.

Since so few people trust the CDC, here’s some straight dope on the actual danger level of the Delta variant and the effectiveness of the vaccines (quite high, but not perfect), from health industry consultant Kevin Roche’s Healthy Skeptic blog.

He deserves a read just for his brilliant observation that “pandemic” is an anagram for “Dem panic.”

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Comments 1-10 of 27

  • Wendy Storm

    08/12/2021 07:54 PM

    Mayor Cantrell has now issued for New Orleans, LA that we cannot basically enter any business, social event, restaurant, shop etc that draws a crowd (the definition of what constitutes a crowd not clear about) without proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid test at least 72 hours prior. And mask mandates are once again the law of the land even in our schools! New Orleans is a tourist hub! It's economy is hugely based on tourism! But Mayor Cantrell is now signing the death warrant for this city & its financial success! Please explain to me how one person has the power to do this! People here are struggling & were just beginning to get back to business, the Quarter was alive again, hope was everywhere, but our mayor doesn't think we have the intelligence to live our lives & support our families. And yes she is a democrat! I've never seen the blatant abuse of power like I've seen thru this pandemic. Mayor Cantrell you do not have the right nor the power to control our lives like this! I'm sorry, I had to vent. There is so much insanity going on in this country. And don't even get me started about the arrests for Jan 6th so called insurrection. If any of these people are being housed in FL jails then Gov. DeSantis needs to take action & protect their rights! I'm just saying!

  • Kenneth T. Kelly

    07/30/2021 11:55 AM

    My take on the "insurrection"?

    I believe we will never really know the truth, but I believe that the Democrats WERE behind it. That's why we hear whispering of the FBI being involved, why Pelosi and friends decided against having outside help in case something would, or could possibly occur.

    It was a known fact that several Republicans were going to object to the electoral counts, and this would possibly throw a wrench into the Democrats taking the election with no push back.

    What better way to make the conservatives look bad, and get the electoral votes certified?

    Thanks for having your page, and your views, to help get out the other side of the story.

    May the good lord save us from a certain civil war in the near future.

    Kenneth T. Kelly
    Registered Independent (with conservative values).

  • Ray Treacy

    07/30/2021 09:15 AM

    Ok seems the Feds have no accountability on the stories of moving large number of Illegals bad enough but the stories of Catholic Charities providing hotel lodging and letting illegals who have tested positive to wander about in public areas should be easy to confirm ?yet no response?Can't anybody at least ask the question?

  • Sharon Dimon

    07/29/2021 11:19 PM

    For some reason I am not been receiving your morning and evening emails. Also I am not receiving the daily Bible verse. Please do whatever possible to reinstate your daily emails to me. I miss reading your truthful messages!

  • George Webster

    07/29/2021 10:02 PM

    The only words that adequately describe the people who claim Jan 6th was an insurrection is "THOSE BASTARDS"

    July 4th was much different for me this year. I declined to say the pledge of allegiance in church. I wish the church would have excluded it. It has been an honored tradition. Nothing honorable about an unjust Federal government.

    We depend on the country to work. However, injustice has been around for a long time. It was this type of injustice that crucified Jesus.

  • Paul Kern

    07/29/2021 07:42 PM

    A couple of things. Over 20 years ago I was a mental health counselor in King County Washington. A mother had a paranoid schizophrenic so who wouldn't take jlhis meds. An MPH went alone. The man tok out a knife and sliced his head off! After that police always went. How many murders will have to happen before the people remove the leftists mandating insanity?
    As far as the "insurrection" shortly after it happened there was valid video documentation showing how bAntifa staged it early and the police and FBI complicit. I don't buy the fake " news" now pushed by Christian publishers that appears to follow the left's narrative
    There is no longer rule by law on either side. The Republican Party now a bunch of RINOs following Nancy and the CCP

  • Bernice C. Buch

    07/29/2021 07:30 PM

    It would be nice if you were able to label the picture at the head of your email. Perhaps if you did that I'd get to know who more of the people are that you present articles about. Thank you, Bernice

  • Jerry

    07/29/2021 06:39 PM

    Congress members are socialists they are taken care of by Government salary health per diem security and may other privileges the same is so for many US citizens although at the lower rate. A Capitalist slows down his workload when it feel comfortable, when what he owns is more than what he owes he feel comfortable with that if the capitalist has something of value on his wishlist it may amp up his workload to acquire his wish the Socialist will be comfortable with what the government will allow it to be comfortable so the Socialist remains a stagnant or constant lifestyle and it is comfortable with that. No boat and motor no jetski no camper no ski resort for a week one would get the picture ,wonder why socialist don' t laugh the government won't let them. Socialists are like the hamster on the wheel to nowhere.

  • William Fuhrer

    07/29/2021 06:13 PM

    Sad that cities have police ready for prime time and mayors and governors that are not trained in the process of guarding their cities and states. Someone should send the politicians DEALING WITH ANARCHISTS FOR DUMMIES

  • Michael Baughman

    07/29/2021 04:47 PM

    Want to receive newsletters