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March 11, 2023

The Southern Poverty Law Center, America’s second-most lucrative hate group (behind BLM, of course), is defending their attorney who was arrested for domestic terrorism in Atlanta for allegedly being part of an Antifa attack on police officers and arson of a police training center construction site. They claim the poor little dear is just a victim of circumstance. Why, he wasn’t engaging in any violence, he was just there as an “experienced legal observer.” Even though, according to police, he “observed” by throwing Molotov cocktails at construction equipment.

Oh, and they weren’t terrorists committing what the police chief called a coordinated and “very violent attack,” including vandalism and arson. They were merely “protesters” victimized by “heavy-handed law enforcement intervention.” Yeah, cops do tend to overreact when you’re throwing rocks and bricks at them, shooting fireworks at them, tossing Molotov cocktails and trying to blind them with lasers. What a bunch of buzzkills!

The SPLC must sense the gravity of the situation because they also ladled on a huge side order of woke PC jargon about “Black, Brown and Indigenous communities,” dismantling “white supremacy,” and strengthening “intersectional movements.” I’m curious how you can do those things with rocks, bricks and fire bombs. And for the record, only two of the 23 arrestees were from any communities in Georgia at all. Most are known radicals from out of state, and two are from other countries.

So maybe the domestic terrorism charges really are incorrect. They sound more like international terrorists.

Chris Queen at PJ Media has more on the backgrounds of these sweet, innocent agents of change, and I’ll bet it’s pretty much what you suspected.

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