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August 16, 2023

The House needs to launch impeachment inquiries immediately for Joe Biden, Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray.

That’s according to legal analyst Margot Cleveland, who says it’s about time the Legislative Branch “flexes its impeachment muscle” to uncover the truth.  In her new column, she makes the case that Garland appointing David Weiss special counsel for the Hunter Biden case “not only contradicts any earlier claims that there was no need for such an appointment, but it also contradicts nearly everything we’ve been told about the investigation and the DOJ’s role.”

If Weiss really had been the ultimate decision-maker, he wouldn’t have needed the appointment.  Cleveland explains that even without this new change in status, Weiss could have gotten approval from Garland to bring cases in DC and/or California, and he had even said he “was assured that [he] would be granted this authority if it proved necessary.”  So that can’t be the reason.

No, Garland’s sudden appointment of Weiss as special counsel confirms that there was a conflict of interest all along.  So, why didn’t he do it in the first place?  “It is clear Garland failed to fulfill his duties as attorney general by refusing to grant Weiss that status years ago,” Cleveland says.

It’s simple:  either Weiss was in charge of the investigation, or he was not.  “Naming Weiss special counsel confirms everything we’ve been told before now was a farce.”  Weiss “gave Garland cover, allowed the DOJ to apparently interfere in the investigation, entered a sweetheart deal with Hunter Biden, and removed the IRS whistleblowers from the investigation,” and this “renders him incapable of serving as an independent special counsel.”

The irony is that “while Garland touted the appointment of a special counsel as providing Americans confidence in the integrity of the investigation into Hunter Biden, putting Weiss in that role contradicted every assurance of independence he gave.”

Recall that according to the whistleblowers, there were others in the office who impeded their work in numerous ways.  The culmination of that was Weiss’s FIRING of the whistleblowers and Gary Shapley’s entire team of experts who had been working on the case for five years.  These were experts who specialized in international money laundering and tax evasion cases.

It’s shocking to think that the very person who did that --- if that was even his decision and not from higher up --- is the one who is in charge of the “independent” investigation now.  And his team is now lacking those experts.  “...Even if Weiss plans to move forward with a real investigation,” Cleveland writes, “the complexity of the Biden family corruption investigation is likely far beyond his and his local team’s skill set.”

She also notes that even with Weiss’s upgrade, “the bottom line is that Weiss still reports to Garland, and Garland’s boss is Joe Biden.”  And at this point, as we enter serious campaign season, department regulations prohibit Weiss from investigating a presidential candidate “without permission.”  On the chance Weiss even asks for that, do you think in your wildest dreams that Garland will grant it?  So Weiss is “independent” to follow the facts where they lead...until they lead to the Big Guy.  Then he’ll have to back off.

Complaining, Cleveland says, “won’t move the needle” on this situation, and neither will the “current investigative trajectory.”  Because of the clear conflict of interest, the Executive Branch --- even under the title of special counsel --- cannot properly investigate Joe Biden.  For that reason, and since the scandal goes beyond the Biden family to encompass the DOJ and FBI’s obstruction of the investigation, impeachment inquiries are the way to go.

New suggestions of financial ties between Hunter and his father were reported by FOX NEWS on Tuesday, and more members of Congress, such as Greg Steube of Florida and Tim Burchett of Tennessee, called for action.

Here’s a curious segment of newly-revealed timeline:  Did you know that Hunter’s attorneys began negotiating their “sweetheart” plea deal with the DOJ right after the first IRS whistleblower announced he was coming forward?  That was in May of this year.  It appears Hunter’s attorneys were scrambling to put their case to bed --- with immunity for Hunter in perpetuity --- before that testimony came along and blew everything up.  Thanks to Judge Maryanne Noreika for not being a “rubber stamp.”


RELATED:  Concerning another judge...we’ve learned that Tanya S. Chutkan, the judge presiding over Trump’s J6 case being prosecuted by special counsel Jack Smith, previously worked at Boies Schiller Flexner, a big Democrat powerhouse firm that employed Hunter and even represented Burisma Holdings while Hunter was on their board.  They were both there between 2010 and 2014.  Even had to rate this claim “True.”

Judge Chutkan was reportedly chosen at random from a pool of about 20 judges, but if that’s the case, Jack Smith certainly hit the jackpot.  As reported by THE NATIONAL PULSE, Boies Schiller Flexner even worked for Fusion GPS.  You cannot get more steeped in politics than this firm was and is.  When Fusion GPS tried to block revealing the source of payments for the Steele “dossier” (the DNC and Hillary’s campaign, haha), Chutkan recused herself from that case over concerns about impartiality.  If impartiality was a concern then, why isn’t it now?  In her words and her sentencing, she’s shown she is clearly not impartial.  She should be removed from this case.


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