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July 28, 2021

Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse must be really desperate to change the subject from Democrat failures and his longtime membership in a tony, all-white beach club because he’s demanding a revival of the investigation into ridiculous, partisan accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who has been on the Supreme Court for coming up on four years now.

I don’t why he didn’t pick something more timely, like a new investigation of the crash of the Hindenburg. For those who think that’s insensitive because we must “believe all women,” please note that that’s also an outdated relic of the Kavanaugh brouhaha. That had a stake driven through it by the liberal media’s burial of a rape accusation against Joe Biden that actually came with some corroborating evidence.

Whitehouse and fellow Democrat Sen. Chris Coons are questioning whether the FBI fully investigated the most credible of 4500 tips that came into their tip phone line. First of all, if you open up any forum about any political figure, you’ll get a bare minimum of 4500 replies of questionable value (see “Twitter.”) Secondly, their claim that they didn’t get this information is belied by the fact that the FBI printed out a summary of all 4500 “tips” and made it available to every Senator to read at the time.

Did Sen. Whitehouse not know that? Or was he too busy at the regatta to read it?

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  • Bonnie R. Parvino

    07/30/2021 08:16 PM

    This young man's child made the statement when conversation turned to the accusers that ----We must pray for the ladies. Apparently, Judge Kavanaugh is doing right in rearing this precious young one. I am sick and tired of people yelling sex in order to cover up their political views. Bonnie Parvino-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • John Handen

    07/28/2021 05:14 PM

    Why are we CURSED with these evil imbeciles called Democrats?! Why can't they leave the good people ALONE!!!! We can't they do ANYTHING with decency, ethics, morality, and patriotism?! All those who have those qualities (Republicans), they ATTACK WITH DEMONIC FEROCITY! They should all go to an INSANE ASYLUM and quit destroying our country with their RABID, PERVERTED EVIL!