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October 19, 2023



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Mike Huckabee

Hospital missile update

I told you yesterday about a report that a missile had struck a Christian hospital in Gaza, killing 500 people, and that Hamas was blaming it on Israel. The story was reported worldwide by major media outlets. My initial reaction was skepticism, as it should have been to anyone whose brain isn’t infected with anti-Semitism. Oh, I could believe that a Palestinian missile had inadvertently killed hundreds of innocent people on its way to deliberately killing hundreds of innocent people, because that’s what Hamas does. But the very idea of Israel targeting a hospital was obviously horse manure on its very surface.

Indeed, by the time I wrote about it, evidence had already surfaced that it was a Hamas missile that went off course and hit the hospital. Nevertheless, the initial, obviously slanderous accusation about Israel continued being repeated by people who should have known better, sparking violent demonstrations from Lebanon to the US Capitol.

And now, we learn that the story was an even bigger hoax than it first appeared to be. At this writing, it looks as if the missile mostly damaged the parking lot, burning some cars and causing some shrapnel injuries, but the number of deaths has been a very fluid number. Apparently, the only damage to the hospital was some broken windows.

However, there was major damage to Western news outlets that credulously spread transparent anti-Israel propaganda without vetting it first (where were all their allegedly diligent “fact-checkers”?) and that incited violent protests. Their reputations were set ablaze and may never be rebuilt.

Also among those who incited violent “insurrection” by promoting this “Big Lie” were virulently anti-Semitic Squad members, Reps. Ilham Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Tlaib even tearfully and hysterically accused Israel of committing genocide.

As of the writing of the article above, they had yet to delete their social media posts blaming this nonexistent “war crime” on Israel. Tlaib is refusing to apologize, but Omar at least issued a jaw-dropping post reminding us of the importance of making sure you get information from credible sources - not realizing this was an admission that she wasn’t one, since she was quick to believe and repeat an obvious slander of Israel, but now is talking about getting your facts straight first before reporting negative news about the terrorists of Hamas.

“Inciting insurrection”

I use that term “inciting insurrection” in the sense that the Party of Omar and Tlaib have defined it themselves. Thanks to their hysterical spreading of this false story, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters first mobbed a Congressional office building, then infiltrated the Capitol itself (the sacred citadel of our democracy, I believe the Democrats called it when they were wailing about January 6th), vandalizing it with pro-Palestinian graffiti and impeding the vital House business of electing a new Speaker. They refused to leave until Congress demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the “liberation of Palestine.” When police began arresting them, some violently resisted. Sounds like an “insurrection” to me.

Now, some Republicans such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are demanding an investigation and equal prosecutorial treatment (to the full extent of the law and then some) of these violent insurrectionists to that of the January 6th protesters, many of whom were hounded into prison for no more than walking in and taking a selfie. Greene is demanding that all surveillance video footage be preserved as evidence. She even has some herself: screen caps of the phones of the protesters, showing text chats suggesting Tlaib was one of their inspirations.

A lawyer for the SPLC was also allegedly an inspiration.

So far, Capitol Police have arrested about 300 protesters and charged THREE of them with assaulting an officer. 

Greene will introduce a resolution to censure Tlaib for allegedly helping incite this insurrection (the exact same thing the Democrats accused Trump of doing, except in this case, there’s actual evidence.) Greene said, "After what she did today, I expect even Democrats will join in. She is an Israel hating, America hating woman who does not represent anything America stands for."

I wish her luck with that resolution, but it will be an uphill battle getting any Democrats to abide by the rules they impose on their political opponents. Already, media outlets are flipping the rules they’ve followed for the past two-plus years, focusing on those who are “slamming” Greene for criticizing the Squad members instead of the Squad members. And note how, suddenly, the word “insurrection” gets put into quotation marks when it’s a Democrat-incited insurrection.

PJ Media reports that the Washington Post, as of this writing, is still standing by the false story, while they say Google demonetized their story about the pro-Palestinian insurrection, deeming such terminology “dangerous” – but I guess only when conservatives use it accurately.

Powell pleads guilty

Attorney Sydney Powell has agreed to plead guilty in her Georgia RICO trial.

I strongly suspect this doesn’t mean she seriously believes the charges are legitimate and not a perversion of the law for political purposes. But it means that she can trade testifying against Trump for probation and a clean record instead of being bankrupted by lawfare. This is the same tactic used by January 6th prosecutors and those in New York targeting Trump’s businesses: lean hard on the little fish and overcharge them to force them to help with the prosecution of Trump, which was their goal all along.

Short again

On Wednesday, in a second vote, Jim Jordan fell 22 votes short of becoming House Speaker, so a third vote has been scheduled for Thursday.

This has gone beyond ridiculous and is keeping the House from voting on urgent issues like aid to Israel in the midst of the war against Hamas. There’s even talk of whether Kevin McCarthy might still have enough support to come back, even though he previously said he would not seek the job again, and gee, I wonder why?

Last night on “Hannity,” I made a suggestion that Americans take a tip from Israel’s Gaza policy and shut off Congress’ water, food and power until they elect a Speaker and get back to work. Maybe that would focus their attention on what’s most important and how the process is supposed to work. News flash: it’s not like Burger King, where you get to “have it your way.” It’s like McDonald’s: There’s a limited menu, so pick the best available option and get on with it!

Here’s a link to a Fox News page that will update continuously on developments in this story.

Remember the “Axis of Evil”? Well, it appears to be back.

Unequal justice

While liberal media outlets are circling the wagons to try to re-redefine “insurrection” to let their side off the hook, here’s another example of the unequal justice doled out to conservatives: a meme maker who posted joke memes in 2016 telling Hillary Clinton supporters to vote on Wednesday instead of Tuesday was sentenced to 7 months in prison. Let me repeat that: SEVEN MONTHS IN PRISON for posting jokes on the Internet.

This was described as “dangerous disinformation” that might have disenfranchised women and “black and brown people” who believed it. Which I think tells you not only what Democrats think about the First Amendment right to free speech, but also what they think about the intelligence of their own supporters.

A new poll worth noting

According to a new NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll, Trump is leading Biden 49-46 percent, but if Robert Kennedy Jr. is added in as a third party choice, Biden beats Trump 44-37 percent. I always warn people not to believe polls taken so far in advance (and some polls, never), but it is concerning. Let’s hope that once more people start paying attention, they’ll realize that while they might like RFK Jr. on a few issues, he’s still basically a liberal Democrat, and voting for more of that and expecting a different result is still the definition of insanity.

Someone needs to make sure President Biden always has THIS when he travels….

This is why Joe Biden should never be allowed out of the White House without a teleprompter.

Bringing it back

Victoria’s Secret is “bringing sexy back,” literally. The company once famous for skimpy lingerie and beautiful supermodels decided to “go woke” and renounce the sexist idea of women wanting to look attractive to men. They dumped their Victoria’s Secret Angels and started carrying sensible underwear modeled by avatars of “representation,” like plus-sized models, a “trans” influencer and America-hating, lesbian soccer crank Megan Rapinoe. Surprisingly, their sales plummeted. Who could have predicted it?

So the company is trying something that’s crazy, but it just might work: they’re bringing back “conventionally attractive,” feminine models and lingerie that doesn’t look like something you could buy at a Soviet garage sale. This will be a good test of whether “bringing sexy back” can actually counteract “Get woke, go broke.”

Thank you for the Constitution

One of the biggest complaints of leftists today is how hard it is to enact their agenda because the Constitution keeps getting in their way. They could turn America into Utopia if only they could repeal the Second Amendment, severely curtail the First Amendment, get rid of the Electoral College and turn the Supreme Court into a partisan political branch under one-party control. This is precisely why the Founders created the Constitution and the Bill of Rights: to restrain the power and reach of a strong centralized government. They had just defeated a tyrant, and they knew human nature well enough to know that that threat never goes away.

All Americans should thank God every day for the Constitution. That thin piece of parchment acts as a powerful shield protecting your rights and freedoms from people who want to plow them under and build a new socialist version of America on top of their graves.

If you think I’m exaggerating, a recent Real Clear Politics poll found that a third of today’s Democrat voters think Americans have “too much freedom,” a phrase I can’t even comprehend.

The Founders wisely made it very difficult to amend the Constitution, a process that requires overwhelming approval. So the left takes aim at it in two main ways: Either by ignoring it completely or by appointing judges and Supreme Court Justices who misinterpret it though their rulings. They justify this by claiming the Constitution is a “living document.” But if it doesn’t mean what it says but whatever any random judge feels that it should say, then it means nothing.

For a long time, we didn’t hear much about the Tenth Amendment. Liberal judges had ignored it so completely that many courts, politicians and bureaucrats acted as if it had been repealed. But it’s still right there in the Bill of Rights, and I’m glad to see that conservative Justices have recently been restoring its force.

The Tenth Amendment clearly states that powers not specifically granted to the federal government belong to the states. There was intense debate during the Constitutional Convention and the ratification process about which limited powers should be with the federal government and which should remain with the states. They didn’t leave that open to interpretation, but it’s been “interpreted” to death anyway as proponents of big government have forged ahead slowly, and sometimes rapidly, to usurp as much power as possible in areas where it has no business being. Here is just one of endless examples of how ignoring the Tenth Amendment “for a good cause” leads to the unconstitutional expansion of federal power:

The federal government decided to get involved in public school cafeterias with the passage of the heart-touchingly-titled “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.”

This federal power grab started seemingly innocently. The bill provided school lunches (later growing to include breakfasts) to poor students (later growing to include all students.) How could anyone object to healthy, non-hungry children? Well, it might have had noble intentions, and filled a real need, but schools are supposed to be the province of state and local governments. Still, feeding hungry children is so important that we can make an exception to the 10th Amendment, just this ONE time (as if state and local leaders didn’t care if their own children went hungry.)  

Liberals love a bill like this because it gives them the chance to expand federal power while milking it for political gain and posturing about how much more they care about, say, hungry children than their flint-hearted opponents who care only about the Constitution. But we must remember that the government lives by the Golden Rule: “He who has the gold makes the rules.” As soon as schools began taking that federal school lunch money, they learned it was like being a fish that swallowed the bait on a hook.

From that little seed, federal control of schools began growing like wild weeds. Soon, Washington was using the leverage of school lunch funds to impose more and more federal mandates, from dictating school curriculums to forcing boys into girls’ bathrooms. They don’t belong there any more than DC bureaucrats belong in your local classrooms. This is how making exceptions to the 10th Amendment for “one urgent/important/good cause” has led to federal government interference in every aspect of our lives.

This is also why campaigners for parents’ rights should be just as concerned about restoring the 10th Amendment as they are about voting out their leftwing activist school boards.

You can buy my book here: The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution - Mike Huckabee

Ainsworth: a flashback to a time before I was born, World War II

By Laura Ainsworth

If the newsletter seems a bit shorter over the next few days, it’s because both of the Gov.’s two staff writer/researchers, myself and husband Pat Reeder, are on the road from Dallas to Nashville, still working to keep up with all the breaking news. On Wednesday, the night before we left our home in Texas, I was sitting on the sofa with my sister Julie, who was there to house-sit while we were away, and we were watching the horrific news out of Israel.

Seeing this with my sister, I was reminded of a recording from 1941 by one of my favorite singers from that era, Bea Wain, called “My Sister and I.” The lyrics are from the point of view of someone who as a child, with a sister, was evacuated from a war zone. To me, these words have long been evocative of siblings who managed to survive the horrors of the Holocaust together, but now I think of children in the Middle East (and other countries) whose lives might be in upheaval because of the resurgence of hatred against Jews...

“The warm and lovely world we knew

Has been struck by a bitter frost

But my sister and I recall with a sigh

The world we knew and loved and lost

“My sister and I remember still

A tulip garden by an old Dutch mill

And the home that was all our own until….

But we don’t talk about that

“My sister and I recall once more

The fishing schooners pulling into shore

And the dog-cart we drove in days before….

But we don’t talk about that

“We’re learning to forget the fear

That came from a troubled sky

We’re almost happy over here

But sometimes we wake at night and cry

My sister and I recall the day

We said goodbye, then we sailed away

And we think of our friends who had to stay

But we don’t talk about that.”

Here’s the original recording if you’d like to hear it…

The children who “sailed away” in those days were Jews leaving to escape the coming Nazi horrors. Today, that hatred of Jews has shockingly metastasized to many places around the world, including, I’m sorry to say, America. My own sister is Jewish, and I know there are people who would automatically hate her for that and wish her dead if they knew. I’ve even gotten the impression the past few days that a few of them are in Congress.

My sister converted to Judaism a number of years ago and recently recalled to me a particular experience she had when she walked up to a checkout counter wearing her inconspicuous Star of David necklace. The look of pure hatred she got from the cashier when he noticed it was something she had never seen before and will never forget. It will haunt her for the rest of her life.

It might also be noted that her synagogue is the one whose rabbi and three congregants were taken hostage just last year and held in a standoff for many hours.

In recent days I’ve also been reminded of another song called “Laughing Into 1939,” by Al Stewart. It’s set at a New Year’s Eve party, where happy celebrants are eagerly welcoming in the year that they don’t know will turn out to mark Hitler’s invasion of Poland and the start of a world war...

“For tonight is New Year’s Eve

Uncork your spirits and welcome it in

Who knows what it’s got up its sleeve

Can’t wait for it all to begin….”

I will say this: For the people welcoming in the year 1939, the stage had been set, and their fate was inevitable. They were naively partying with no hint of what was lurking just around the corner. In 2023, we have the advantage of having seen all this before, and that’s why we can see it coming again, so obviously. For those who will learn from history, it’s right in front of our faces. No excuses this time. We have to stop it.


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  • Gordon Andersen

    10/20/2023 08:15 AM

    Your newsletter and just about every other news outlet agonizes over how Congress is at a standstill because of a lack of the House Speaker. This is just one more example of how dysfunctional Congress is. I am a 20 year military veteran and also spent 40 years in the private sector. If a military leader is lost in battle there is a succession plan where the next person in line steps up and the mission continues. This plan continues all the way down the chain of command to the very last soldier.
    If a CEO in private business is fired the business doesn't shut down because of a lack of leadership, they also have an succession plan and business continues as usual. So tell me again how Congress must grind to a halt because the Speaker was fired? (for good cause I might add) We need a complete over hall of our Federal Government. Throw every last one of them out and start fresh!
    Thank you,
    Gordy Andersen


    10/20/2023 12:09 AM

    I think you were a little quick to MIS-judge Sidney Powell:
    A follower on X said:
    "Prosecutors knew their case was iffy. Powell brilliantly negotiated instead of facing a corrupt court system. She can go back at a later time and request charges dropped/expunged/pardoned. Powell will not testify against Trump but will exhibit evidence to prove his innocence."
    Her words on tonight's newsletter:
    "Please Read Friday's Newsletter
    Dear Patriots,
    Please take a deep breath and Hold Fast!
    We are limited on what we can say. Tomorrow is Good News Friday.
    Please stay tuned."

    And Techno Fog's Substack today:

  • Stephen K Lentz

    10/19/2023 07:40 PM

    She is an Israel hating, America hating woman who does not represent anything America stands for."

    I guess I need to remind you she and ALL members of "the squad" were elected and REELECTED by the "american voters"!!! I can only assume the majority of the sheeple in those districts agree with everything those "elected officials" have to say or you would think there would be talk about throwing them out of office which I have heard NOTHING about from you, faux news, cnn or msnbc!! THIS is the "new woke lib tard merica" the jackasses have created and you rinos have allowed to happen.

  • Stephen Russell

    10/19/2023 01:01 PM

    Cap Hill Protests
    Make= to J6
    Did worse than J6 BUT they get a Pass
    Send to J6 Prison