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March 11, 2021

Democrats love to scold people for being “on the wrong side of history.” Well, if that presumptuous phrase ever applied to anyone, it applies big time to their war on election integrity laws (they declare all of them to be attempts at “voter suppression,” which in a way they are: they seek to suppress illegal voting) and their HR1 bill to legalize virtually every method of rigging an election.

According to a new Rasmussen survey, in working against attempts to make elections more secure, the Democrats are on the wrong side of 77% of voters. That includes 83% of Republicans, 71% of Independents and even 77% of Democrats!

While a few of the more benign HR1 reforms are popular with voters, like making Election Day a national holiday (who’s going to turn down a day off work, whether you vote or not?), many of the others are as popular as an arsenic cocktail. Americans want election reform, but they want the opposite of most of HR1; they want to make elections more secure, not less.

For instance, HR1 would ban making people show a photo ID before voting, while 70% of Americans want voters to be required to show a photo ID. And HR1 would allow mail-in ballots to be counted for up to 10 days after an election, while 74% of voters want only ballots received by Election Day to be counted.

Interestingly enough, for all the talk about it being treasonous to question the 2020 election and any suggestion that it was rigged being crazy, debunked conspiracy talk, Democrats are nearly as likely as Republicans to believe that a recent Presidential election was rigged. Thanks to their four-year whinefest about “Russian collusion," 26% of voters now believe Hillary Clinton really won the 2016 election, while 31% of voters believe Trump really won the 2020 election.

Hey, I have a suggestion to get that second number down. Do the same thing they did to Trump and give Biden’s political enemies in Washington an unlimited mandate and a blank check to investigate the 2020 election. If they’re able to come up with no more evidence than Mueller did (which was zero), then I’ll bet at least another 6% of voters will accept that Biden really won, so at least they’ll both be even.

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  • Erin Simpson

    03/11/2021 05:35 PM

    If HR1 passes, it will be the end of this Country. Never again will any party except the Democrats will an election!!! No more voter integrity ever!! PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP US!!!!

  • Mark Thompson

    03/11/2021 05:34 PM

    In person voting only with proper Id will fix the voter cheating the dimonrats are pushing.