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September 28, 2022



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Why, my soul, are you downcast?

Why so disturbed within me?

Put your hope in God,

for I will yet praise him,

my Savior and my God.

Psalm 42:11

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Horrific secrets

One of the few things that the rigid dictatorship of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un does effectively is clamp down on its citizens and on information about what really goes on there. But some North Koreans who took the high risk of defecting and actually got out alive spoke to Fox News and revealed some of the horrific secrets.

These range from widespread malnutrition to government control of people’s lives to sending entire families, even children, to secret concentration camps, where they are forced to labor in different shifts so they’re never together at the same time and can't escape together. Read it all. It should open a lot of eyes not only to how horrible life is in a communist dictatorship, but to how important it is to fight even the slightest drift here toward the kind of iron-fisted government control practices that can result in a prison nation like North Korea if the people don’t stand up and stop them while they still can.

Senator Hawley sends a letter to AG Garland

When I first wrote about the FBI arrest of pro-life activist Mark Houck, I pointed out the wide discrepancy in the versions of the event. Houck’s wife said up to 25 agents pounded on the door and pointed guns at her husband, herself and their children. The FBI claims there were no guns drawn and it was a standard arrest with no unusual incidents. Someone's lying, and as I said then, I am all out of benefits of the doubt when it comes to the FBI.

But that raises more questions. Like, why should a bunch of FBI agents show up in the first place to arrest a pro-life activist on an assault accusation that had already been thrown out of court and turn it into a federal case of interfering with abortion clinic access? Especially when they seem to be doing almost nothing about real threats to access to pro-life pregnancy centers from radical left pro-abortion activists, like firebombing them or threatening to murder their staffers.

Sen. Josh Hawley sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, asking him three questions to clarify these discrepancies. I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I wouldn’t bet a penny on Garland actually answering them.

Why We Absolutely, Positively Need A New President Overnight

Due to increased costs caused by inflation and high fuel prices, FedEx just announced its biggest general rate increase ever.

Sorting through the ashes of Joe Manchin’s political career

Sen. Joe Manchin betrayed Republicans and his principles, and self-immolated his political career in West Virginia, by making a deal with Chuck Schumer to help pass the bloated and criminally-misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act” in exchange for vague promises of pro-energy policies, like reform of oil lease permitting. Well, he came to collect and discovered the Dems got what they wanted from him, so they have no intention of keeping that promise.

He should have asked me, and I would have reminded him of how it was said of both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama that their promises came with an expiration date. Meanwhile, Bonchie at sorts through the ashes to try to figure out how Manchin could have been so naïve as to nuke his political career in exchange for what was clearly a phony promise from a professional liar.

Potential Good News

The libertarian-leaning Pacific Legal Foundation has filed the first lawsuit that could have a reasonable chance of killing President Biden’s plan to shift student loan debt from the debtors to the taxpayers (a plan that the Congressional Budget Office now estimates would cost a jaw-dropping $400 billion.)

The big problem has been getting around the issue of “standing.” This has been used a lot lately to block lawsuits, including those seeking investigations of the 2020 election. Courts repeatedly rule that the plaintiff wasn’t directly harmed, so has no standing to sue (even though I think it’s now clear that all of us were directly harmed by Joe Biden becoming President.) The whole issue of “standing” is controversial and has been exploited too much to deny people their day in court, and it needs to be reformed. But until then, the PLF has found someone who will suffer direct injury from Biden’s plan, and there could be hundreds of thousands more like him in several states.

The plaintiff is a public interest lawyer who gave up more lucrative jobs as part of a federal program to perform public service work in exchange for forgiving his student loan debt tax-free. If Biden’s plan goes though, it would nullify that deal and stick him with a state income tax bill of $1,000 for the $10,000 in loan forgiveness (as the linked article notes, as little as $1 in damages can convey “standing” to sue.)

The White House claims there will be a provision for people like him to opt out, but so far, they haven’t come out with one. All they’ve come out with is an unconstitutional plan for the President to make law and spend $400 billion via an executive order based on stretching the definition of “emergency” powers for a pandemic that even he admitted is over.

If this doesn’t succeed, other legal challenges await. But it’s encouraging to hear that many Americans are not just rolling over and accepting the idea that being President now conveys magical, extra-Constitutional powers that nobody can challenge. If Congress won't defend the separation of powers then it's up to the people to do it. And if Biden wants to help those struggling with student loan debt, then he should work with both parties in Congress to pass reforms and make repayment terms easier for borrowers. He can’t just wave his magic executive order pen and move $400 billion in loans from the people who voluntarily took them out onto the backs of people who either never took out student loans or (gasp!) actually paid theirs off themselves.

That's...what the word Democrats are always using?...oh, yeah, I remember: "UNFAIR!"

2024: Trump’s standing rises

Democrats who hoped that the unprecedented, high-profile FBI raid of former President Trump’s house was going to destroy Trump’s political future and boost them in the midterm elections are in for a rude awakening from the latest I&I/TIPP poll. They’ve been polling on 2022 Congressional and 2024 Presidential preferences since before the raid and up to today. Here are the results:

In August, before the FBI raid on Trump, Democrats and Republicans were tied 46%-46% in the Congressional preference poll. Republicans now lead 48%-46%. As for Trump, before the raid, he had the support of 53% of Republicans. Now, he has 54% support, and his potential rivals have slipped.

It appears that the raid and Biden’s subsequent demonizing of Republicans haven’t hurt Trump or Republicans - they might even have boosted them a little -- but they have tarnished the reputations of Biden, the Democrats, the FBI and the DOJ. Too bad the Dems never heard that old saying that when you point your finger at someone else, three fingers are pointing back at you.


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Comments 1-7 of 7

  • Robin Gonsalves

    09/30/2022 11:51 AM

    About the story of the pacific legal foundations law suit on student loan forgiveness.
    You mentioned them having to get around the issue of standing. If that's what democrat judges are using to deny people their day in court then POTUS Trump's lawyers should use that in New York against the DA Leticia what's her name!
    How can she sue on behave of someone who already settled with potus years ago?
    Seems to me there is no standing on her part or New Yorks for that matter.
    And potus should go on defense and start suing people suing him for frivolous law suits and abusing their power while in office and defrauding the taxpayers by using our money to pay for their mental substance abuse like TDS!

  • Joan Kugler

    09/29/2022 11:30 AM

    I still cannot understand how the president can issue executive orders spending huge sums of money without Congress approval! If he is going to control all the spending, why do we need a Congress?

  • Jerry

    09/29/2022 10:37 AM

    The Storm happening today is similar picture of todays administration and it effect on the country and internationally. As the MSM always shows the destructive force of Mother Nature I wish the MSM would show the rebuild of its cities after the Storm. Today Biden and its gang of non believers are destroying America showing America Satan is alive in the todays White House. Yes biden is winning the war on Americans today however Americans will rebuild this country after biden is put back in its pit of evil doing. The evil pit from which biden and its followers have emerged must be locked up forever only then will peace prosperity love and a United America regain its form America is dazed today firm standing is on its way as Nov 8th hopefully will be the beginning of change for a better America and hopefully as time heads toward 2024 a Greater America only with God's Blessing one step to remove the Satanic process we are enduring today. God, Please Bless America again.

  • Jerry

    09/29/2022 09:42 AM

    Mother Nature is uncontrollable man can not control the force it can get away from the force , a volcanic eruption cannot be stopped a tornado cannot be stopped a lightning strike cannot be stopped and of course a hurricane cannot be stopped these forces have been on this planet since its beginning no way man today is going to stop Mother Nature it will do what it wants and when it wants man can keep its air and water clean, control Mother Nature not a chance only a person that believes it can had a brain Lobotomy gone wrong

  • David Clark

    09/29/2022 12:40 AM

    The links you include in the Newsletter often cannot be read in full without some sort of subscription. To be informed, we need to read those, and I for one am not willing to subscribe.

  • Christine Henning

    09/28/2022 11:42 PM

    Dear Mike Huckabee, I love and respect you and your wife (and Sarah) so much. I'm so relieved you are here for us Christians.
    I am seventy nine years old, a Christian, a Preacher's Kid, a proud mother and grandmother! I also worked personally for Oprah as her Personal Acct., Head of Household, etc. for twelve years 1986-1998. (I'm only mentioning this because it shows I have been exposed to this evil world). Not easy to work for her personally when you know how she has spread the New Age Movement and gradually became an outspoken liberal spokeswoman. I believe she always knew I didn't agree with her, which gradually convinced me it was time to quit.
    Thank you so much for ALWAYS standing up for us Christians. Obviously I am so weary of what is going on in this political world. I, for the life of me, cannot understand how any person with common sense can go along with this nonsense. Biden is absolutely evil (didn't like him before but didn't realize how evil he is along with the fact that he has no empathy). I just want to say most of us can't do much at this point of our lives but we can encourage some of you to continue with your Christian ministry and your positive contribution to our country. It truly is appreciated. I truly do not understand how any decent human being (especially Christian's) will continue to be voting for the Democratic party. God bless you and your family and THANK YOU again! My prayers for you and your family

  • Jerry

    09/28/2022 11:28 PM

    10 months ago i said the dems would start to eat their own and the west virgina senator got eaten by the cannibal Schumer what a tasty morsel chuckie devoured in the wrinkled old looking joe manchin. It has to be hard for manchin to show his face knowing that schumer and the dems are laughing at him as joe became the prime example of get in line and stay in line you fool. When you play both sides of the aisle for personal gain you may be robbing from the mob. The dems are a low rent mob without a code of decency at least the Italian mob had some ethics it shared the pie with the neighbor hood and protected it this mob the dems run is a combo of pagans and low lifes with the morals of a biden and obama. A species that has to become extinct by any means necessary. The no bail law needs to be put away and then we rid the low lifes this deadly plague they call the Democratic mob from civil society.