In keeping with our recurring theme that all news involving President Trump, no matter how positive, must start by finding something negative and expanding on that, the media are trying to discount his successful use of a tariff threat to get Mexico to stop the flow of migrants from Central America across Mexico and into the US.  The chosen negative spin at this writing is a claim that the deal was actually hammered out months ago, so Trump’s tariff threat had nothing to do with it.

Pardon my rolling eyeballs, but do these reporters have any idea how many idle promises have been made to America over the years by various nations that had no intention of keeping them?  If not, then no wonder they think Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was a stroke of genius.

If it’s true that Mexico promised to do something months ago, then why did it take them until last week to suddenly start doing anything, like sending 6,000 troops to their border with Guatemala and arresting caravan organizers for human trafficking?

I guess CNN, the New York Times, et al, think that’s just a random coincidence that has nothing to do with Trump’s totally irrelevant tariff threat.  If they believe that, I have some Russian collusion conspiracy theories I’d like to sell them. 

In a related story, President Trump made a great point about Mexico’s stepped-up efforts: Mexico has now done more to stop illegal immigration into the US than the Democratic Party has.

Admittedly, that’s a pretty low bar.  The Democrats probably set the bar so low deliberately to make it easy to hop over it and come in illegally. 


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  • Ralph J Kirkhart Jr.

    06/13/2019 09:45 AM

    If folks on the right riding the Trump Train believe that some day, the Main Stream Media will cover POTUS Fairly and all will be Rainbows and Unicorns? Stop! This is a battle to the end and it will never stop even after Trump has left office! The left has sworn Jihad against this man and his administration. This will be messy!