August 4, 2020

Susan Rice is the latest to be cited in the media as the current frontrunner to be Joe Biden’s running mate. He has committed to choosing a woman, and he's pretty well obligated to choose a woman of color as well. Naturally, the leftist media are obsessed with who it will be.

Folks, it’s all theatrics. Kamala Harris won't be it; Val Demings won't be it. And neither will Susan Rice, though she does have suitable Obama connections. Precisely none of the women mentioned as candidates for the #2 spot in recent weeks can help Biden win, and, more importantly, given the circumstances, none of them can be envisioned as President of the United States, because we all know that Biden, if he's still even the candidate on Election Day and (shudder) wins, will be replaced practically on the spot. Rice, with her foreign policy credentials, might have a little more gravitas than the others –- it wouldn’t take much to stand out in that crowd –- but she still has way too many problems.

For one thing –- not that it would matter to hard-core Democrat party hacks and rabid anti-Trumpers –- she’s a liar of great repute. By that I don’t mean little lies here and there, tiny fibs that might be rationalized as necessary for national security, but huge politically-charged whoppers told repeatedly on national TV and even under oath. I’m still enough of an optimist to think that this would matter to the independent voters, the folks in the middle, the thoughtful “swing” voters that Biden or any challenger would need to sway.

Of course, we all know that Rice lied her head off about the cause of the 2012 attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in which U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were killed. She went on five different Sunday shows and told the same fake story about an anti-Islam YouTube video setting off protests that turned violent. Hillary told the same story. We all know it was fabricated to cover up the fact that it was a terrorist attack. American personnel were not given the protection they needed and deserved, help was not provided once the attack was underway, and our people ended up dead. But Rice did her political duty. From then on, we knew what she was made of.

That was just the first. Later on, we found out that Rice had written a curious “note to self” on the very last day of the Obama administration --- just as Trump was being sworn in, in fact. It was a “memo to the file” about the meeting she'd attended (aside: WITH JOE BIDEN) in the Oval Office on January 5, 2017, to say that Obama had told them everything having to do with the “Russia” investigation had to be done “by the book.” I think she mentioned that five times. This is what you call a “CYA” memo. She was “C”-ing Obama’s “A.”

Later, she covered her own “A,” too. She had her lawyer, Kathryn Ruemmler, who also happens to have been PRESIDENT OBAMA’S WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL, write a letter to Sens. Grassley, Graham, Feinstein and Whitehouse, saying, “While serving as National Security Advisor, Ambassador Rice was not briefed on the existence of any FBI investigation into allegations of collusion between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia, and she later learned of the fact of this investigation from Director Comey’s subsequent testimony.”

Oh, really?? Comey didn’t testify until March 20, 2017, but Rice was present at the January 5 Oval Office meeting that dealt with exactly that –- in particular, with the investigation into Michael Flynn.

And it gets worse. She also denied this under oath. On September 8, 2017, she gave sworn testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (then chaired by Republican Devin Nunes) that she knew nothing about the FBI’s “Russia” investigation while she was at the White House. Apparently anticipating some difficult questioning from Republicans, she arrived with two attorneys from Latham & Watkins (Ruemmler’s firm). Ironically, it was a couple of questions from Democrats that tripped her up.

Adam Schiff: “Director Comey testified that, in July of last year [2016], he began a counterintelligence investigation into people associated with the Trump campaign and what contacts they may have had with Russia. That investigative responsibility, wasn’t part of your portfolio, I take it?”

Rice: “No, not at all.”

Schiff: “And would Director Comey brief you on the progress of his investigation?”

Rice: “No. I think it’s important for everybody to understand: We were not informed by Director Comey or the attorney general that there was an active investigation of anybody in the Trump orbit...In the Obama White House, we maintained scrupulously the firewall between the people in the White House and contacts with Justice about potential or actual criminal matters. The only communication that was sanctioned in that vein was between the White House counsel and the Justice Department or the FBI.”

She goes on: “And Director Comey did not volunteer to us, not only then but for the duration of his administration, that there was an active investigation of anybody in the Trump orbit...I learned about it formally in the public domain after I left office.”

And later…

Eric Swalwell: “Is it fair to say that, as the national security adviser, you were not read in on active, ongoing investigations that the Department of Justice or the FBI were conducting?”

Rice: “Absolutely, that’s the case. Those were law enforcement matters...”

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Who is she kidding?

According to the Horowitz report, testimony from Comey differs markedly from that of Rice. Comey said the Obama team knew about the FBI’s investigation in detail, almost from the start. He said Rice was one of the people he had told (along with Obama) about “Crossfire Hurricane” in the summer of 2016. And, of course, her presence at the January 5 meeting shows she had to have been aware of the Michael Flynn case.

So, it appears that Biden’s current frontrunner for the VP slot has lied quite brazenly under oath. She'd had plenty of practice before then, too. Leftists won’t care one bit, but I don’t think swing voters will want to put someone in office who more appropriately belongs in jail. We knew Hillary belonged in jail; notice she didn't win in 2016.

This excellent article from RealClear Investigations details all of Rice's lies.

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    08/10/2020 10:26 AM


  • Linda Bauska

    08/09/2020 09:42 PM

    When we mention AOC we call her "Occasional Cortex" Just thought you might have a smile

  • Janet McCarty

    08/05/2020 07:23 PM

    I have been saying for months that Biden will choose Michelle Obama as his running mate. If he does,, it would definitely be a victory for the Democrats. After a year so he will be retired because of mental issues and she will become the president. Watch and see and when this happens please give me credit! By the way I am republican

  • Ed Michelson

    08/05/2020 01:56 PM

    Thank you sir! Always a pleasure to read what you have to say. Keep it up. Trump should win big but he may need your help. (and mine)!

  • Arland David Pomerinke

    08/05/2020 11:47 AM

    Why has the conservative side of media, except for Tucker Carlson, not made much mention of the atrocities we are enduring here in Washington State? I was told that Tucker Carlson's report of racially charged attacks on civic employees in The West Side Communist Controlled part of our state actually happened. How can this be? There should be an outcry for justice for all who were told "their Whiteness was offensive." When with the social justice manikin's from the far left take on this injustice? We are threatened at every turn to keep quiet or else, and those of us who will not keep quiet pay a high price! Even our own church leaders and people of faith feel fear of being vocal about the truth. We need your help on a national level to turn this State around. Conservative truth bearing Christian men, women, and children are still here, we still exist. Please help us in any way you can think of, we will not quit until our state gets back on track for the people not for the political left!!!

  • HelenC

    08/05/2020 08:21 AM

    Biden’s pick is Michelle Obama or Oprah. If there is delay in getting final vote count due to mail-in voting (not same as absentee ballot), Pelosi will be sitting in White House until Dems can stuff ballot boxes with Dem ballots to steal election.

  • Andrew E McManus Sr

    08/05/2020 07:08 AM

    I'd love to know WHY when these obama officials never face prosecution. Mike Flynn misremembers a date of an event and they want to crucify him. Sick and tired of these career criminals....I mean politicians getting away with everything

  • Patricia S Olsen

    08/05/2020 12:57 AM

    I'm thinking they'll pull a last minute surprise with Michelle Obama as Joe Biden's running mate. Just think about it. She won't have to debate. She's black. She's recently been on the cover of every magazine possible and talk shows. It would be a big slap in the face to Trump supporters and then you'd have your first Black Woman President as soon as Biden is deemed incompetent. They have to sneak in their candidate because they won't be able to win fairly and squarely.

  • Cynthia Grogan

    08/05/2020 12:24 AM

    How ‘bout Dr. Jill Biden? She wants to be First Lady sooo bad but maybe she’d settle for vp and ultimately pres. Hope libs don’t read this.

  • Donna Logue

    08/04/2020 11:30 PM

    I fear for our country no matter who his pick is; but I am terrified it will be Michelle Obama. We all need to pray that whoever his choice is has some sense and cares about America. We all need to vote RED. #Trump2020.

  • Linda Wolfe

    08/04/2020 08:57 PM

    My prediction is he will chose Michelle Obama. It will NOT be his choice anyway. Biden is too demented to make any rational decisions. Betcha Obama is working behind the scenes organizing everything. Remember, he was the community organizer in chief .

  • Sue Abbott

    08/04/2020 08:33 PM

    It leaves only one female & that’s Michelle Obama. Hope it won’t happen but the way they twist & turn things to their favor, would not surprise me

  • Linda Benci

    08/04/2020 08:10 PM

    I totally agree with your comments regarding Susan Rice. I am enjoying your newsletter immensely. Thank you, Governor, for sharing your thoughts.

  • June Stilwell

    08/04/2020 08:00 PM

    Am I the only one who has the idea that Michelle Obama will be Biden's, or I should say the Dem's pick for Vice President. They know that Biden will not be in office long before his VP will have to take over for him. Just think, this way Obama can have his third term he always wanted. Remember his saying it several times that "he wished he could have a third term"?

  • Dan kraft

    08/04/2020 05:37 PM

    All this talk about Susan Rice's memo emphasizing that President Obama required everything to be done "by the book". Of course everything was done "by the book". But the book wasn't FBI rules, regulations, procedures, policy, was "Rules for Radicals"!

  • Norma s Holmes

    08/04/2020 05:23 PM

    VOA violated its founding charter by airing a Biden for President ad to the world Muslim community. It’s not the first tome! Agency employees are solidly Anti Trump. It needs to go! In this digital age it is a dido bird. If Congress will not do its job start firing employees and contract employees! Wasting tax dollars! Furious at the intransigence of these people’.

  • Richard Roberts

    08/04/2020 04:38 PM

    All this hooplah about Biden trying to make up his mind,or what little is there,about who his VP will be is just that hooplah. They will bring his VP nomination out,"by surprise" pretty soon. I am 99% sure that she will have the last name Obama. Obama is itching to get back in power,no matter what he says,and he knows that he can do that if he uses his wife as a stepping stone.

  • Georgia Haridopolos

    08/04/2020 04:23 PM

    I personally think we should just stand back and don't do their vetting for them. Whomever is chosen will be someone which plenty of negative to discuss.

  • Carol Groom

    08/04/2020 04:20 PM

    I have to agree with Jason Chafes(not spelled right) he was hosting Hanity and he said he believes it will be Michelle Obama.
    I have thought that for a while.
    That whole thing of seeing notes Biden had with names on it was a set up.

  • Elizabeth Houghton

    08/04/2020 04:10 PM

    Sadly, the majority of members of the Democrat political establishment are chronic liars. I think I could just eliminate the word "majority". Shoot, they lie even when they don't have to!

  • Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

    08/04/2020 03:41 PM

    No matter who Biden picks to be his vice-presidential running mate will be a major disaster for America if he wins. Personally, the way things are going on the left, I don't think Biden will survive very long after he is elected, which means that some loony bin far left moron will take over. If Biden were to pick Kamala Harris, we will be no better off then we were with Obama, because she is NOT constitutionally eligible to be either vice-president or president, for the exact same reason Obama was NOT constitutionally eligible. Neither race or gender has any thing to do with it, ONLY the qualifications for the office of president and vice-president matters, and that is the main qualification is that a candidate for the office of president/vice-president MUST be a "Natural born citizen". Contrary to what a lot of lawyers, college professors and so-called constitutional experts claim: "Any one born in the United States is a natural born citizen", that is NOT true. There is a difference between a "CITIZEN", a "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN", and a "NATURALIZED CITIZEN", and the American people better learn the difference and quickly. Kamala Harris is NOT a natural born citizen. Yes, she was born in California, which makes her a "CITIZEN" and eligible to be a US Senator or a member of the US House of Representatives, but she does NOT meet the qualification for being a "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN", for the very same reason Barack Obama was not a "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN", even IF he was born in Hawaii. To meet the qualification of being a "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN", BOTH PARENTS ( not parent, but both birth mother and birth father) MUST be citizens of the United States AT THE TIME OF THE CANDIDATE'S BIRTH, not after, but at the time of the candidate's birth. In Obama's case, according to his own words, his father was NEVER a US citizen. His father was a citizen of Kenya and held dual citizenship with Great Britain. In Kamala's case, neither her father, who was from Jamaica, and her mother, who was from India, did not become "NATURALIZED" citizens of the US until Kamala was about five years old.
    Any one nterested in learning more on citizenship can go to:
    “Publius Huldah” is the nom de guerre of Joanna Martin, J.D., who is a Lawyer, philosopher & logician. Strict constructionist of the U.S. Constitution. Passionate about The Federalist Papers (Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay), restoring constitutional government, The Bible, the writings of Ayn Rand, & the following: There is no such thing as Jew & Greek, slave & freeman, male & female, black person & white person; for we are all one person in Christ Jesus. She is also a thoroughly nice person, in addition to all the above. And if you hear otherwise, consider this from Socrates, who reportedly said, “When the debate is lost, slander is the weapon of the loser”. Right after graduating Law school, she became a commissioned US Army JAGC. Joanna is now retired, but she continues to travel around the US giving speeches and educational lessons on the Constitution. I contact her often via email and consider her to be a friend.

  • Brenda O’Dell

    08/04/2020 03:31 PM

    As you pointed out, Susan Rice lied under oath. Aren’t there laws against lies told under oath? At least for the rest of us.....why was nothing done about it ?

  • Trade Martin

    08/04/2020 02:37 PM

    Obama is picking the VP....., he'd like it to be Michelle...., but she doesn't want it...., so he's pointing at Susan Rice.

    Trade Martin, "ON TOP OF THE NEWS"

  • Maria Victoria Clemente

    08/04/2020 02:25 PM

    I believe that the Democrats’ surprise candidate is Michelle, that’s why they are not announcing it as yet, to keep us unarmed and unprepared to attack their credibility. This is Obama’s return to the White House, God forbids. I know Mr Trump has all the aces but he is fighting demons on the loose.

  • Terrie DeMar

    08/04/2020 01:57 PM

    Hi Mike, I would like to believe she won't be, but look at all the Biden problems. Has that stopped him from running? NO. As long as all the news outlets don't mention these things, it unfortunately may not matter. And she would be a good puppet wouldn't she? Does anything they ask her to...
    This one scares me, and the left doesn't seem to really care about all those lies do they...