A brawny transgender high school student who has been taking testosterone to become a male has won the Texas girls’ state wrestling championship for the second consecutive year. Only this year, the fear of being called politically incorrect was finally outweighed by anger at being pressured to deny reality, and the win was greeted with boos from the crowd. The athletes and parents are sick of seeing girls cheated out of titles by students who are far stronger than them, whether it’s biological girls on testosterone supplements or biological males taking estrogen.

They argue that the push to recognize transgender rights is destroying girls’ and women’s sports. They’re starting to figure out what I’ve been warning about for years: in the fast-moving, ever-changing world of leftist victim group politics, women are now at the back of the line for protection. Supporters of transgender athletes claim they’re “breaking down walls,” but what they’re actually doing is breaking their female competitors’ bones.

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This student argues that if Texas officials don’t like it, then they should change the laws. State law requires students to compete under the gender on their birth certificate. It also bans the use of testosterone and other performance-enhancing hormones, unless prescribed by a doctor, and that exception allows transgender athletes with unfair advantages to compete.

Okay, I agree: change the law and make it fair. Get rid of the prescription loophole and ban the use of PE supplements for everyone. The girls this student trampled couldn’t get testosterone injections, but I guess their dreams of winning a title or scholarship don’t matter. If you want to take hormones, fine: choose between doing it in high school and not competing in sports or doing it after high school. Gender transitioning is your personal issue. If it matters that much to you, then take responsibility for your decisions and stop demanding that the entire world, and even reality itself, bend to suit your personal desires and ambitions.


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  • Timothy Mc Kindley

    03/16/2018 07:27 AM

    Former Senator Huckabee and valiant statesman for the Kingdom of God may I say that many Christian churches are so influence by modernism and can not avert being stupid when they try to show the love of Jesus by accepting transgenders into their churches to show them the love of God. Now most transgenders by nature are deeply trying to be loved in misguided ways, but when they show up at church they only go where it is made very clear upfront that they do not have a problem, they do not need advise or any counsel on how to go back to being the gender they were born into before science of medicine got involved. They want to pray for you and your children and teach Sunday School and be accepted among the beloved as a normal wholesome person and yes they want to sing specials too. The pastor of the church endorsed their coming by saying we need to consider how they feel and what ever bathroom they want to use we will leave it up to them. Now here is what I observed that before this many homsexual people came to the church to find love an acceptance and they found love and acceptance and so they studied the Bible and lived Christian lives forsaking their lost past. And after many years of a changed life they were allowed to begin ministering to people under the guidance of an elder. Some continued to grow in grace others fell away and we never heard from them again. I asked about one guy from twenty years ago who to my amazement became a transgender singer in Hollywood with a message we are all under God's grace 100% or not at all. However, all the set rules of scriptural advice of not allowing a novice to be elevated in ministry until a period of testing is over from books like Titus and I and II Timothy were throw out the door in favor of the new philosophy stating "We are all one body and no one is better than the other". So within a short span of time all the families left and now the church is a mega spot for singles of all kinds. The pastor has moved on to a national ministry of prophesy workshops and teaching the Gospel of inclusion. The core church resembles more of a coffee house than a place of worship ... Just saying how the enemy works adopting his ways in the name of LOve. It is an askewed attempt at following God since his guidelines are all too clear. And yes, I felt too uncomfortable with the leadership to stay not wanting to engender strife since I was told if you don't agree with our (Biblical viewpoint of Jesus loving sinners) (They really mean their Philosophy adopted from the world) perhaps this is not the church you belong in. Well they were right about something. And yet my heart breaks for the deceived ones.

  • Laura Davis

    03/15/2018 03:08 PM

    Yahoo!!! It's a wonder she ??? was not dragged out of the gym and beaten with a stick by the angry parents. This whole transgender mess makes me want to up-chuck.

  • Hester Sanders

    03/14/2018 11:41 AM

    Great article. As a parent I’m saddened that my 2 sport loving kids may face this. My daughter even spoke up at a city council meeting telling them that it’s not fair to her to work so hard and yet a “guy” or someone on medication that enhances their strength may beat them out. She’s even spoken out about guys who want to be ladies having access to the locker room. So sad that this is what my kids have to deal with.

  • Kate Semer

    03/14/2018 09:47 AM

    I think waiting until after high school would be the way to go. Let these kids grow up and into themselves before they start changing what God made. Many may change their minds if they have to wait.

  • Stephen StClair

    03/13/2018 03:56 AM

    Isn’t that taking performance enhancing drugs and supposed to be illegal. Pro sports and Olympic sports athletes are penalized for this

  • Scott Smith

    03/06/2018 09:33 PM

    I don't remember ever hearing about transgender individuals when I went to school. That was back in the days that nobody shot up a school, but we had guns in our cars there. It was when we didn't have doctors giving drugs to school kids because they had mental issues. Everyone got the same treatment, and we were taught respect, both giving it and receiving. We also knew that if we messed up at school, the real punishment was going to come from home. Those were the days! Yes, things have changed, and guns didn't shoot up a school today, but somebody who absolutely does not respect humans or their lives did. By the way, the NRA had nothing to do with school shootings, either!