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October 6, 2022

Let’s hope this story is reflected in the November vote, as it was in votes in Virginia and even San Francisco: according to a Rasmussen survey, the leftist push to indoctrinate school kids with inappropriate sexual content without parents’ knowledge or consent is INCREDIBLY unpopular with Americans.

The poll found that 77% of likely voters are at least somewhat concerned that kids are being exposed to inappropriate, sexually explicit materials. That includes 61% of Democrats and even 50% of self-described liberals. In every gender, race and age category except ages 18-39, more than half of likely voters say they’re “very concerned.” More than two-thirds of likely voters say it is very important that parents are fully informed about what their children get taught in the classroom. There’s also widespread opposition to teaching kids about transsexualism and how to perform sex acts. Interestingly, the only demographic categories where there’s not heavy opposition to these creepy practices are self-described liberals and Democrats.

If Democrats want to go into the midterm elections championing practices that it would have been unthinkable even to suggest in public a couple of years ago, and standing up for the repulsive indoctrination of children and demonizing of parents that’s opposed by big majorities of everyone but themselves, then I say…you go for it. 

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