December 4, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Covering up sin with taxpayer money -- Democrats: Hey look over here America -- Standard Operating Procedure -- Dogs, cats and parrots-- The Arkansas Senate race -- Defining sexual harassment -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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On our very first show, I said I wanted to provide a show that informed and entertained and covered issues of the day, but one that didn’t raise your blood pressure to 300/200. Tonight, I might unintentionally violate that pledge, but there’s no way for me to cover the topic without it making you mad. I’m certainly fed up and fired up.

Over the past several weeks, there has been an avalanche of stories involving powerful men exploiting and sometimes violating younger vulnerable women. Celebrities in entertainment, news, and politics have been exposed as sexual predators and many have resigned in disgraced or been abruptly fired. These are all tragic stories, but we’ve recently just been made aware of a different kind of sex scandal involving elected officials whose salary YOU pay for.


Mike Huckabee


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Democrats: Hey look over here America

By Mike Huckabee

This past weekend, the media and Congressional Democrats did their best to make us look elsewhere by flashing their Flynn plea at Americans to distract them so they don’t notice what’s really going on, like the unconscionable acquittal of Kate Steinle’s sanctuary city-protected, repeat felon killer or the hard-fought Senate passage of the GOP tax reform bill. 

They’re hysterically excited over the idea that Flynn, having been hounded into bankruptcy and the loss of his house by notoriously unethical prosecutors with an unlimited budget of our money ($5 million and counting) is now so desperate that he’s agreed to plead guilty to one count of making a false statement to the FBI about a matter that has nothing to do with Russian collusion to affect the election – you remember, that thing Mueller is supposed to be investigating? 


Standard Operating Procedure

By Mike Huckabee

The Flynn plea actually involved him lying to the FBI about how he was allegedly told by someone in President-elect Trump’s Administration (likely Jared Kushner), shortly before the Inaugural, to contact the Russian ambassador for discussions on sanctions and an upcoming UN vote on Israel.  None of that is illegal.  In fact, as National Security Adviser, it was his job.  It’s SOP: Obama also spoke to foreign officials before taking office about what his policies would be. 


Dogs, cats and parrots

By Mike Huckabee

This will probably be the most controversial thing I post all day: a new study claims to have finally proven scientifically that dogs are smarter than cats.  I have a friend who says his parrot read that study and told him they’re both still dumb animals.


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The Arkansas Senate race

By Mike Huckabee

The latest unfounded rumor is that if various Administration officials swap jobs in the right way, an Arkansas Senate seat might open up and my daughter Sarah might leave her White House position to become a Senator.   Note that the process all starts with Rex Tillerson leaving as Secretary of State, a scenario he describes as “laughable.”

First of all, this is all based on pure conjecture.  Second, while I’m sure she would make a great Senator, I’m not aware that she’s ever had any such ambitions.  Third, while I would, of course, be very proud of her, what father wants his daughter to work in the same building with Al Franken?  Although if he pulled anything untoward around her, he’d be walking funny for a week and never try it again.


Defining sexual harassment

We’re hearing so many accusations of sexual harassment these days, some going back nearly 40 years, that it’s causing some people to question just how the term should be defined. The accusations run the gamut from groping, indecent exposure and physical assault to unwanted kissing, asking someone out on a date or patting a woman on her bare back. So Barna Research conducted a survey to find out just what behaviors men and women consider actual sexual harassment.

One interesting discovery: younger people (Millennials and Gen X’ers) are twice as likely to say they’ve been sexually harassed as their grandparents’ generation. Are they just more sensitive about it? Or could this be more evidence of what I talked about yesterday, that tearing down those restrictive, old fashioned standards of morality had a dark downside for women that feminists and liberals didn’t anticipate?


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  • Dawn Street

    12/10/2017 09:30 PM

    I was reading about defining sexual harassment and I am not sure I agree with you. I know of 4 generations of women in my immediate family who have suffered from sexual abuse. Why wasn't it reported? In my grandmother's day such things were not spoken and she would have been labeled a whore and ostracized by her family. My mother and her sister were also abused by the same family member. Never spoken of until I became a social worker and was investigating sexual abuse and preparing court documents to charge men in court. They were all 3 damaged by the abuse. My sister was also sexually abused. I still do not know the whole story about her experience but she is also emotionally damaged up - and her husband sexually abused their granddaughters and is now in prison. I escaped and I thank God for that.

    There was a teacher in junior high school who had a reputation but he never bothered me and no one ever really reported him for any of it. I had several events happen during my employment years where I was uncomfortable but I was able to sidestep and nothing happened except I did not respect those men.

    Oh, I did file a complaint of harassment with regard to being required to step down from a supervisory position due to my pregnancy (maybe that is not really sexual harassment though) with the EEOC. The investigator, a Mexican American male, told me I was the wrong color and refused to accept my complaint. I filed it with the feds but by the time they got around to investigating it, I had left that agency (Dept. of Human Services, Child Protective Services) and they said there was no reason to investigate since I had left the agency. And that, my dear sir, is why women in previous generations declined to press their claims.

    Who handled the claims? Men. When the police were involved as in rape, who took the complaint and did the interviews? Men. And who denied the claims of women and minimized sexual contact, painting the man as the victim? Men.

  • Wendy Brion

    12/04/2017 01:14 PM

    I loved your comment about Sara and Al Franken. Maybe if more girls were taught self defense there would be more of these...erm..."men" walking funny.

  • Brian Jacobs

    12/04/2017 11:54 AM

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the great laugh on the parrot story. I have had cats, dogs and now 4 parrots. I can tell you parrots are by far the most intelligent of the 3. My 22 year old Macaw uses words in context, albeit simple words. My Conure will tap my ear and or water glass when she is thirsty. My dog used to drink from the gutter and toilet. I loved my cat but I only touched him when "he" allowed me to. My Dog once attacked a skunk through an open window (STINK). My parakeet talks in complete sentences. I can bathe my parrots in the shower, ever try that with a cat???