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February 20, 2021

Amazingly, leftist politicians and commenters are trying to blame the power outages in Texas on Republican policies, even though they are mostly due to Texas adopting the kind of “green energy” push that the leftists want to impose nationwide (wind power turbines froze due to the unusually cold weather.) But their jaw-dropping lack of self-awareness doesn’t stop there. Some are arguing that Texas, indeed, all red states, need to be like California. Even President Biden recently said he wants to “make America California again,” the second-most bone-chilling thing he’s ever said, right behind claiming that Chinese brutality is just a “cultural norm.”

They’re overlooking the fact that Texas, having made a tragic error in listening to the wrong people, is now trying to investigate and correct it as quickly as possible. They also made a tough decision to have rolling power outages this week that might have prevented catastrophic grid failure and months of blackouts.

California, however, has suffered for years from widespread power outages caused by their attempts to mandate green energy use without reliable sources to provide it, as well as out of control wildfires, epidemic homelessness and other manmade catastrophes directly caused by their leftist leaders. All of these problems are only getting worse, but the voters just keep reelecting the same people. It’s as if their brains are suffering a power outage.

All those like Biden who think the California model is superior to the Texas model conveniently overlook the fact that Californians are fleeing to Texas in droves, just as residents of the liberal Northeast are fleeing to Florida and Georgia (unfortunately, many then vote for the same policies that forced them to flee – again, it’s the brain power outage.)

So to settle the issue, economist Daniel J. Mitchell of has been writing a series of articles comparing the policies of California and Texas and their results. Here’s his latest installment:

It’s enlightening, but not surprising. Not if you just go to and compare the cost to rent a 15-foot moving van from L.A. to Dallas ($3,032), compared to renting one from Dallas to L.A. ($1,175.) They’ll subsidize that move just to get their trucks back to L.A. because hardly anyone is moving in that direction anymore.


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