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March 7, 2023

President Biden reportedly plans to run for reelection, despite the facts that he’ll be 82 in 2024, there are serious questions about his mental capacities, polls show that less than 40% of Democrats want him to be the nominee, and he apparently can’t walk up the steps of Air Force One without doing an impression of Buster Keaton.

All of this has top level Party leaders quietly panicking, partly because they don’t want Biden to run but can’t do anything to oppose him if he does, and partly because if he declines to run, they have a pretty empty bench of replacement candidates. The Obama/Biden Administration was so unpopular that a whole generation of state-level Democrats got voted out of office. The only candidates they have now are Senators who range from mediocre and little-known to well-known, geriatric and crazy-left (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren) or Governors of blue states like Gavin Newsom who are best known for their nutty leftist policies that are destroying their states and driving people to flee to red states in record numbers.

According to Politico, this has Dem leaders contemplating asking one of their big names from the past to step in, like Hillary Clinton or Al Gore (did I mention these are also proven losers who, to borrow a phrase from Don Lemon, really are “past their prime,” by anywhere from eight to 24 years?)

I was on “Hannity” on Fox News last night (see it at the link below), and I noted that when Alabama’s football team was struggling, bumper stickers appeared saying, “Dig up Bear Bryant.” So rather than running outdated losers like Al or Hillary, why not go all the way back to a real winner and dig up FDR?

I would suggest the father of the Democratic Party, Andrew Jackson, but he doesn’t seem all that popular these days.

Related: In that “Hannity” clip, Kayleigh McEnany predicted that Gavin Newsom wouldn’t run for President and Biden would run and would get coronated. I predicted that Newsom will run and get cremated. Here’s a good example of the type of far-left, short-sighted, grandstanding decisions he makes that disqualify him for higher office (or the one he’s in now, frankly.)

Walgreens announced that it would no longer offer the abortion pill in 20 states where Republican lawmakers are moving to make it illegal. Seems like a fairly reasonable business decision: “We will not sell illegal drugs.” But Newsom is such a pro-abortion extremist that he accused Walgreens of “cowering to the extremists” and declared that the state of California will no longer do business with Walgreens. Frankly, after hearing about Walgreens closing stores because they were being robbed blind thanks to the criminal-coddling leftist DA’s, I wasn’t sure if there were any Walgreens stores left in California.

Turns out there are, but Newsom is determined to drive them out of business, too, because they won’t provide abortion pills to people in other states where they’re illegal. It doesn’t matter to him that he might be driving up drug prices for Californians, killing jobs and removing stores from neighborhoods that need them. His need to defend abortion at all costs for people who don’t even live in his state takes precedence over all of that.

I’d feel sorry for Californians, but they had the opportunity to abort Newsom’s gubernatorial term, and they didn’t do it, so they’ll just have to live with the consequences.

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