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November 12, 2022



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In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:6

"Huckabee" Preview

After a week like this, I think we all need to relax and enjoy some entertainment. So join me tonight for a new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN! I’ll talk about the elections with Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (whom I hope will be Governor-elect by airtime.) We’ll salute some special Veteran’s Day Huck’s Heroes. Much-needed laughter will be provided by comedian and Air Force veteran Dennis Gaxiola and our regular look at the world’s weirdest news on “In Case You Missed It.” And we’ll top it off with great music from the Grammy-nominated vocal group Avalon Worship.

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Election Updates

In Saturday morning’s seemingly endless vote count, Republicans now have 211 House seats and Democrats have 199. (Fox News projects that the Dems have 201, but I think they’re sometimes jumped the gun a little, so I’m going with Politico.)

218 are needed to take the majority. The Dems would need to win 19 of the remaining races, and the GOP only 7. Of those outstanding, Politico rates 5 as toss-ups. For the Republicans, 2 are likely GOP and 9 lean GOP. The Dems have 4 solid, 1 likely, and 4 leans. That means the GOP just has to win 7 of their 11 likely or leans GOP races. The Dems would have to win every race where they have an advantage, all 5 toss-ups, plus 5 of the likely/lean GOP races. That seems highly unlikely.

But don’t put it past them. Somehow, the longer vote counting goes on, the more ballots seem to turn Democrat, even in the most unlikely places. It’s sort of like how yellow bananas always turn brown if you just give them enough time.

Speaking of that, Decision Desk projects that Sen. Mark Kelly has won reelection over Republican Blake Masters in Arizona, though the vote is still being counted (they assume there aren’t enough GOP votes left to overcome Kelly’s lead.) That puts the Senate at 49-49, with Nevada still out and Georgia headed for a run-off.

In Arizona, Kelly ran as a moderate, pro-business Democrat, and his heavy advertising blunted Masters’ quite accurate message that Kelly voted in lockstep with Biden’s radical agenda, including open borders that are devastating Arizona. Masters made it pretty clear to Tucker Carlson who he largely blames for not having enough money to get his message out, and that’s Senate Republican Leader (for now anyway) Mitch McConnell, who wrote off the race early.

Another Republican who’s not thrilled with McConnell is former President Trump, who seems to be a bit ticked off at several fellow Republicans this week. This time, he might have a point. Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and other GOP Senators are also calling for delaying the election of the Party’s Senate leaders.

Democrat Adrian Fontes also won the race for Secretary of State in Arizona, which means we’ll have another Democrat running the 2024 election process there, just like we do now, oh joy of joys.

In the Governors’ races, after several more vote count batches were added in, Democrat Katie Hobbs (who refused to debate, was a terrible candidate, and wouldn’t recuse herself from running the election she was competing in – one that’s been marred by embarrassing incompetence) maintains her inexplicable lead over Republican Kari Lake. Lake has said that with the outstanding votes, it was mathematically impossible for Hobbs to win, yet somehow, she’s currently leading by 32,000 with 83% of the vote in at this writing. Well, you know how Democrats are always able to do very unlikely things with math.

One bright spot in Friday’s news: the GOP finally flipped its first Governor’s seat with Sheriff John Lombardo defeating Nevada's Gov. Steve Sisolak by 49.2% to 46.9%. Sisolak was unpopular for several reasons, chiefly his draconian lockdown policies that killed Las Vegas tourism, the state’s economic engine. With literally “a new sheriff in town,” maybe we’ll see some new election integrity measures that will finally end the jokes about Democrats always pulling out a win in Clark County after they count the ballots found in car trunks.


Biden makes everything worse

With his remarkable talent for taking bad ideas and making them infinitely worse, President Biden has declared what he wants to do if the Supreme Court ends “affirmative action” in universities (i.e., judging students by their skin color and discriminating against Asians.) To ensure that all kids get a good education, he wants to start putting them into public schools as early as age three!

Apparently, he thinks that if they only start public school young enough, they can figure out that they’re the wrong gender as early as age six. And learn to fight racism by judging people by the color of their skin. 

I’ve seen little evidence that taking children away from their parents when they’re still only toddlers increases their later academic success, but it does give our leftist indoctrination centers an even earlier start on separating them from their parents’ influence and turning them into good little (D)-voting social justice activists. For evidence, see Tuesday's elections. Speaking of...


 Played as fools

The website for applying for President Biden’s program to let other people pay off your student loans has been altered to accept no more applicants, in the wake of a federal judge declaring it not merely unconstitutional but really quite sincerely unconstitutional. And all those young voters who turned out to vote Dem and blunt the red wave, expecting to get a $10,000 pay-off from Uncle Sugar? Well, some of them are feeling played for fools. Because they were.

The Federalist’s co-founder Sean Davis opined that Biden doesn’t really care about pursuing this boondoggle to the Supreme Court, which would also likely toss it in the Dumpster as a huge violation of Congress’s appropriation powers. It was designed to bribe young voters to save the Dems in the midterms, and it worked, and now they’ve sold their votes for nothing. The Blaze’s Matt Kibbe called it “the best bait-and-switch scheme in modern political history.”

Bonchie at is even more brutal, writing that just like draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to keep gas prices artificially low until after the election, Biden essentially bought an election by writing an illegal student loan order to pay off young people to vote, knowing the program would never see the light of day. And even when the SCOTUS throws it out, he’ll have gotten exactly what he wanted and will never pay a price for it.  

The question is, will any of those young voters who were indoctrinated with leftist lies and just got scammed bigly learn anything from this? Will they be like the famous adage about a conservative being a liberal who got mugged? Hard to say. Leftism is now ingrained so deeply into some people that they can get mugged over and over and still vote for more of it.


Case in point:

The New York Post talked to some voters who just gave Gov. Kathy Hochul four more years, but who say now she needs to prioritize reducing crime. As one put it:

“I’m happy Hochul won, but I don’t want her to think winning gives her a pass to keep things status quo. She’s got her work cut out for her. None of us who rides the trains feel safe.”

Another said she couldn’t vote for Lee Zeldin because he supported Trump. However, “It’s not like subway crime is new but violent crime is happening a lot more. I want Hochul to prioritize addressing crime in New York City and I think she knows she has to.”

Really? How, pray tell, does she know that? The crime wave is caused by insane Democrat policies. When confronted about that, she denied that it existed and called it a conspiracy theory. Some thugs shot a bullet into her opponent’s house, and she still claimed there was no crime problem! I hate to break this to you, but she’s a “crime-denier.” But now that she’s been rewarded for it with reelection, you expect her to start fighting crime?

Do you also deal with children who throw tantrums by giving them a candy bar and saying, “Now, I'm sure they won’t do that again”?


Is Elon Musk a Biden target?

Is the latest target of Biden’s politicized DOJ billionaire Elon Musk?

This week, Biden made some bizarre and vaguely threatening comments, saying, "I think that Elon Musk's cooperation and/or technical relationships with other countries is worthy of being looked at." Translation: "Nice business you got there. Shame if something HAPPENED to it." 

My opinion: Musk is an international businessman, so I expect him to have relationships with other nations. I think what Biden’s really doing is abusing his power to threaten Musk for allowing free speech on Twitter, a platform he thought the left owned through an unholy and unconstitutional conspiracy between his Administration and leftist sycophant censors at Twitter who are fortunately now applying for gigs at Starbucks.

But I’m a fair man, so I’m willing to give Biden the benefit of the doubt. All he has to do to convince me that he’s truly concerned about prominent Americans having corrupt relationships with other countries is to call for a full and transparent investigation of his son Hunter and himself and their relationships with Ukraine and China.


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Comments 1-10 of 11

  • John Snell

    11/16/2022 09:03 AM

    Just like I never gave Obama"the benefit of a doubt" I will not give his student Biden any benefit of any doubt. Period. End of story.

  • Samuel L. Smith Sr.

    11/14/2022 12:10 PM

    I am going to get right to the point! WE have seen two elections stolen now. The GOP and the Republican voters better get their act together! We have two years to get our act together by 2024 if this country Constitutional Republic is still here we can kiss it good-by. You can bet come hell to high waters the lefties will "STEEL" the election and then this time they kill our Constitutional Republic, and welcome in a one world government!

  • dave allen

    11/13/2022 03:29 PM

    re played as fools, Biden will easily blame the republicans and the conservative supreme court for his student-loan bribery & fiasco. the "problem" is all these people who let the Constitution stand in the way of people getting what they want. they're the problem. but these young idiots will find out WAY too late that there is (was?) a reason for it.

  • stephen russell

    11/13/2022 10:12 AM

    GOP lost election due to:
    No Unity
    Trumps comments to Desantis & Youngkin
    Indoc voters who vote blue
    Voting machine software issues
    Rerun 2020 scams
    NOT reading voting population
    Old Blood
    Purge GOP RNC

    Or run same for 2024

  • stephen russell

    11/13/2022 10:01 AM

    Due to election issues Time to Purge GOP

    No RINOs
    No "moles"
    New blood
    New policies
    No Hype
    Strong leaders
    or Lose 2024

  • Carmine Fea

    11/13/2022 05:40 AM

    Gov. Huckabee: Republican leaders are fools, they lost this easily winnable election because they are fools. I do not use the stronger language they deserve. Rick Scott a relatively short time before the election talked about putting social security up for a vote every 5 years. Rick Scott is the biggest fool. Republicans with intent to change social security do not win elections, which republican leaders know. Rick Scott and other republican leaders have done great harm to the republican party. Saying he would not touch social security helped Trump win election in 2016. These current fool republicans have made it necessary for a republican candidate for president in 2024 to promise not to touch social security in order to have a chance of winning. Another fool Lindsey Graham, said he wanted republicans to legislatively restrict abortion rights. Leaders of the republican party threw the election and let down republican party voters, likely forever losing many of them. They destroyed the republican party Trump put together and won, which could have been their intent based on their unbelievable dumbbell intelligence.

  • Rosalia LiBassi

    11/12/2022 10:51 PM

    Your comments always have humor, which make it light. I however see no hope, for our elections or the gop. How to win was perfected by the dems. I am afraid we are a one party country now. The winning party also have authoritarian tendencies. So, joy I am done voting and giving, small as my donations were. I am sure the persecution of conservatives will continue. There is no one defending those still detained. Mr Trump will continue to be politically persecuted or worse.

  • John Loflin

    11/12/2022 10:19 PM

    Dear Governor,How long must the we sit back and put up with the lack of electoral integrity to hat the Democratic party power mongers keep shelling out? Cry foul all you want and the same usurpation of power continues!

  • Shelley Hoelz

    11/12/2022 09:56 PM

    Arizona is a mess! The democrats have totally destroyed all voter integrity in the state and will continue to destroy the state and disenfranchise voters in the voter, suppressing republican votes with it. Fontes was in charge of the 2020 elections and was actually one that helped start us down this corrupt path. Now he is going to be in charge of the entire state! But the votes aren't all counted, and amazing they are delaying the count in heavy republican precincts, which is also where all the issues were happening. So we CANNOT trust the vote because with those unsecured ballots, who knows what happened to them. The chain of custody and accurate tracing of those ballots is highly suspect.
    When I worked the Arizona polls, ALL voided ballots had to be also turned in and accounted for. We had to count ALL ballots, ballots in the tabulated were already counted, so we had to count all uncounted ballots, and they had to balance! WOW! Did they account for those ballots stuffed into Box #3? How many were actually put there, and how do we know those were the ones counted, because at this point they are actually out of control of being tracked. It's not like the mail in ballots with an envelope and signature. These are loose ballots, not counted, and no identification of any kind tied with them. This is a HUGE problem!
    This election is Arizona is so disturbing and depressing. We no longer have any confidence in our elections - Arizona is a banana republic state.

  • W.B.Harris

    11/12/2022 09:54 PM

    I saw this the other and thought it was good.

    THANKSGIVING ODE ~ by [email protected]

    No! The stockings aren’t filled by the chimney with care, nor is anyone sleeping with hopes old St Nick would be there. We’re not going to fast forward to another time and place, but are planning to enjoy today and keeping pace… with the Turkey Day celebration coming soon.

    Instant ‘this’ and instant ‘that’, isn’t the way we’re to live, but enjoy life as it was meant to be. “ONE DAY AT AS TIME” was the master scheme, so we could find and relish all the warm fuzzies that are squeezed into a day for you and me.

    THANKSGIVING is a serious and fun time. We are to think about all the blessings that have occurred in our lives, while sharing it with family and friends. Too often we hurry around each day like the preverbal ‘chicken without a head’ and forget about the blessings of this Land for what we really have or do we just don’t even care?

    Does that remind you of the bah-hum-bug character of THE CHRISTMAS STORY?

    The Land of Plenty is slowly losing the blessings, which once made this Nation a great place to live. We were the envy of the World, because we stood together on the principles of freedom under GOD, loving our fellow man as ourselves and reaching out to assist others to reach the goals of their dreams too.

    Just shy of 300 years, this Nation was fertilized with hopes ‘n dreams and with the growing pains developed into the richest and powerful Nation, because of the creed of humanity that burned within our breasts.

    But within the last Century, somewhere the decisions of ‘self’ were planted and are now starting to erode the fiber that kept us warm, nurtured, proud, protected and has hindered the vision of One Nation Under God, because we think we know better than working & thinking for the betterment of all kinds.

    When the goals of the mind supersede the goals of the heart, then our direction strays from the original intent and our journey into history now falters. It is said that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so to, its demise travels just as fast. When the vision fades then the purpose is lost and then each is to their own way.

    Around the world we don’t hear African-French or German-Canadian or English-Aussie, but here we separate that, which the melting pot made Americans. I wasn’t born in this country, but for the principles for which this Nation stood on, I am an American!

    So I count my blessings on this the coming THANKSGIVING! I have a home and wonderful family that I have been blessed to be part of, all because a couple 70 years ago, welcomed me in, loved me and gave of their lives, just like the solders did in worn torn Europe in WWII that made it possible for me to be freed from a boxcar.

    I didn’t earn it, but I certainly don’t want to lose it… A great price has been paid over the centuries for what we have today, don’t let it slip through our fingers… it’ll never come back.