August 5, 2018

Headline of the Day!  This Hollywood Reporter headline about accused multiple sexual harasser and CBS President Les Moonves provides the perfect summation of the sincerity of Hollywood’s public PC virtue signaling to the rest of America:

“Leslie Moonves Steps Down From Board of Anita Hill-Led Anti-Sexual Harassment Commission.”


The New York Times is continuing to stand by its decision to hire Sarah Jeong to its editorial board, despite her history of incredibly offensive anti-white tweets.  And the same PC Twitter brigades who will bring down the crushing weight of their inflated self-righteousness onto any conservative who tweets a single questionable joke are desperately finding ways to defend and justify Jeong's racist tweets.

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One of their favorite rationalizations is to claim that saying horrible things about white people isn’t racist because that’s how all liberals talk (well, I guess they should know), or that hating people for having white skin isn’t racism because racism can only come from those in a position of power.  No, racism is making blanket judgements about all people of a certain race simply because of their color of their skin.  So saying that only white people can be racist is, in itself, a transparently racist statement.

I like the way the Internet satirist Iowahawk summed up this response on Twitter:

“Q: how can you tell if a tweet is racist?
A: it depends, true racism can only come from a position of power.
Q: how can you tell if it’s from a position of power?
A: when the tweeter doesn’t get fired for it.”

But if it’s any consolation, it’s not just white people that Ms Jeong seems to hate.  Some further excavations into her Twitter history found that she also said some pretty horrible things (all “satirical” when put “in context,” I’m sure) about the police, men in general (“Kill all men” pops up repeatedly) and (surprise!) the New York Times!  In one tweet, she dismisses their opinion page as a “Thought Catalog for Baby Boomers.”  Well, what do you know?  Finally, something we can agree on!

The Ace of Spade blog has more at the link, including this question that demands to be answered:  “If it's okay for an actual New York Times editorial board member to hate the Enemy Media New York Times, how can the New York Times object to anyone else hating it?”





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