Keep your promises please

September 18, 2017 |

Trump aide Kelly Ann Conway appeared on “Fox & Friends” Sunday to reassure angry Trump supporters that he has not traded away a border wall as part of a deal with Democrats to pass a DACA bill. There are more quotes and video at the link, but here’s an excerpt from her comments: “The president has made clear, including this week, that if there's no funding for the wall, no deal can be made. He said it as plainly as possible for all to hear. Those are the president's words, take it to the bank.”

I know Trump supporters want to be able to take his words to the bank, but it’s understandable if they revolted at Chuck Schumer’s implication that Trump was giving the Democrats everything they wanted and getting nothing in return. Republicans have had enough of that kind of deal over the years. They’ve also grown weary of sending politicians to Washington to represent their interests, only to have them start representing Wall Street and sucking up to the liberal media as soon as they arrive inside the Beltway. They sent Trump to Washington to end that, not to join it.

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In truth, though, the Democrats’ gleeful rejoicing over Republican infighting about this issue was both premature and misguided. It’s true that the base was furious. But it wasn’t the type of fury that tears a party apart, like the Bernie/Hillary, left/even-farther-left war that’s dividing the Democrats. This was the type of base uprising that unifies the party by letting those in Washington know very clearly that they’re about to step into something they don’t want clinging to them come election time. Judging from the White House response to the base’s reaction, I’d say, “Message received, loud and clear.”

I expect to see a similar uprising if there’s any truth to the story that Trump is reconsidering pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, a deal that mostly consisted of transferring a lot of wealth from American taxpayers to other nations in exchange for hypothetical-to-negligible (at best) benefits to the environment. Trump’s people are saying he pulled out because it was a bad deal for the US and he always said he would only go back in if the deal were on completely new and better terms. I think the reaction to the DACA rumor shows that the demand for a completely new and better deal had better not be hot air.


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  • Donna Niven

    09/19/2017 07:06 AM

    I know he is under tremendous stress due to the deep state etc. but I pray he holds true to his promises even if he does nothing b/c of no support from his party, which will be draining of the swamp I believe voting time b/c they are the hold up. Not President Trump!! I know it's got to be tough but he has got hold his ground for the sake of the country!! His base will be there for him if he does!! We see the enemy in the camp and the wishy washy career politicians, and praying most all of them will be gone and unelected with normal patriotic thinking people!! Just tell him to hold his ground and if doesn't come with them in there, we will vote them out!!!!!!!!! of course hope we vote 'em out anyway!! enough is enough!! Your daughter is a natural as Press Secretary and she is doing great!! God bless you and your family Governor Huckabee, love to see you on Fox news whenever your there b/c you speak the truth!!!

  • Lynn liefer

    09/19/2017 03:06 AM

    I agree completely. It was a little disconcerting seeing Chuck and Nancy almost beside themselves with glee that day. And Trump seems to have lost some of his spark, some of his Trumpness! A little worrisome.

  • Vince Wood

    09/18/2017 07:01 PM

    I think Trump would be more willing to keep with Republican agenda if the Republicans would be more willing to back him up. He's not jumping ship I think he just want's to show them what it's like.

  • Carrie Eldridge

    09/18/2017 06:34 PM

    Great article. I hope he got the message - America and Americans first! Stick to your promises.