April 24, 2020

The most important MUST-READ article of the day is by Dr. Scott W. Atlas, former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center. It’s titled, “The Data is In; Stop the Panic and End the Total Isolation.”

Dr. Atlas lists five facts that all point to the need to end the economic lockdown while continuing to proceed with reasonable caution. These facts, which he explains in much more detail, are:

The overwhelming majority of people have little risk of dying from COVID-19 (those over 75 are at greatest risk; the current death rate for those 18 and under is zero)…Protecting older, high-risk people eliminates hospital overcrowding…Our total isolation policy is prolonging the problem by preventing the development of “herd immunity”…People are dying because hypothetical projections of the need for care for COVID-19 patients caused states to cancel other medical procedures, from cancer screenings and biopsies to chemotherapy and brain surgeries…We now have a clearly-defined at-risk population that can be protected with targeted measures, so we don’t have to shut down the entire country.

This isn’t to say that we can immediately go back to life as it was two months ago. We’ll still need to follow reasonable precautions. Even if you’re not at greatest risk, why take unnecessary chances? But we now know a lot more about how dangerous the disease is, and about how damaging the response has been. We now have to consider whether the cure is on the verge of becoming worse than the disease.

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  • Dale Sanders

    04/26/2020 10:18 PM

    I just wanted to affirm what a horrible human being Mr. Huckabee is in real life. Huckabee portrays himself as a religious person, when in real life he is actually at a horrific level of ignorance that uses religion and his fabricated persona to spew some of the most vile garbage on television today. Huckabee falls to the level of every other disgraced evangelist in modern history, like Jim Bakker, Robert Tilton, Peter Popoff, Jimmy Swaggart, David Koresh, and Jim Jones, not to mention the likely hundreds of others. I hope you meet a similar fate Mr. Huckabee. Trash like yourself doesn't last long and God has his own way of cleansing the earth of hypocritical liars like yourself. Here's a list of topics that you'll never discuss on your show:

    Rachel Corrie, the young American college student who was brutally murdered by an Israeli soldiers using a bulldozer. Huckabee is too much of a chickensheet to stand up for justice and the rights of innocent people, because his parasitic attachment to Israel won't allow it.

    The USS Liberty, a ship that was brutally attacked by Israel's navy over 50yrs ago. While the US denied the attack and protects Israel to this day from being held culpable for the unprovoked massacre of our servicemen.

    How about discussing the Israeli American who phoned in hundreds of terrorist bomb threats around the US, from Israel, while Israel's government bragged about having the most advanced security system in the world, yet allowed this kid to work out of his own home near Tel Aviv, and refused to prosecute or arrest this criminal using the excuse that the kid had a mental issue. If he'd been extradited back to the US to face prosecution, he'd still be in prison.

    How about discussing why Israel deserves $$$Billions a year in US weapons that Israel doesn't need, or why Israel is using American M4 rifles and bombs to massacre civilians in Gaza, by the thousands, and violently displace and dispossess millions of Palestinians living inside the West Bank and Jerusalem. Huckagee, a devout racist supremacist, wants nothing more than to watch while Israel ethnically cleanses the entire region of Arabs and Muslims, and foments another century of conflict.

    Why doesn't Huckagee discuss the fact that military grade white phosphorus used in chemical weapons are produced in Arkansas, and that he supported Israel's military reception and use of this chemical weapon to target densely populated civilian neighborhoods in the Gaza strip. You are one useless human being Mr. Huckabee.

    Why don't you talk about how ignorant Evangelists at CBN are now touting that a cure for the coronavirus has been invented by Israel, when this is a fabricated lie? And while CBN is using this lie to push donors into making donations?

    Mr. Huckabee, you are not a normal human being, you're an obese coward who fantasizes about life, and that's all. It's no secret that evangelist morons like yourself are, deep down inside, nothing but sick perverts. And you surround yourself with people who support your sick rationale and behavior. I look forward to the day when you're no longer an influence on Americans, and the truth about evangelism in the US, and Israel's true character become known by all people. Lastly, how do you feel about prostitution and abortion being legal in Israel, and so liberally available? Another fact you'll easily deny.

  • Euola Whipple

    04/26/2020 08:37 PM

    Hi Governor Huckabee. I watched your video on YouTube where you make remarks about Dr. Fauci doing his job. Please check out the video on YouTube entitled It's Time to Fire Dr. Fauci and Dr. Tam (Canada) by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, reporter in Canada. Her report is stunning. She showed a video clip of Dr. Fauci predicting, several years ago, there would be a viral pandemic during the next presidential term after O'Bama. Plus many other very disturbing news items regarding agendas by leaders in the United States, China, and Canada, WHO, NIH, CDC. Video of Bill Gates wanting the United States to shut down for a year or so until he gets a vaccine for everyone and then everyone can go back to work and to the "new normal". Just thought you might want to reconsider your thoughts on Dr. Fauci. I think you are terrific and entertaining. I think President Trump is God's man for this time.

  • Mary Jump

    04/24/2020 09:16 PM

    Please tell Nancy Pelosi & all the elected as taxpayer I don’t have a problem helping with the cost for COVID 19. Even if they don’t know to have an emergency fund like I have to since I haven’t had a paycheck in awhile. But my bills were paid & are paid now. But I don’t want to pay for their short falls that are from before the shut down. California & New York historically overspend because they like many a states are what my grandfather would have called irresponsible. He taught us to plan for the worst & pray for Jesus perfect will. Jesus in His perfection will surprise us or teach us as is needed.