March 23, 2020

I know that what used to be respected news outlets are now just PR agencies for the DNC, but couldn’t they at least be a little less obvious about it? Like the New York Times, whose story about the Democrats threatening the economy by blocking the emergency coronavirus bill had its headline changed three times in one day, and with each new version, less and less blame accrued to the Democrats…

First try: “Democrats Block Action on $1.8 Trillion Stimulus”

Wait, that’s way too accurate! How about this: “Democrats Block Action on Stimulus Plan, Seeking Worker Protections.” That makes them sound like they care about the workers, right?

Oh, no, wait: that still honestly says that the Democrats were the ones who blocked it. So here’s the final version (for now, at least):

“Partisan Divide Threatens Deal on Rescue Bill.”

Yes, that puts equal blame for its failure on the Republicans who voted to pass it. Much better! That ensures that the invitations to the DC Democrat cocktail parties will keep coming if the parties ever resume.

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As of Monday morning, the number of coronavirus cases in the US has surpassed 35,000, with 17,000 being in New York alone. New York has joined California, New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut in ordering residents to stay at home. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott decided not to do that, at least not yet, since many Texas counties have yet to see even one positive test. But a judge issued a two-week stay-at-home order for residents of Dallas County.

President Trump has dispatched a US Navy hospital ship to New York harbor to help handle the cases, and he’s activated the National Guard in New York, California and Washington to help Governors carry out missions to stop the virus. (Note that New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio told “Meet The Press” Sunday, "The president of the United States is from New York City and he will not lift a finger to help his hometown.” I wouldn’t blame Trump for lifting a finger to DeBlasio. If this is how he deals with a crisis, maybe he should go lift weights in that gym he visits while banning everyone else from going, and let someone more qualified deal with it. Like one of those squeegee guys who have come back.)

Some on the left are criticizing Trump for not taking even more drastic measures, such as invoking a nationwide lockdown instead of letting state Governors set policy. So after three years of telling us that Trump is an autocratic dictator who wants to be another Hitler, they’re now criticizing him for not being an autocratic dictator. If your head is swimming and you feel confused, those are not symptoms of coronavirus, just of watching the news.

There are now five nations reporting positive results in treating the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus with a drug cocktail that includes the antimalarial drug, hydroxychloroquine. Here’s the latest report from researchers in France.


Joe Biden has receded into the background so fast, he’s desperate to get back into the headlines, especially now that Democrats whose eyes are glazed over about him as their candidate are now talking about drafting New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. So Biden announced that he will begin competing with President Trump by holding his own daily press conferences on the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus.

This announcement was accompanied by the usual attacks on how Trump is dealing with the crisis, ending with the tagline, “This moment calls for a President.” Okay, I try to be a nice guy, but I’m about to hit a 77-year-old man with a hard bag of truth:

This moment HAS a President, Joe, and it ain’t you. All you will do by holding daily news conferences to contradict what the President says is confuse and mislead Americans at a time when getting the best-sourced information is literally a matter of life and death, both for people and the US economy. You have already demonstrated that you do not have access to the type of information that Trump does when you blasted him as xenophobic for shutting down travel from China early on, a move that bought us weeks of time and likely saved thousands of American lives. You would have let infected people just come pouring in. This either shows you have terrible judgement, or no access to the kind of information the President has, or (and this is my guess) both.

America has a President. What it needs now are statesmen. Those are people who put petty political squabbles aside during a crisis, rally around America’s elected leader, and do whatever they can to bring Americans together so that we can overcome this danger.

With this latest reprehensibly selfish, divisive and irresponsible move, you have not only embarrassed yourself, you have proved you are no statesman, and you are certainly not worthy of ever being President.


Monday Fake News, Coronavirus Edition: Many media outlets and Twitter twits went on a rage against President Trump, accusing him of pushing false hope by declaring a combination of drugs including hydroxychlorophine to be a miracle cure for the Wuhan flu (see what I did there?) Or as Mediaite put it, “Trump Touts Unproven Coronavirus Drug Cocktail As 'One Of The Biggest Game Changers In The History Of Medicine.'”

No, he did not say that. They left out his preceding qualifiers, including saying that “if it works,” it could be a game-changer, “and maybe not.”

What does it tell us about the mindset of our current “news” media that they can hear the President say there’s a possibility we might have a cure for a deadly pandemic that’s shut down the US economy, and they think that the most newsworthy part of that statement is that if you edit and twist it enough, you can use it to make the President sound like a liar?

It’s incredible that something so serious and frightening still hasn’t been able to penetrate the media’s terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and shock or shame them into acting like responsible professionals. They have seemingly learned nothing, certainly not humility or the limits of their expertise, since the earliest days of this crisis, when they attacked Trump as a racist and xenophobe for shutting down travel from China.

I assume they would prefer Trump had reacted the way the PC mayor of Florence, Italy, did, by showing defiance of “xenophobia” by encouraging Italians to “hug a stranger.” That worked out well, didn’t it?

And as recently as February 8th, the chairman of the New York City Council Health Committee was tweeting for everyone to turn out for the Lunar New Year parade in Chinatown, to show “defiance of (the) coronavirus scare.”

So when any of these people attack the way Trump is dealing with this unprecedented crisis, ask them: “Why should we listen to anything you have to say? Have you gotten ANYTHING right so far?”

On that subject, here are “10 Ways the Left Has Politicized the Coronavirus Pandemic.” But this article is a week old, so there are a lot more by now.

And on a similar subject, as tough as it is to choose who should be Miss Universe out of all those contenders, or which movie out of a whole year’s worth of releases is the “Best Picture,” imagine how hard it must be to narrow it down to only the “Top 10 Lies About President Trump’s Response to the Coronavirus.”

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If your kids can’t go to school and you’re looking for educational Internet content for them, here are a couple of suggestions:

Several zoos and aquariums around the nation have installed webcams so that kids can watch sea otters, penguins and other animals without leaving the house.

And here are links to 12 famous museums around the world that have online virtual tours where you can view some of the world’s greatest treasures of art and history from your home. See, there is more to the Internet that seeing what your Facebook friends had for lunch.


One sector of the economy hardest hit by all the shutdowns of bars, restaurants and concert venues are all the independent musicians who make their income from playing live. If you’re a musician, or know one who’s hurting, you might be interested in this list of resources to help musicians, compiled by Billboard magazine.

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  • donn w greathouse

    03/25/2020 12:52 PM

    Hi Mike, I'm sure you know who George Gilder is, and my even read him.
    So, I am anxious that you will read an excerpt from his missive on our present situation, which I have submitted below.

    Crises change economic leaders, filter out vulnerable companies, strengthen the survivors and open the way to new industries.

    I’m involved with a number of biotech companies started by my young genius pal Matt Scholz.

    He has many interesting views on the crisis and one of his companies may have already developed a vaccine. And so have various rivals. But the issue is how quickly vaccines can be produced in volume. I think I heard something like a year.

    As an alternative, Matt points to existing anti-malarial drugs, which have been shown to mitigate the effects of the virus:

    If I were running the country, I’d squeeze a big pharma and pay them to make tons of this stuff tomorrow. Then I’d start giving it to every geriatric person who can safely take it if they have been anywhere near a SARS-CoV-2-positive person as post-exposure prophylaxis!

    After that, I’d start giving it to younger patients who test positive and have worsening symptoms. It’s admittedly a bit of a swing for the fences, but small-molecule drug manufacturing is scalable and cheap — health care providers and critical care infrastructure are neither. Even with a modest effect size, keeping the most vulnerable patients healthy could be life or death for the health care system itself. It would also allow younger people to get back to work without undue risk and give us a shot at preventing an economic catastrophe of epic proportions. We already know these drugs are well-tolerated; we’ve given them to healthy travelers on their way to malaria-endemic regions for decades.

    It’s true that we don’t yet have proper large double-blind placebo-controlled trials proving they work for this purpose, but by the time we do, we’ll have lost many thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

    That’s the problem — not developing solutions but mobilizing to manufacture them in a country that the climate cranks, weather bores and chemophobes have rendered direly hostile to manufacturing and chemical companies.

    Also, the problem is the health care burden on infrastructure.

  • Randy R Reecer

    03/24/2020 05:08 PM

    Some one suggested that President Trump should be arrested for murder because of this virus. I think we should have Nancy and Chuck prosecuted for mass murder of many people and our economy by holding the stimulus bill hostage for their own political gain.

  • Katie Grev

    03/24/2020 05:02 PM

    Thank you Mike for your updates without any beating around the bush. You tell it as it is with your delightful sarcasm & humor.

  • jack macdonald

    03/24/2020 12:58 PM

    Of course, I agree with the people who have so accurately identified the Dems for what they are. They are disgusting beyond description. I don't know who does their PR, but they are miserable failures to think they are pursuing the right course.

    I have a thought regarding the mask shortage. I am a former IBM manager and we were traIned to solve problems. I see everbody spraying disinfectand on just about everything. Why don't they disinfect the used masks and reuse them rather them discarding them. Spray them, soak them in disinfectant or any other method to make them reusable. Shouldn't someone have thought of this? What a waste!!

  • Kathleen Blais

    03/24/2020 12:53 PM

    My apologies for my lack of knowledge, but
    A) Can President Trump demand that any stimulus bill contain ONLY Virus related provisions?
    B) Is there a way to force ALL bills to contain ONLY one "subject"?

  • Carol Godsey

    03/24/2020 10:15 AM

    Democrat leaders in Congress, YOU are a public disgrace. When this crisis is over, you may well see your party in tatters at your hands, It's OUR money and Americans need it NOW - not when you bloody well get around to it.

  • Kay DeWitt

    03/24/2020 10:13 AM

    Because I got up this morning later than usual, I decided to read TODAY'S edition BEFORE I read this, last night's, EVENING edition....And, UPON my reading it, it served to underscore my closing paragraph.....and BECAUSE it did, I am going to copy, and paste, that paragraph below because it will also explain why your message in this newsletter needs to go viral...BELOW IS WHAT I WROTE MINUTES AGO:

    Ya know how I am always talking about my  (His) cry for our dying kids? Well, my cry caught the ears of a well-known personality and I don't know what is on GOD'S agenda for me, IN all of "this", but my message now INCLUDES how the Democrats' hatred of President Trump that will not stop trying to destroy.." kill".. him is no different than the hatred that has kids wanting to kill other kids and I will leave no stone unturned to try and have that message OUTSHOUT this demonic hatred of our President that, despite the crisis we are facing with this pandemic, hasn't lost a beat!!!  It's BEYOND scandalous!!!!....

    If I feel led to write an article EXPRESSING what I stated in the above paragraph, I will use your message in this newsletter via saying something like: "I don't know of anyone who sheds light on the reality OF the darkness of the Democrats' hatred for our President than Mike Huckabee because he points out, in article after article, how, no matter WHAT President Trump does the Democrats vilify him for it! One day they will criticize him for NOT doing something, and then, the next day, when he DOES it, they then criticize him for DOING it! Mike Huckabee brings out this insanity when he states:" '....................................' "

  • Mike French

    03/24/2020 10:03 AM

    Well done Mike.... Go git 'em

  • Phil Cohn

    03/24/2020 07:23 AM

    Economic Crash of small businesses must stop. Quarantine the vulnerable.
    Let people go back to work. Some will die driving to work in car accidents. We can’t stop everything. Some will get colds or Covid19 but be ok.

  • Thomas Douglas Roper

    03/24/2020 07:19 AM

    Thank you for keeping us informed.

  • Kevin J. Cook

    03/24/2020 01:07 AM

    I literally hate democrats. They are more disgusting than the bugs, bats, snakes and anything that moves that the Chinese eat to spread their pandemics.

  • Richard Boultinghouse

    03/23/2020 11:52 PM

    I only have one comment ref. your comments about Biden. AMEN, clueless about almost anything he talks about!

  • Dusty

    03/23/2020 11:12 PM

    Gov you said it all in this message on Biden and how terrible he is and his no doubt Dementia. Sad that the Demos try to even put him out there and embarrass this man. Time that we all should be together and politics set aside for what we face around the world today and this Virus and those who are now dying. Demos cannot let go they want the control to push their agenda they have out for years now and big part was to let China take over our mfg and millions of our jobs and then how did we give them 80% of our drugs to make WHY? Then they hid for months this virus and not just in China VP Biden it is around the World do you know the World anymore as your mind is changing? See our Congress is fighting and the Demos do not want to take care of the people who lost JOBS. Not time for the environment.
    Governor I read tonight that an Israel Dr is saying that in Italy they cannot put anyone 60 on vent per not enough . Is this the truth and for real? How is this possible the rest of the world and other places like even Russia cannot provide ventilators . That a few countries do not have medical ships to send and help or fly out these patience to where they can be put on a ventilator. 60 is young so if this is true something needs to be done by the WHO and others across the world even the Chinese? Gov. Huckabee please clarify and I hope this is not happening. No need if all come together to help one another?
    Demos are cutting their own throats now and in trying to keep taking down this President can no longer work. Not the time to play games per the people out here suffering and loss of loved ones. Pray.

  • Lorraine Gray

    03/23/2020 10:50 PM

    Las Vegas has been shut down for nearly a week now. No hotels, restaurants, bars, conventions,are open. The only thing allowed to be open are grocery stores, gas stations and health care. My husband is a cab driver who was laid off for 30 days but the Senate and news dont seem to care about them. You would actually think that having Vegas be a ghost town would make your list. Sure we aren't one of your back east cities but we are " fairly well known". We have been hit hard.

  • Dick Ostheller

    03/23/2020 10:26 PM

    Thanks for providing a reliable news source. As you know, most everything else is (;;(=*+&-*/)......

  • Pattie Prince

    03/23/2020 10:05 PM

    Thank you for your clear headed communication! God Bless our Country111

  • Larry Mundt

    03/23/2020 09:54 PM

    If I had a picture of Nancy Peloisi I would make a wanted poster her picture, Wanted Braindead or Alive $1,000,000.00. Maybe we should open up business and shut down government. Send her and the Dems home without pay and let them think about it.

  • Robert Carter

    03/23/2020 09:52 PM

    You and your staff are to be congratulated for your research, enabling at least those with internet access to find good natural history resources to help them keep seeing the wonders of god's creation. I wonder if libraries could be authorized to distribute books on these wonders, and more school subject material (via volunteers also), to the homes of children without internet access.

  • Renee Kendrick

    03/23/2020 09:51 PM

    The Dimmies in DC are Dummies. Narsasistic obtuse airheads. Senseless lamebrain nincompoops. Dopey mindless donkeys. Yes, there are so many more synonyms for one common word - STUPID!!! They are crazy! Yes, donkey is a synonym for stupid. Just look it up for yourself on the Webster's Dictionary app. Once again, the donkey describes the Democratic party to perfection! Enough said. Heehaw!

  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    03/23/2020 09:48 PM

    With all the uncertainty out there, as a simple person of faith, I have choices. I can either stock up on toilet paper, or I can trust Christ Jesus and believe that He is still in control. For me, I'm getting out there and enjoying the Son shine!


    03/23/2020 09:42 PM


  • Dru Lopez

    03/23/2020 09:39 PM

    Did you watch the Joel Osteen show yesterday? He certainly told a David story that turns it, in a roundabout way, to what he feels about this Chinese virus and that everything is going to be ok. I wish I had your way with words I could explain it better. I hope to someday visit your show in TN. Love your guests, your humor, and look forward to watching each week, usually DVR to make sure we see it.

  • Sherry Glascock

    03/23/2020 09:34 PM

    Bet you are tired of hearing from me but today I and my Husband are so mad at the leaders of the Demorat party. The said from the first they would cause a recession or depression to make the President take the blame for it. Will they are so stupid and like Sen. Kennedy said we had genius form our Government and now idiots are running it. The President is the smartest man and he know to keep the large companies afloat is the only way we can have a sound country after this is all over. The Dummy's are wanting the American people to die and that will leave the illegals to be helped and not the Americans for they will vote for them. I hope Nancy and Chuck will not be in office in November they should be arrested for treason for the Job they have tried to take over our government and remove our President . He has done nothing wrong just like Abe L this is the same history story

  • George Reynolds

    03/23/2020 09:33 PM

    Another Web site kids can go to to learn and have fun learning, is NASA's

  • Robin Rebhan

    03/23/2020 09:04 PM

    I live in upstate NY and already there is talk of a shortage of hospitals and beds to treat patients.
    About ten years ago " The Baker Commission " reduced the number of hospitals in New York State, merged existing Hospitals. Right now there are a lot of former hospitals either boarded up or just gone to waste and ruin due to cost savings and " efficiency ".
    The Baker Commission was a body of anonymous members. It was almost a secret society.
    A board member of one of the hospitals that closed was on the local TV news way back then, and he predicted something like this happening. Even before the Corona Virus many hospitals in my area were already short staffed.
    I walk my dog around one of the closed medical facilities everyday. It's a shame.