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August 30, 2022

Here are two rules to keep in mind if you want to stay healthy: (1.) Never handcuff yourself to a homicidal psychopath; and (2.) Never commit your state to do whatever the government of California does.

Incredibly, Democrats who were in charge of several states, including Washington and Massachusetts, actually did #2, which now has many of their residents wanting to go #1 on them. These states are either planning, or are bound by insane laws of their own devising, to go along with California’s attempt to ban sales of all new gas-powered cars by 2035. Yes, California plans to force everyone into an electric vehicle in a state that can’t even generate enough electricity to keep the lights on. And all those other liberal-run states looked at that and said, “Brilliant! We have to do that, too!”

One state that has no interest in joining Californians as they sit in the dark is Virginia. Unfortunately, during that recent small window of Democrats being fully in charge (and Americans are learning how quickly they can destroy everything if given complete power), the Virginia legislature and Gov. Ralph “Blackface” Northam signed a bill requiring Virginia to impose whatever emissions laws California came up with. Now, Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin is trying to get lawmakers to repeal that idiotic law, arguing that Virginians should not be forced to live under laws dreamed up by unelected bureaucrats in California.

One other possibility for circumventing this is a lawsuit currently being pressed by 17 states against the EPA to rescind its exemption for California to set its own auto emissions standards. The plaintiffs make the entirely reasonable case that it’s a violation of the equal sovereignty of the states to let just one state change federal emissions standards and impose its own standards on manufacturers, causing vehicles to become more expensive for everyone.

No state leader anywhere should be looking to the example of Gavin Newsom and the California state government as anything other than a cautionary tale. You should not want your state to become another California. These days, even Californians don’t want to be Californians, which is why so many of them are becoming transplanted Texans.


PS - Another way in which you don’t want your state to be like California:

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  • Ed Thompson

    09/05/2022 10:25 AM

    This story on Virginia going along with anything California has answered a question I have asked for years— why is it that the entire country has to do what ever California does? Who moved Washington DC to California? Now I understand. The leadership of California is actually smarter than all those people who got elected in both the capital of America and the capital of all the other states combined! Why do we even bother having these elections in our states and for America? Lets just do what everyone in California does and everything will be fantastic!! Personally I think being able to just drop trough and do your business in the streets or on a sidewalk of your choice in your town sounds great! Ya. Guess I will wait for my handout for an electric vehicle. And the windmill and solar panels to charge it with! Wonder how many Amish are switching to them? Geezze should I get a sex change or just tell everyone I’m now a dog or cat or anything else? California has so many good ideas like that! Vote please please people. Get rid of the craziness. And ask Jesus to help us all.

  • Norma Holmes

    09/04/2022 06:40 PM

    WSJ editorial sunday asserts Democrats need to keep Trump running for President in order to get reelected as issue will be Trump rathher than devastated economy, border, energy, debt failed polcies! Please warn GOP And Trump who has taken their bait!

  • -Paul Miller

    09/04/2022 04:40 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I've got more of a question than a comment. I would appreciate it if you would give me an answer. Why in the hell are Republicans so gutless when it comes to making democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the like pay for the crimes they commit almost daily? They openly attack Republicans and commit perjury all the time right in front of TV cameras! They don't even need investigations. There's video evidence for numerous crimes all over the place, but no one does a damn thing about it! WHY???? Please give us an answer!

  • Hellen Treat

    09/04/2022 04:12 PM

    I am all for California, and all the other states switching to EVA’s. That leave much more gas for the hard working people and we will even pay less for it. If they want it I am all for it. The best thing to happen, especially to farmers and ranchers

  • Kathy Fay

    09/04/2022 01:23 PM

    WHY!!! WHY!!! WHY!!! Aren’t ANY Republican congressmen and that includes you Huckabee, aren’t shouting “WE CAN HAVE BOTH TYPES OF CARS”!!! IT DOESN’T have to be ONE or the OTHER!!! Have the BALLS To say this and STOP being COWARDS!!! Plus this needs to be TOLD TO TRUMP!!! AGAIN AMERICA CAN HAVE BOTH TYPES OF CARS!!! ????????????