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September 10, 2022



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News from the “Get Trump Front”

There’s an avalanche of news on the “Get Trump” front. Friday, reports came in of the FBI staging raids on anywhere from 35 to 50 associates of formerly President Trump. They reportedly were seeking any communications from about a three-month period around January 2021, involving the rally in Washington on January 6th, fundraising based on election irregularities and discussions of appointing alternate electors (you know, like some of the January 6th Committee members did in 2016.)

Legal expert Harmeet Dillon told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that if this is true, these sound like intentionally broad subpoenas (some might say, “unconstitutionally broad”) for actions that are protected by the First Amendment.

This is a breaking story that has so far not gotten much media coverage, so we’ll see what develops over the weekend and talk about it some more on Monday.

I’ll also have more on Monday about the news that a judge threw out Trump’s RICO Act lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party for conspiring to frame him by feeding false information to the FBI in the Russian Collusion hoax. The judge issued a scathing rejection of the lawsuit, but Trump’s attorney said they will appeal (they had requested the judge recuse himself because he was a Clinton appointee passing judgement on a lawsuit against the wife of the guy who appointed him, which seems like a pretty obvious conflict of interest, but he refused.)

This lawsuit was always a longshot – I doubt that even Trump expected it to succeed – but he has the money for attorneys to press his case. Maybe he considers that just putting it into the public eye in court is worth it, considering the way the media have buried the story of Hillary’s campaign’s involvement and the evidence proving that the only candidate who colluded with Russians to try to fix the 2016 election was her.

21 years

Sunday is the 21st anniversary of the attacks on America by al-Qaeda terrorists on September 11th, 2001. That means there are now fully legal adults who were newborn infants when it happened, so they and even slightly older people have no personal memories of it. That has made it easier for people who want to distort history to prey on them so that they never learn terrible lessons of that day that those of us who lived through it will never forget. Well, except for people like those in the Biden White House, who lived through it and have obviously forgotten it, judging by new reports that al-Qaeda is once again reforming in Afghanistan under the Taliban, the radical Islamists Biden left in charge.

Please remember to fly your flags and say a prayer for the heroes and victims of 9/11, and their survivors. If there are young people in your family who don’t remember 9/11, be sure to share your memories of it and make certain they learn the real history, so their minds aren’t poisoned by the Blame America First crowd.

And if you can afford to make a donation in remembrance, consider the Tunnels To Towers Foundation:

I’ll have a report on the commemorations of 9/11 on Monday.

San Fran = A Third World nation

San Francisco’s transformation into a Third World nation seems to be complete with news of a horrific crime: a man was arrested for beheading a young woman in the middle of the street in front of witnesses on Thursday. Thank God, her two children were home at the time and didn’t see it. I’ll have updates when we learn more.

Not a "White Supremacist"

Last month, someone defaced the “Rainbow Crosswalk” in Atlanta with swastikas and an anti-gay slur As usual, leftists and LGBTQ activists quickly attributed the vandalism to “white supremacists.” Well, police have now arrested a suspect who was reportedly caught in the act on video. I don’t like to judge people by appearances, but I have a hard time believing this guy is a white supremacist.

Sex sting operation nets more than 150 arrests

A week-long sex sting operation in Florida resulted in the arrests of about 160 sex workers and their clients, including two Disney employees, several teachers, a state corrections officer and a deputy police chief from Georgia. And we wonder why people have lost faith in institutions.


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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • Jerry

    09/11/2022 10:29 AM

    As I reflect each day on America and my grandkids once in a while I looked at the 2020 election 81 Americans voted for a guy that said he would end fossil fuel as an energy source. Besides a fellow that stayed in his basement during a campaign gnawed at me I knew this was a fraud. The open borders will have havoc for America in a few years that will more than 9/11, pearl Harbor, the withdrawal will have a play in the havoc. Looking back at Trumps campaign in 2016 the ay he went about riding his adversaries may have been a little brutal however those were the tools he had. Not one of those candidates would ever sit with a guy like me and share an appetizer plate with me nothing personal i am sure so I never voted to be their friend policy is what mattered to me and always will. My associates wonder how I can support Trump well all the reasons were put in front of me during his administration he did what I thought he would do as I fought with relatives and friends as my assessments of Trump came true. I still haven't had a chicken wing with Trump and probably never will but his policies made it possible to share wings with anyone I chose to share them with not so much today all the cost to enjoy wings a simple part of life has risen to the point it is now a bit to expensive to enjoy on a weekly basis due to the basement dweller's thinking of an anti American president. So people vote your idea of what is a policy that will work for your family yourself and don't expect to share a Happy Hour with the President.
    This President is busy destroying you Get a President that will work to make your life easier and merrier with an American sense of decency Not what we have today the complete opposite. Today in God we Trust is our only defense till we can rid ourselves of this entire Administration.

  • Jerry

    09/11/2022 09:10 AM

    I listened to Joey Jones this morning and I couldn’t believe he had said all the feelings I still have today. The attacks of our country still infuriates me today. My most horrific thoughts of another attack is what will be the worse enemy an outside force or the force from within the Oval Office as bush allowed the country’s fbi to be awol during the 9/11 attack the Afghanistan withdrawal should terrify all Americans today this country has to avoid conflict unti we can rid the WH of this chain of command

  • Jerry

    09/11/2022 08:09 AM

    Having Donald Trump attacked by the United States government federal and state agencies is so disturbing. Today we have Biden crawling on his hands and knees graveling for oil with enemies and so called allies of this country , the disgrace I feel with Biden going to Saudi Arabia begging for oil is enormous, the Saudis had its citizens bomb Americans on 9/11 remembering today9/11 and this administration governing today are horrible and tragic; today I pray for more justice and healing for these tragedies

  • Paul Kern

    09/10/2022 10:42 PM

    The hounds of hell have been truly unleashed it appears. Are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse around the corner?

  • larry rippere

    09/10/2022 08:29 PM

    Nope: For a change NOT San Francisco, but a suburb: San Carlos. You can imagine the ethnicity of the ex-husband/boyfriend... but they both appear to be Latino instead. The 1-year-old girl is "theirs", the 7-year-old by another man. Both girls were in the apartment (very nearby) but did not see the attack. Other neighbors did. Responding police were horrified and disgusted.

  • James Drury Jr.

    09/10/2022 07:39 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!