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October 20, 2023



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Israel update

Here's the link to today’s continually-updated page of news on the war in Israel against Hamas, and now, Hezbollah.

Among the latest developments: Israel announced a three-phase plan to destroy Hamas, eliminate pockets of resistance, then impose a new security regime in Gaza that will prevent future terrorism without Israel having to be responsible for day-to-day life in the Gaza Strip. Why, that’s strange: I’d been assured by some of our most vocal Congress members and leading academics that Israel is a brutal oppressor of people living in Gaza.

Last night, President Biden gave a brief televised address on the wars in Israel and Ukraine. While some pundits praised him for taking a strong stand and saying that America would not be on the sidelines of either conflict, many top Republicans blasted the speech as a miscalculation and a blown opportunity.

They accused Biden of using the slaughter of Israelis to justify demanding more money for Ukraine than for Israel, and for implying a moral equivalence between the two when Israel is our longtime friend and trusted democratic ally. There shouldn’t be any connection, like refusing to back a plan to aid Israel if it doesn’t include billions more for Ukraine. Some even suggested that it sounded like a speech his staff had already written to promote aid to Ukraine and they just added the Israel issue to it.

Reminder: And as all this goes on, in the one half of one branch of government Republicans control, we still don’t even have a Speaker.

Blatant election interference

Between all the prosecutions of former President Trump that required Democrat prosecutors to stretch the law like a saltwater taffy machine, and the latest gag order by his Obama-appointed January 6th judge that claims he has no absolute right to free speech, Democrats are no longer even trying to hide their blatant election interference. For years, many have openly longed for the chance to put him in prison for the crime of beating Hillary Clinton in 2016 (speaking of people who actually did things that would put most of us in prison), and now think they’ve at long last got Trump where they want him: he either has to stop talking or go to jail.

Trump’s response:  “But what they don’t understand is that I am willing to go to jail if that’s what it takes for our country to win and become a democracy again.”

Yeah, I don’t think this whole “weaponizing the justice system to get Trump” thing is working out the way they thought it would. They seemed to think that threatening him with jail would end his political career rather than just exposing what they actually are. I guess nobody told them that the current President of Brazil was also jailed when his opponents’ party was in power. Or that the guy whose photo they put on their dorm walls, Nelson Mandela, spent years in prison before becoming President of South Africa (and yes, I know that comparing Trump to Mandela will make Democrats’ heads explode, which is why I love doing it.)

It’s funny how Democrats seem to believe that threatening to jail Trump on charges that any thinking person can see are selectively enforced, politically-motivated hogwash will end his political career. Democrats can’t even end criminals’ criminal careers by putting them in jail.

Related: It’s always been worrisome to me to see the power of a one-sided, politicized media to shape public perceptions. Many people who lived through the Trump Administration, an era with no wars, border security, low unemployment, rising real wages for all demographic groups, negligible inflation, the crushing of terrorist groups, and the return of American leadership have somehow been convinced that it was a national nightmare, and that Biden’s regime of crippling inflation, open borders, rampant crime, and wars and terrorist threats snowballing represents the “competent” people being back in charge.

It’s the same feeling of the media being too powerful that I got when I realized that tens of millions of Americans actually voted for Al Gore and Hillary Clinton to be President.

But I am glad to see that monolithic liberal media power may finally be starting to crumble. Here are two reasons for hope on that front:

1. A new Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll shows Trump now leading Biden in multiple swing states that he lost in 2020.

2. Some major Democrat donors are starting to take off their blinders, like billionaire venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya. He admits that “Trump Derangement Syndrome” caused a lot of damage by convincing people to hate the man and not notice that his policies like the Abraham Accords worked almost miraculously. As I’ve been reporting for three years now, Biden mindlessly reversed Trump’s successful policies with catastrophic results that have gotten so bad, even people blinded by TDS are finally starting to wake up and realize they were bamboozled.

People like Palihapitiya, who admits that "Every other president found a way to, frankly, make our situation a little bit worse, specifically around wars. He did not do that. And that is a huge accomplishment that I think needs to be acknowledged."

So it’s now official: even big Democrat donors admit that Biden has been so bad that not only are they reassessing how wrong they were about Trump, but that all Trump had to do to be better than Biden was not actively make things worse.

Speaking of double standards

Speaking of legal double standards for Trump and for Democrats, I thought that the alleged mishandling of sensitive information was a heinous crime worthy of multiple felony charges, but only when Trump is accused of doing it with years-old documents inside his own highly-secured home. But if the Biden White House inadvertently exposes on social media the faces of Delta Force members who are on a highly-classified mission to aid Israel, hey, everybody makes mistakes, just delete it and “move on…”

President Biden is being blasted by Senate Republicans by trying to “unilaterally and arbitrarily” place his acting Labor Secretary Julie Su into the presidential line of succession when she can’t even garner enough support from his own party to confirm her as Labor Secretary.

Still, you’ve got to hand it to him: it’s amazing that a man who can’t even walk across a stage without tripping and falling over is able to do so many end-runs around the Constitution.

Wait, what?!

Many parents dream of seeing their kids grow up to go to a top law school. Imagine your child getting an impressive degree from an elite American university, then landing a secure, lucrative job defending anti-Semitic terrorist organizations…

Wait, what?!…

Let me get this straight:

So, they’re saying that when the government opens up a money hydrant and spews out billions of dollars for vague “green energy” projects with no clear, rigorous oversight, the result can be widespread fraud and abuse? Well, knock over with a feather!

Bring it on

For the education of young people who don’t appreciate their Constitutional rights like free speech: the UK doesn’t have a First Amendment, so the Labour Party wants to make it a “hate crime” punishable by up to two years in prison to use someone’s non-preferred pronouns. That is, if a man claims to be a woman and you dare call him “he,” then off to jail with you. So finally, liberals have discovered something that they think people should actually be jailed for, aside from the crime of being Donald Trump.

“Harry Potter” author and defender of women’s (you remember those?) rights J.K. Rowling replied, “I’ll happily do two years if the alternative is compelled speech and forced denial of the reality and importance of sex. Bring on the court case, I say. It’ll be more fun than I’ve ever had on a red carpet.”

Only a liberal politician could have enough hubris to tell a woman who’s made billions of dollars from writing that she doesn’t know how to use pronouns correctly.

A new Guinness World Record for Irony

In a story that may set a new Guinness World Record for Irony, leftist late night host Stephen Colbert, infamous for his stomach-churning pro-vaxx propaganda that including dancing hypodermic needles, was barely back to work following the writers’ strike when he had to stay home due to contracting COVID...again.

This news came just one month after fellow late-night non-comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who infamously suggested that non-vaccinated people be denied hospital care, had to cancel a show due to contracting COVID.

To be clear, I certainly don’t wish ill health on them just because I disagree with their politics (after all, I’m not a leftist), and I hope they are both fully recovered. But surely they can see how, to some people, this news might be funnier than anything either one of them has ever done on late night TV.

The Bleat Goes On:

In our bottom story of the day, Cher announced that if Trump is elected President again next year, she will leave the country.

She can join all the celebrities who announced that they would leave the country if Trump was elected in 2016. Oh, wait, none of them did. And they include Cher, who claimed in 2015 that she would move to Jupiter if Trump won. But I’m sure she really means it this time. She’ll leave as soon as she finishes the “farewell tour” she started in 2002.

UPDATE on Starbucks baristas’ union expressing solidarity with Palestine

As you know if you read this newsletter, it was Starbucks Workers United, not Starbucks the company, that expressed solidarity with Palestine in a now-deleted tweet (X?). Workers United represents about 9,000 Starbucks baristas and is an affiliate of the huge leftist union SEIU.

Starbucks came out right away with a statement distancing itself from that union and denouncing its message.

Their next step, after receiving what they said were over a thousand complaints as a results of Workers United’s messaging, was to threaten the union with a lawsuit.

On Wednesday, they made good on their threat. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa. They’re accusing the union of trademark infringement for using the name “Starbucks Workers United” and using a circular green logo similar to Starbucks’.

So what did “Starbucks Workers United” do? Why, countersue, of course, in a Pennsylvania federal court. They accuse Starbucks of defamation. We’d say they did enough to damage their image all by themselves. Here’s the update...

“The Separation of Church and State”

“The Separation of Church and State” is one of the biggest rallying cries among the left in the US. It’s like the Easter Bunny of Constitutional principles: Everybody’s heard of it, but it doesn’t really exist.

Everything said in the Constitution about religion is contained in the First Amendment, which protects five different fundamental rights in one sentence. Here’s what the Constitution says about religious rights, in its entirety:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Note that it doesn’t say you can’t bring your Bible to school, or say a prayer on public property or put Christmas decorations in a public park. In fact, all those things would fall under NOT prohibiting the free exercise of religion.

As for banning the establishment of religion, that doesn’t mean banning any expression of faith on government property. Leftists have cited that fallacy to demand that prayers be removed from public meetings, chaplains removed from the military, and even barring Christians from holding federal office. But what that “establishment” clause means is that there can be no official state religion, like the Church of England. It doesn’t mean all religious expression must be banished (or “separated”) from government, it just means the government can’t say, “This is the one true religion” and favor it above others.

Back before they “canceled” him for being a slaveowner, liberals loved to claim that Thomas Jefferson himself coined the phrase “a wall of separation between church and state.” That’s true, but he wasn’t talking about barring people of faith from government or expressions of faith from the public square. That phrase came in his 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, affirming to them that “religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God,” and the First Amendment’s “wall of separation” barred the government from making any laws establishing a state religion or interfering with the free exercise of religious expression.

This was made clear by the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1853, when it explained that the phrase “establishment of religion” “referred, without doubt, to that establishment which existed in the mother-country…endowment at the public expense, peculiar privileges to its members, or disadvantages or penalties upon those who should reject its doctrines or belong to other communities…They intended, by this amendment, to prohibit an ‘establishment of religion’ such as the English Church presented, or anything like it. But they had no fear or jealousy of religion itself, nor did they wish to see us as an irreligious people.”

Can you even imagine that a people who risked everything to take the dangerous journey to America to seek religious freedom, or their second-generation descendants, would create a government that banned people of faith?

Yet since the 1960s, we’ve seen liberal Supreme Courts ridiculously declare it unconstitutional for a student to pray aloud over his school lunch (that violates both freedom of religion and speech); or to erect a war memorial in the shape of a cross; or to display religious-themed artwork in schools even if it’s classic art; or to ask a kindergarten class whose birthday Christmas celebrates; or for a public cemetery to have a planter in the shape of a cross because if a non-Christian sees it, it might cause “emotional distress” and constitute an “injury-in-fact.”

If you can’t have religious-inspired art or books about religion in public schools, then you’ve just eliminated basic education about vast swaths of the entire history of humankind, as well as one of the most important influences on modern society. Students who attend such schools will come out of them as ignorant of art, history and civilization as anti-religion activists are about the Constitution.

You can buy my book here: The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution - Mike Huckabee

Staging A War By Misadventure

By Colonel Ken Allard

Factoring in the significant advantages of low expectations, how did President Biden’s speech go on Thursday night?  Despite his recent jet-setting schedule to the Middle East, Mr. Biden looked and sounded presidential, never once drooling on his tie, blurting out secret codewords or disclosing where Hunter’s get-out-of-town Secret Stash might be buried. Instead, in just 15 minutes, the president managed to underline the strategic linkage between Israel and Ukraine, pledging over $105 billion or so to both countries (estimates vary) as well as to Palestinian relief. He repeatedly wrapped these initiatives in the flag, underlining American greatness, “It’s who we are,” even invoking Madeleine Albright’s famous formulation of America as “the indispensable nation.”

However, he also reminded me of one of my last MBA students, struggling through an exam, despite being repeatedly warned about diligent study. Afterwards, I asked how it had gone. “Well, sir, it probably would have gone better if I had just bought the textbook.” Indeed!

In exactly that same way, parts of the Biden speech individually made sense: But overall, it lacked the passion, purpose and panache of a confident president challenging his countrymen, even daring them onward to their greatest efforts. While his rationale for supporting Ukraine was easily his best, it came nearly two years into the conflict, amidst weakening support across a deeply confused Congress. Missing and badly needed was the over-arching vision posed by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in the current Foreign Affairs: “The United States now confronts graver threats to its security than it has in decades, perhaps ever. Never before has it faced four allied antagonists at the same time – Russia, China, North Korea and Iran…”

At least Secretary Gates had the fortitude to bring up Iran, notably missing from President Biden’s remarks while in Israel. Meanwhile his White House staff members gave their best Sergeant Schulz impressions, hilariously insisting that they had heard “nuh-zing” about Iranian involvement in the recent massacres. Nonsense: From the president on down, those lies caught in their teeth, provoking disbelief as well as contempt. How can you deter anything you refuse to name, much less call out or denounce? It is especially significant that Egypt and Jordan, two of America’s best regional allies, as well as the Palestinian governing authority (such as it is) refused to meet with Mr. Biden. Although blaming their refusal on that errant missile striking a Palestinian hospital, these meetings-that-weren’t were actually a Middle Eastern cultural norm of using absence to convey contempt.

While President Biden belatedly mentioned Iran in his speech, he has yet to go beyond using the word “Don’t” as a kind of catch-all, apparently meant to terrify Teheran and deter them from escalating hostilities. That lack of specificity was the greatest defect of President Biden’s speech, one that may well come back to haunt him - probably sooner than later. Had the president somehow found the courage to reverse the appeasement cultures of the Biden and Obama White Houses, it still could be discounted by the Persians. “So, has Trump returned yet?” they might ask themselves with a wink and a smile. Since he has not and since Mr. Biden studiously avoids any action that might be interpreted as antagonism, the stage is being meticulously prepared for war by misadventure. For good or ill, US naval combatants, fighter aircraft and cruise missiles are now massing ever closer to the Israeli engagement zone, where a shooting incident becomes a daily possibility. Well, what then, Mr. President? With five thousand sailors and marines on each of those major combatants, what will you say to their families when push comes to shove?

While Joe Biden last night flubbed his best chance to leave an unmistakable impression, he never even hinted at anything regarding our wide-open southern border. As a former intelligence officer, I contend that the 8 million (at least!) undocumented, unidentified and unknown aliens from 150 countries are now and will likely remain our greatest strategic vulnerability. Even worse: Should we get into a shooting war or anything close to it, the ayatollahs would be derelict in their duties by failing to exploit that vulnerability. As you may have noticed: The current conflict began when the Israelis were attacked, overwhelmed and slaughtered at their border with Gaza, despite its fortifications and surveillance equipment. Care to compare theirs with ours?   

Colonel (Ret.) Kenneth Allard is a former West Point faculty member, Dean of the National War College and NBC News military analyst.


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  • Firewagon

    10/20/2023 02:24 PM

    "“The Separation of Church and State” is one of the biggest rallying cries among the left in the US. It’s like the Easter Bunny of Constitutional principles: Everybody’s heard of it, but it doesn’t really exist."

    Thanks Mike for that! How true it is, but like many other 'additions' to that constitution, by way of 'interpretation,' Americans have accepted as constitutional those questionable issues that "We The Serfs" never had any say in. That abortion decree in '73 being possibly the most egregious example! That 14th Amendment may be the most abused Amendment in our history.

  • Jim Greer

    10/20/2023 02:03 PM

    I’ve heard it said “the President gets more blame than he deserves and he gets more credit than he deserves” but in the case of Joe Biden - SADLY - l don’t believe he deserves either! Also his speech from the other night concerning Ukraine and Israel makes me wonder if that was really him or did they shoot him up on some kind of powerful stimulant? Compared to the way he usually comes across this speech was a real gangbuster.

  • Donal L. Wood

    10/20/2023 11:53 AM

    "Separation of church and state" has never been in our law, but rather was in the old Soviet Constitution.