October 5, 2018

Thank you

Thank you Senator Susan Collins for not caving in to the mob and upholding Constitutional core of presumption of innocence, due process, and equal protection. You did something most of the Dems didn't do. You actually read the Constitution.

Peggy Sue RIP

It's been 59 years since "The Day the Music Died," when Buddy Holly perished in a plane crash with Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper.  And now, that early rock 'n' roll era really is passing into history, as Peggy Sue goes to see Buddy again.  But the song she inspired remains immortal.

Senator Hatch's speech

Sen. Orrin Hatch pounds the last nail into the coffin of the Democrats' smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh.

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Brett Kavanaugh's Op-Ed

Brett Kavanaugh has written an op-ed apologizing for getting too emotional in his testimony (as if he didn’t have plenty of reason to) and saying things he shouldn’t have said (like calling it a partisan smear campaign by Democrats, which is like apologizing for saying the sky is blue), and promising that he will decide cases in a thoughtful, impartial way based on the Constitution and the law – just as he’d done for the past 12 years, earning him a sterling reputation for integrity until some Senate Democrats pulled a Hail Mary pass and tried to claim that he was a drunken gang rapist. 

You can read the entire article at the link, but I think I both summarized it and annotated it pretty well in one sentence.




Remember, all of the angry protests and unhinged rhetoric you’re seeing and hearing over Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination is based on the premise that women never lie about sexual assault allegations.  Tell that to this teenage boy, who I hope had no dreams of ever being on the Supreme Court 40 years from now.

Imagine how that boy's mother feels.  Now imagine all the women who have sons, husbands, fathers and brothers who would be potential targets of the same kind of Salem Witch Trial justice that the left is trying to bring back to America if the Democrats win back Congress next month.  Now you know why, despite claims that the Kananaugh story will spur women to rush to vote for Democrats, polls show a huge leap in motivation to vote among Republican women. 

Here is an interesting op-ed by one of those women for whom the Kavanaugh hysteria has proved to be “the last straw,” and she’s now officially “done with feminism,” as least as it’s being distorted and used as a political weapon by today's left.

In a possibly related story, Rasmussen reports that President Trump’s approval rating among African-Americans has jumped from 23% this time last year to 35%.  I imagine that’s mostly because of the improved economy and jobs, and a crackdown on illegal immigration, which hurts black workers more than any other demographic group.  But I also can’t help wondering how well the Democrats’ embrace of the idea that an accusation alone is evidence enough to find someone guilty of rape is playing in the black community.  It must sound scarily familiar (the Innocence Project reports that of wrongly-accused people they’ve freed from prison with DNA evidence, over 60% were African-American.)

 SOP for Democrats

Here’s how not to instill confidence in voters that you’re competent at your job as a Senator: 1. Demand an FBI investigation of an allegation with no evidence.  2.  Slam the investigation that you demanded as being “incomplete.”  3.  Admit that you haven’t actually finished reading the FBI report yet.

At least it’s nice to know that in these divisive times, 75% of Americans across party lines can still find something to agree on: that Diane Feinstein doesn’t know how to do her job.



No compass 

If we could only find gymnasts as flexible and able to twist and turn on a dime as liberals’ moral principles, America could sweep the Olympics.

From the “Everything You Know About The Environment Is Wrong” desk comes this:

Wind farms cause global warming.  All those spinning wind turbine blades that are supposedly generating “green” energy slow down the air behind them, reducing atmospheric motion and causing temperatures to rise.  Details at the link.

By the way, wind farms are also bird Cuisinarts.


 More Lindsay Graham awesomeness

Graham seems to reached his Captain Kirk "I have had! Enough! Of YOU!" moment.


With Kavanaugh, Leftists show us what they really are

Calling all sane people.  We have to stand up, draw the red line, make America sane again.  Because the Left will never stop.  Even after Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed (at this writing, it seems likely to happen on Saturday), they will do anything they can to get him off the Court or delegitimize him.  Since there is no corroboration whatsoever of any sexual misconduct on his part, they’ll try to impeach him on allegations of over-indulging in adult beverages when he was a teen and lying about it.  That’s quite a stretch, because it seemed to me that he was quite forthcoming under oath about his great fondness for beer as a teenager –- maybe even going a little overboard on that point.  But it doesn’t matter.


Or they’ll try to get him for his very understandable rant --- his "temperament" --- when he was called before the Judiciary Committee to defend himself against unsubstantiated allegations of attempted rape.  (And, of course, he couldn't win.  If he'd been calm, they'd be saying an innocent man would have been angry.)  He has written an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal explaining his “emotional” and “passionate” reaction to his youthful behavior being “ridiculously distorted” in front of his family and expressing the hope that he would be evaluated on the merits of his usual calm demeanor.  Leftists are already ridiculing him for writing it.  His usual calm demeanor doesn’t matter.


Or they’ll just keep screaming in elevators, even after Kavanaugh is confirmed.  As long as George Soros’ money is flowing, and the leftist organizations he supports can be emotionally and financially prodded, the hysteria will continue.  Even now, they’re trying to lecture women, specifically white women (yes, this is also about race –- didn’t you know?), about the evils of supporting Kavanaugh.  The fact that the vote will have already been taken doesn’t matter.


Some have speculated that certain states will even ignore Court decisions in which Kavanaugh’s opinion was not to their liking.  That is anarchy –- potentially the beginning of the end of federalism.  But it doesn’t seen far-fetched, considering that California has already done something similar by declaring itself a “sanctuary state.”  The fact that this signals a breakdown in our system of government doesn’t matter.  (I'll go further to say that's exactly what they want!)


The ACLU (Anti-American Clueless Leftists Union) has done a “180” and said that, in Kavanaugh’s case, he should have to prove that he’s not guilty.  It even ran a shocking ad likening him to Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby, who’ve been proven guilty of sexual misconduct and lying.  The ACLU is over.  It's actually saying that since “this isn’t a criminal trial,” basic principles such as individual rights and presumption of innocence don’t matter.


Tammy Bruce (who also happens to be sick of liberals lecturing women) made an excellent point to FOX News’ Tucker Carlson on Thursday, echoing what we’ve been saying here:  “We [women] know what our lives have been, we know what we require, and we require a justice system that is fair.  And we require due process.  We do want to be taken seriously, but the only way we will be taken seriously is if the system can be trusted.”  Are you listening, ACLU?  Of course not, because conservative women don’t matter.


It’s clear now:  NOTHING matters to these people other than getting their way.  They don’t care how they do it.  They’ll use whatever argument is useful to them at the moment, and they can turn on a dime and say the opposite thing if they need to.  When the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee tried to drag out the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process forever by calling for an FBI investigation, they all followed certain talking points.  (That’s just what they did when calling for a special counsel to investigate the Trump campaign’s “collusion” with Russia, but I digress.)  One of them was that the FBI represented the pinnacle of professionalism, independence and objectivity --- that if the investigation was left to them, they would do a better job than anyone else at getting to the truth.  And Trump stepped back and gave them the go-ahead.


When experts tried to tell them that the FBI essentially just talks to people and takes notes, making no determination of guilt or innocence, it didn’t matter.  (Only when then-FBI Director James Comey came to his own conclusions about not prosecuting Hillary Clinton did they depart from that policy, but I digress again.), They wanted the FBI.  All the Democrats got the memo.  Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, the whole crowd; it was all they could talk about.  The fact that Kavanaugh had already undergone six FBI background checks in his career and qualified for the highest security clearance known to man didn’t matter.


And the Democrats got their way, of course.  They got the FBI, and when the FBI didn’t reach the conclusion they demanded, the Bureau was condemned by the very people who had exalted it.  Some even said it was conspiring with the Trump administration to cover up its findings.  (Wow, that would be a switch.)  They said they wouldn’t accept the results of the FBI investigation until they interrogated Dr. Elizabeth Blasey Ford.  Of course, that was just another attempt at stalling; trust me, they do NOT want the FBI interrogating Dr. Ford.  She has so many inconsistencies and fuzzy memories in her testimony that she barely made it through the Senate hearing.  The more she talks, the worse it’s going to be for her case.  Now that more people have been questioned for the record, she’s never going to be able to reconcile her testimony with what they’ve said.  In fact, I think the Democrats realize this and wouldn’t be calling so loudly for her to be questioned if they thought there was even a remote possibility of that happening at this point.


Sen. Chuck Grassley, in a press conference following the announced wrap-up of the FBI investigation, called the process “a demolition derby.”  He said “it really just about destroyed a good person...”  We can’t allow this kind of thing to become standard for Supreme Court nominees.


Andrew C. McCarthy has an outstanding column in NATIONAL REVIEW about the complaints the Democrats have now about the FBI investigation.  Of course, he correctly said at the start that this was all about delaying, nothing more.  On the chance they might (shudder) win back the Senate at the midterm election, they’ve got to keep Kavanaugh from being confirmed for another month.  So, of course, they want more time, but the FBI has done its job.  McCarthy points out that the Senate has more information about Kavanaugh than it has ever had about any judicial nominee in history, and he goes into detail about that.  It’s just exhaustive.  As for Kavanaugh’s fitness for the job, that’s the Senate’s call, not the FBI’s.


The liberals we know who insist on lecturing us about why the Kavanaugh investigation wasn’t thorough and why it needs to be extended for “as long as it takes” (translation:  at least one more month) should be pointed to McCarthy’s column.  It refutes the objections point-by-point.


The time has come for us to draw the line.  The Kavanaugh confirmation process has shown us what leftists really are, in High-Def, 3D, CinemaScope and Technicolor.  We conservatives are the adults in the room, and we are tired of being dictated to by toddlers who can't stand not being in control.  Their tantrums will continue, of course, until they start realizing their behavior is not working and is, in fact, working against them.




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  • David Elmer Swanson

    10/07/2018 01:53 PM

    I invested hours watching the hearings on CSPAN. If I didn't believe God is in control of human affairs I'd be devastated by what I observed. Why have politicians decided truth is no longer an absolute? Our nation was founded by people who fundamentally endorsed Judeo-Christian values. That's why "In God We Trust" landed on our money. I know that most of our elite educational institutions were founded on Judeo-Christian values. How times have changed. Acceptance of secular humanism, a requirement for graduation from many prestegious universities, is now the religion of too many of our leaders. The sad affects are self evident. When your truth is equal to mine, the end can conveniently justify the means. That's what we observed in full color at the Kavenaugh hearings. We've lost our moral compass. There's one solution, and a fellow named Ezra said it best about 420 years before Jesus Christ was born. It was true then. It's true now. Read about it at 2 Chronicles 7:14, then pray for leaders who have not yielded to political correctness.

  • sue

    10/06/2018 10:31 PM

    Your shows are never missed at our house. Thank you!
    Hopefully Trump has voter registration at his rallies because he can't be sure all those people attending are registered voters.
    Maybe you could check if he has the registration at his rallies.

  • Gary Stilwell

    10/06/2018 09:04 PM

    "The time has come for us to draw the line. The Kavanaugh confirmation process has shown us what leftists really are, in High-Def, 3D, CinemaScope and Technicolor. We conservatives are the adults in the room, and we are tired of being dictated to by toddlers who can't stand not being in control. Their tantrums will continue, of course, until they start realizing their behavior is not working and is, in fact, working against them"

    This last statement is pretty much true--what you fail to state is that these imbeciles will continue with their tantrums until the resident adults apply a large two-by-four to their heads to get their attention(in some cases, even that will not work)--they WILL NOT come to this conclusion on their own---guess who is responsible for this indoctrination---the educational system, the media, and the entertainment industry--infiltrated by the socialist influence--
    We will probably never fall from an outside attack, but will succumb to devious attacks from within--

  • Israel Horowitz

    10/06/2018 04:27 PM

    Rev. Huckabee, You and Mrs. Huckabee deserve and must be getting all kinds of NACHAS [more than just pride or gratification] from your daughter. I really do not want to waste your time with comments but I must say that any reference to the ACLU is a waste of time. They tanked many, many years ago.

  • Arturo Devitalis

    10/06/2018 11:12 AM

    Could their be a legit undercover investigation as to the source and amounts of money financing the demonstrations, and details how it is networked to various key players to distribute to the protesters that would expose the sinister nature of a few wealthy men and possible make a legal case for attempt to overthrown the Government ?

  • Don St. John

    10/06/2018 10:39 AM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    First,I want to congratulate you on raising a very fine daughter. I hope she keep up the good work. I want to leave you with a poem that I have changed slightly: The confirmation is over. The lying is done. Your henchmen lost. Brett Kavanaugh won. But let us be friends now. Let bygones be past. I'll hug my elephant and you kiss your ass. I know that as a former preacher, you might not want to repeat it.

  • John Clark

    10/06/2018 10:34 AM

    Kavanaugh should NOT have apologized for getting too emotional. He said what needed to be said and was totally correct. He just showed how much it was hurting him and his family. When you stand up against your enemies you don't afterwards say, "I'm sorry." If anyone needs to apologize to the entire nation, it is the democrats who did what they did to him. Not only that they gave the entire country a bad image in the eyes of the world.

  • Ashley Holtam

    10/06/2018 09:04 AM

    We keep congratulating Susan Collins about her stand on Brett Kavanaugh, but rarely say anything about the other 49 senators who already approved his confirmation. We need to say thank you to those other individuals who don't put us through the ringer each time we have a conservative response requirement. I am so tired of hearing about Murkowski and Collins and then the idiot Manchen, let's thank the other senators who were not "hold-outs" who get all the glory and press each time a conservative requirement comes up. Otherwise, the other senators will start "holding out" so they can get some of the "glory".

  • David King

    10/06/2018 08:57 AM

    I hope the President gets another SCOTUS pick and he chooses a woman to fill the seat. What kind of stall tactics would the dems use against a woman?

  • Amelia Little

    10/06/2018 07:42 AM

    It's about time the GOP quits quivering and cowering and giving in to the democrats on every little issue. Let's hope they keep it up and are consistent or the dems will just continue. Compromising on issues is one thing. Capitulating is another.

    Feminism lost a lot, starting about the time the extremist somehow were seen as spokesmen (oh, excuse me, spokeswomen or spokespersons) for it by msm. Gloria Steinem was pretty rational compared to the women screaming today. I'm betting the majority of women across the US cringe at the ludicrous statements and actions of the extremists. Most women I know stand up for their rights, but aren't big going overboard. I think many of the protesters we see are paid for their efforts. Some who are interviewed during their protests have no clue what issues they are protesting about, but seem to have been given flash cards to read for their answers. Well, that happens in most of the big protests we are seeing these days. Most of us have sons, or nephews, brothers, fathers, other male relatives that we would not want to see carted off to prison just because some woman accused them, especially when there is no evidence. Even the most belligerent of the protesters would scream if someone in their lives were treated unfairly and illegally. Hmm....putting aside the fact that hilary did all she could to ruin the lives of slick willie's accusers, it seems that she is also the one who proudly defended a rapist way back when. Why didn't she believe the victim in that case?

    Thanks for all the links to interesting reading.

  • Priscilla Khweis

    10/06/2018 07:33 AM

    I am so glad I signed up for your daily email! I have been passing it on to my email friends !Our church has been praying daily for our country and against the powers of darkness--Psalm 64 but I am reminded that we should not become complacent for the battle has just begun ! Keep up your important work and thanks !

  • Elaine Liming

    10/06/2018 02:03 AM

    Reading all this this evening might give me nightmares. I hate to see my phone bill this past month as I told myself this is enough and I must do something. I have friends and family in key voting states in November and told them we must all vote this November and bring seniors to vote too. Everyone has been glued to the hearings on Judge Kavanaugh and praying for his family, my Catholic and Christian friends and family members. We have been calling on St Michael to defend us in battle with Satan and his evil spirits that roam the world. GS and company. My Faith in God is strong and we must keep praying---this is how Christians united in God draw the line in the mess in these times.
    Thanks for what you do to keep us inform. Tell your daughter, she's a model of what a real woman is all about. She's a Lady with class.

  • joseph omlor

    10/06/2018 01:14 AM

    You are awesome! Thank you for being the voice of reason in this crazy political climate.

  • Carl Smith

    10/06/2018 12:15 AM

    This started at the turn of the century and the Left/Progressive/Socialist now CONTROL, academia, media and Hollyweird. When the people "Woke Up" and turned the tables on the D. party, academia, media and Hollyweird went into shock. This Crude billionaire has upset their playbook which Hillary was going to be the final elected leader before the Republic could be re- Organized to fit the ONE World Order so billionaires like Steyer , Soros and Bloomberg , would have total control. Sounds preposterous but step back and analyze the last 80-100 years and examine where we really are. A dysfunctional Federal Govt. A military that is now 2nd in the world, Giant tech companies that are willing to GIVE UP proprietary secrets to our most dangerous enemies while refusing to co-operate in assisting our own Defense Dept. for developing defensive methods to protect America. The display by the Senate this past week is just icing on the cake showing the D's TOTAL disregard for the Rule of Law and lying , on TV, about accusations without proof for a "Job Interview" is acceptable????? I am an 80 year old Sub Vet that has seen some stuff and I am not only pissed but afraid that if the Sane Citizens stay home because the POTUS's nominee has now been approved so ALL IS WELL?? so why bother to vote again? Because the Left has made the same mistake the Japanese made with Pearl Harbor- They have poked the Bear once too often-The question is are we already too late to turn this mess around?
    Pray for this POTUS safety- The Left has shown they will stop at nothing and losing the Supreme Court will set them back for a couple of years but they are like the Chinese- They are playing out what they started a 100 years and WE the People are starting out at year 2.

  • Don Hansen

    10/06/2018 12:00 AM

    When I was in high school, Diane Feinstein came into a convenience store where I was buying a coke. She robbed the store and took my wallet, which contained three dollars. I don't remember exactly where this happened, or how I got there or back home. Several of my friends witnessed this, but they probably won't remember, as they were not as traumatized by it as I was, but I was so upset that years later I required psychoanalysis. During this therapy, I passed a lie detector test, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was true. I demand a complete FBI investigation of this heinous act before the next election!

  • Francesca Marie Coppola

    10/05/2018 11:49 PM

    Although they are noisy and in-your-face with fake news, the Dems do stick together. Conservatives are coming out and speaking up - not obnoxiously but asserting themselves. It's hopeful. Conservatives need to do so as sites like Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo and Google are biased to the left progressives. Many of them will NOT add your remarks to those on the left - make that radical left - they just aren't behaving right. To that end, I hope Mike Huckabee's Evening Edition is a way that conservatives can share their thoughts - and others will be aware that there aren't only leftist progressives in the this world. Conservatives are alive and well - the world needs to hear from them.

  • Ann Ford Longacre

    10/05/2018 11:04 PM

    I love how Senator Hatch handled the unruly and rude mob trying to confront him. Simple but effective. He didn't worry about political correctness but he just told them what they needed to hear. "Grow up."

  • Duane Cadotte

    10/05/2018 10:40 PM

    Why can't these criminals be prosecuted for treason? This makes Watergate look like a grade school classroom act

  • Joseph Haddakin

    10/05/2018 09:46 PM

    WOW man you are such a prolific writer. I love reading your posts. Sometimes I don't have time to readall of them. Please keep them coming.

  • rodney burke

    10/05/2018 08:16 PM

    yep Mike, this childish display of temper is about to backfire. We know who they (left) are, they are making no pretext of hiding anything. The investigations are going to start focusing on them and what is going to be revealed? Criminality galore. we as conservatives need to throw back all they have said in their face for the next 30 days. Rudely and firmly, Eat crow? I think the election will be worse. Van Jones cannot say it was a "white lash" because I have a feeling, if FB is any indication, all races will be voted much more in favor of conservative ideas than ever before. But then really, who cares what Van Jones thinks? ha, ha! I do believe and pray, this is the big awakening by many who were not involved before. If this wasn't Clarence Thomas on Steroids it came far too close. No one should be subjected to what these two fine men were. Left thinks we forgot about spygate. Nope, we have not. Both are shameful and both need swift correction and justice served...COLD

  • Jim Vaughn

    10/05/2018 07:13 PM

    A hearty THANK YOU to Sen. Collins for her wonderful, fully-thought-out speech that preceded her announcement to support Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to be a Justice on the US Supreme Court. She described a very detailed thought process, outlining every allegation and her precise logical investigation of allegation and corroboration.
    If anyone has any questions as to her decision, please listen to her talk - you should be convinced that her decision has been fully thought out and her reasoning, based on the presented facts, is very reasonable and just.

  • Julie Wiemeyer

    10/05/2018 07:04 PM

    Please!!! Andrew McCarthy for Attorney General!!!! Finally someone in that position that can do the job!

  • Leanne C. Carey

    10/05/2018 07:03 PM

    I truly agree with you Mr. Huckabee, infact I wonder how many people have too much to drink, You are blessed that that don't have Billy Sunday, for the democrats, he would be on them abm about the booze

  • Ruth Williams

    10/05/2018 06:53 PM

    I love you, Mike H. God bless you . Thanks for you perspective, faith and service to our country. What a breath of fresh air. And btw, my faith does vote!

  • Anne turner

    10/05/2018 06:43 PM

    Advise to the faminine sex from a 78 year old woman who is familiar with world and has learned a lot:
    These shrieking woman have set opportunities for women and girls back fifty years. I am embarrassed for my gender. Women, I cannot call you ladies, demonstrate you worth by performance, if harassed or molested, report this immediately to authorities and save any evidence. Make note of any destinguishing characteristics about the person who abused you. Traumatized? Of course, but put on your big girl panties and report it anyway. Cry if you need to, but tell your story rationally. Above all, and I am NOT blaming the victim. A woman should be able to walk down the street unmolested, arrested maybe, but unmolested. Not the way things work in the real world. Keep away from situations that are problematical, when that boy gives you a drink you didn’t see made, tell him to drink some first, better yet just don’t drink it. Wear semi sexy clothes if you want but don’t let it all hang out. Don’t send these hormone driven boys mixed messages. Okay, I know you will drink underage, I did, but make sure it is a small amount only. Never let yourself drink enough to loosen inhibitions. That goes for you women drinking legally. Okay, you say this is a double standard. Alternately, you could just view it being more mature and intelligent. I have had a hangover or two, you don’t want one, I promise. Have fun, don’t be a prig, but be sensible. You will be respected and what more can a girl ask. Seek the company of good people. Don’t let yourself be attracted to the bad boys. They are called bad boys, because they do bad things to other people. Show that you are worthy and demand to be treated well. You are worth it.