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February 5, 2023

Thursday morning, after the expected meltdown of Democrats crying and screaming “white supremacy,” Rep. Ilhan Omar was officially booted off the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Despite the histrionics, this had zip to do with racism, white supremacy or anti-Muslim discrimination. It’s because Omar is a rabid anti-Semite who won’t stop making slanderous attacks on our closest Middle Eastern ally Israel, which is why she has no business being on a committee that exists to strengthen ties with our allies.

Bonchie at has an entertaining recap of the childish and hysterical antics of Omar’s fellow Squad members, plus a reminder that this is nothing more than the precedent they created when they removed Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene from their committees actually being applied to themselves.

They are literally throwing tantrums because the rules they apply to other people got applied to them. I’ve seen two-year-olds that behave better in the Walmart candy aisle than these people do in Congress.


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