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March 31, 2023

With six Christian families mourning the deaths of loved ones, three of them children, at the hands of a “transgender” mass murderer, the spokeswoman for President Biden declared, “Our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now.” That got the reaction it richly deserved.

And on Thursday, Biden issued a White House proclamation honoring the “Transgender Day of Visibility” (Seriously? Is there ANY day now when transgender activists aren’t merely visible, but literally screaming in our faces?) He declared that “Transgender Americans shape our nation’s soul” (God help us), and that they are the “bravest people” he knows.

Funny, I’d say the bravest people I know are those who dare to stand up and defend the truth of God’s word in the face of violent threats from radicalized monsters like the person who just gunned down six innocent Christians in Nashville. Or how about the volunteers who continue to work to save babies’ lives and help families and young mothers at pro-life pregnancy centers, despite death threats and firebomb attacks by leftist, pro-abortion radicals whom the Biden administration protects and refuses to classify as terrorists?

Now ask me who the most shameful people I know are. I warn you, it’s getting to be a long list.

Related: Despite what the White House, the media and trans activists keep claiming, there is no “trans genocide.” As I wrote yesterday, statistics show that “trans” people are among the smallest percentages of victims of hate crimes (2%), according to the FBI. Today, Brandon Morse at has even more stats destroying the claim of a “trans genocide,” calling it “sensationalized nonsense from a media attempting to pass off a narrative.”

Here are just a few of the stats Morse relays: Transgender people murdered in the US equal out to about 0.002% of the population, “making them one of the least murdered people in the country.” Even the Human Rights Campaign admits that up to 74% of trans people who were murdered were killed by a friend or intimate partner. A study in the UK found that between 2007 and 2017, trans people were 58% more likely to murder someone than to be murdered. And “according to the National Library of Medicine, 82 percent of transgender individuals consider killing themselves, and of those, 40% have tried killing themselves.” So trans people are far more likely to be killed by another trans person (including themselves) than by any Christian or Republican.

(This falls in line with a popular meme that's going around online that reads, "We could reduce killings by 90% if Democrats would just stop shooting people.")

It should go without saying that none of this is meant to downplay the murder of any human being. Murder is a horrible crime. As Clint Eastwood said in “Unforgiven,” you take away everything the victim has and everything he’s ever going to have. Anyone who would place a political agenda over the sacredness of human life is sick and needs to do some serious thinking and praying.

It’s too bad that message has obviously failed to reach the White House.

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